The only sovereign in the village

When those paid to protect turn into predators we have Satanic lawlessness

Wildflowers in a field

Imagine for a moment that you are a single mother who has worked hard to successfully raise their child to adulthood, have a responsible career, and are at that point when you can start to enjoy the fruits of your labour and look after yourself a bit. As an upstanding member of the community, you have had a spotless record of lawfulness and public service. Your modest home in an English village with old stone buildings and cottages with thatched roofs, where you enjoy tending to your garden. You are a good person having a good life.

Sounds idyllic, no? There’s a catch, of course. A nightmare event occurs. You are persecuted by neighbours, cutting off access to your own cherished garden. You are wrongly vilified as a racist. You are shunned by your community. You are stalked, framed, and sexually assaulted by the police. You are psychologically tormented by constant harassment. You are stripped of your freedom, kept on bail for charges that are never prosecuted. You still get a wrongful conviction due to lies by law enforcement officers. You lose your job. Your health falls apart. You are financially ruined. You eventually have to move home to start a new life.

The situation is so bad that even your cat, who has been your one true friend, cannot cope with the stress, and attacks you. You find yourself having to survive in isolation, including during pandemic lockdowns, on spirit alone: there are no medications, no alcohol, no drugs used to remove the pain or distract you. In the lowest moments you just curl up and howl in your living room, waiting for the horror to pass, as there is no safety or sanctuary in your own home. All those who were meant to protect you have turned away or turned upon you.

Field with frost

I personally have been living a very public existence of exposing corruption and fighting against the crooked legal system, and I get lots of support and even plaudits as a result. But others have been battling in private and unseen, often alone, and with minimal help or recognition. The story above is not an abstract or fictional one, but the true tale of one Englishwoman. Why was she treated so unjustly? It helps to comprehend the context, in order to see why a victim of multiple crimes ended up with an unfair criminal record, where the conviction was part for the assault by the state.

This is the story of the “only sovereign in the village”, 2020s style. For my American readers, this is a riff off “the only gay in the village” from Little Britain, a famous early 2000s comedy sketch show. Whereas being the singular homosexualist was a culturally endearing and amusing thing, being the only sovereign is distressing and disturbing. The victim in this story suffered the confluence on multiple forces of our morally inverted era. In order to make sense of it all you have to understand how the Covid scam was for her a moment of rapid “awakening” to the criminal nature of our society’s leadership. She was also one of only a handful in her village in social housing, which is seen as less elevated than private renters or home owners, and hence looked down upon.

The first factor was that she refused to wear a muzzle, and was the person who presented her cheerful face in public when others surrendered and submitted to the psychological fear campaign. Being a petite woman, this courage to stand up and be counted seems to engender shame in weak menfolk around. It is one thing to be a free face in Tesco in an anonymous urban environment, but quite another in the pub or shop of a small semi-rural community. Everyone knows everyone else, so the social division is far more acute. When you do this from a place of lower perceived social standing, it is very triggering. She got barred from the pub as a result.

Pink flowers

The next ingredient was an immigrant transgender neighbour across whose property the garden access ran, and who took it upon themselves to prevent lawful passage. This neighbour had only recently moved in, and had failed to notice in the deeds that there was shared garden access (day and night) around the back of their property. As a result, they tried to use intimidatory techniques to dissuade our victim (as well as visitors and workmen) from accessing her own garden. This included actions as severe as filing the gate latch to be sharp so it would cut fingers, as well as installing privacy-invading CCTV that recorded all conversations in the victim’s front and back gardens.

Thirdly, we have another bullying neighbour who was a former senior constable from the Metropolitan Police in London. He was detested by many in the village, and had retired early due to “controversy”. He took it upon himself to engage in a vendetta of hate crime against the victim in this story, putting out smears into the local community so that they would turn against her. He made alliance with the transgender abuser. It seemed like they wanted the victim out of the village. You decide if their desire for unobserved access around the back of the property was legitimate.

The final key force in action was that the victim chose to take the sovereign path in her interactions with police, courts, landlords, neighbours, and the community at large. In order to gain her rights to land, home, peace, and privacy she filed the necessary affidavits and notices to assert her common law status and standing. She refused to submit to the fraudulent offers of courts to enter into their jurisdiction. Those in power were consistently being held to account, and their own processes (including complaints) used to keep their self-important weaponization of authority in some check.

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The overall story is long and painful to recount, but the crux of the matter is that when the police were called in to keep the peace, rather than helping the victim of harassment, assault, and hate crime, they instead turned upon her. The combination of a transgender neighbour, plus a retired police officer, gave them the incentives they needed in order to break their oath. The former was “helping the LGBTQ community”, the latter the “blue backs the blue” mafia-style solidarity of law enforcement even when they themselves are criminals.

One low point was the victim herself being the subject of a Community Protection Notice as a threat to the order of the village! When served this notice by the police, she shredded it, and put it back in the officer’s pocket. This was all part of an entrapment operation by the police. They offered to overlook her misdemeanour if she went into the station and made an apology. Instead, this was used as evidence of guilt to convict her false of assault and battery. If you are a 6ft man who cannot receive a piece of shredded paper from a peaceful 5ft 1in mother, then you probably ought to consider a career other than policing!

The list of wrongs committed by the police against the victim include aggravated trespass, negligence, failure to investigate, failure to keep the peace, false accusations, entrapment, false imprisonment, kidnapping, malicious communications, perjury, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, malpractice, assault, sexual assault, and breach of oath. This is the price you pay in Britain for refusing to submit to medical totalitarianism and asserting your inalienable rights, when facing the “perfect storm” of Satanic values in the community and constabulary. It is also an exemplar of the Satanic method of the perpetrator of crime inverting the accusation, and making the victim seem to be the wrongdoer.

Sky and dried grass

The situation of the victim has improved with relocation to a safer home. She has filed an appeal, with the help of a public interest group, but had no response yet from the courts. If the police can do this to her, then they can do it to anyone, so it is a matter of general concern and interest to have this injustice reversed. There is a case for remedy to be filed, and a potential for a substantial compensation payment from the police if remedy is to be achieved. At the end of the day, nothing can fix the loss of good name, stable family home, or traumatic stress.

Real closure is the deep reform of a policing and criminal justice system which is being weaponised for ends that are the direct opposite of its stated purpose. This isn’t just an isolated case of a “bad apple” police officer working with colleagues who have weak morals and are too cowardly to uphold their oath. It is the result of the systemic failures of the Crown Prosecution Service, the courts, and the local constabulary, all of which are captured operations serving unholy values. Very few can endure this kind of suffering for being the “only sovereign in the village” and end up alive and intact.

The police who turned criminal assumed that they would destroy the victim for her apostasy against the perverted morals of our times. They failed. And now they must be held to account. Citizen journalism, like this piece of modern history, is part of that process of exposure and healing. Many others suffer in a similar way. The hidden struggle to be sovereign in Britain has to be told, so that others will speak out and be emboldened to share their experience. Corrupt police and courts are an existential threat to our society, and every possible effort has to be made in order to expose them and remove them.

“All I wanted was to be able to access my own garden. My son had left home and I missed him; empty nest syndrome. Keeping the garden nice was my hobby. Somewhere to sit and have ‘me time’ with a cup of tea and listen to the birds. As the victim of crime, I couldn’t even be in my home or village, let alone the garden. It was all through lockdown as well, so you couldn’t go out anywhere else. For my ask to be in my own garden safely, the police took away everything. They were envious of me and my strength to stand up, so tried to psychologically kill me.”