The mystery of the vanishing court of law

If it doesn’t look like a duck, and doesn’t quack like a duck, maybe it’s not a duck?

Man holding The Great Awakening sign

As part of my ongoing joy of exposing the corruption of the courts and police with respect to council tax, I submitted the following Data Subject Access Request to Peterlee Magistrates Court:

Under the GDPR, the Data Protection Act (DPA) 2018, and any other Act applicable, I hereby request certified copies of all information and data that you hold in connection with me or my address [REDACTED].

The request is limited to that in connection with any court summonses, court orders, liability orders, or convictions properly authorised and issued, for any subject whatsoever without mission, between the dates of 1st May 2022 and 1st September 2022.

For the avoidance of doubt, there must be no omission whatsoever and I require a signed statement to that effect.

I got a response (in PDF form) on Ministry of Justice virtual paper!

Martin Geddes response from Ministry of Justice

Now, in order to understand the significance of my request, there are three types of rules that public courts of law operate under in England: criminal, family, and civil. What has happened is that councils are operating private administrative courts (a legitimate thing — your golf club could do this if it wanted to adjudicate scoring disputes), but under the colour of being public courts of law with attendant enforcement power (which is flat out fraud, as well as being specifically unlawful under the The Local Government Act 1888, section 78 2a). An administrative court is none of the above three legitimate categories of lawful public court proceedings.

Here is their response (with some admin trivia cut out and typos preserved) — which ignores the request for it to be signed by hand, but did have an electronic “signature” in a computer typeface:

Your request has been handled under the General Data Protection Regulation ((the Regulation).

I can confirm that Peterlee Magistrates Court holds the personal data within the scope of this part of your request.

I am unable to disclose this to you as it is exempt from disclosure under Schedule 2, Part 2, paragraph 14(2) (b) of the Data Protection Act. This is because personal data is exempt from the subject access provisions if the personal data is processed by a court in its judicial capacity. The control and access to records is determined by Peterlee Magistrates Court, under the Rule 66C of Magistrates’ Court Rules. If you wish to obtain information, it is open to you apply to the Magistrates’ Court under that Rule.

You may wish to contact Durham County Council, County Hall, Durham DH1 5UQ if you require a copy of the liability order, as these are not held by the court

A search has been conducted at Peterlee Magistrates Court and they have been unable to locate any criminal convictions in your name.

Yours sincerely

J Sturmey
NE Knowledge & Information Liaison Officer

I bet you they have been corresponding with the council on how to cover their asses in my case, and those exchanges are criminally incriminating. But here is what matters: they are not able to provide any data of a liability order themselves, and refer me to the council. Which means the council is both the claimant and the (administrative) court, which means they are not operating a court of law and their orders have zero power of enforcement (and would be struck down by any higher court).

The court has no record of a case against me, so there wasn’t a lawful one. In other words, the Ministry of Justice openly admits that they are running unlawful courts — and don’t care about you knowing it. This really isn’t complex, as all courts have to follow the appropriate rules to the type of case, and there are none in this instance. Hence the “court” has no authority, which is why you never get proof of the claim of a liability order. That the council ignores even the question tells you they know it is unlawful, and they are just braced for when the whole thing collapses.

In the meantime, who are you going to turn to in order to get remedy? They have a monopoly on the justice system! At least in terms of enforcement, since common law courts can also issue lawful judgments. This whole scam must have been known about for years by the police, courts, government, councils, debt collectors, etc. — at least at their higher levels. That the entire legal profession operates without a peep about the unlawful and unconstitutional administrative courts stealing from the public under threats and falsehood says a lot.

If it doesn’t look like a court of law, and doesn’t quack like a court of law… it’s not a court of law. It cannot be long before a critical mass of the public understands how they have been conned, and the insiders who “go along to get along” stop participating because it is too dangerous to their liberty to continue. This is essentially economic terrorism by the state, which possibly puts it under military jurisdiction. Accountability is coming, like it or not, as too many of us now have seen the swindle and are pushing back. It spells the end of our justice system as we know it, because it is corrupt to the top.