The cybernetics of evil

It is an information war, and all such wars have stable patterns

Thank You NHS

Take a quick look at the article header image taken in my local town, and make a note of what you see. If you are feeling sophisticated, make a separate observation what is “surface”, and what is “deeper meaning”.

I’ll wait while you give it a moment. It’s not a trick question, so don’t sweat it.

OK, we’re back.

The obvious surface presentation is a generic message of gratitude to healthcare workers who notionally put themselves at risk during a terrible and deadly pandemic. A pleasing rainbow encompasses a logo representing the National Health Service.

Now, let me put the rainbow aside for one moment. For sure, we could dive into the seven colours of God’s promise versus the six of the LGBTQXYZP%~ pride flag, and how it might relate to the National Homicide Service.

It is a “no contest” debate right now that the “experimental” (i.e. bioweapon) Covid injections offered by the NHS are net harmful to humans. They cause vaccine-induced AIDS, cancer, strokes, heart attacks, miscarriages, brain damage, infertility, myocarditis, birth defects, and neurological injuries. This was done without proper informed consent, and thus constitutes a war crime and crimes against humanity. That, in other words, is a genocidal act.

This message is a ritual mocking of the genocide victims and its “useful idiots”. The NHS is being thanked by the murderers for having gained the trust of the masses, and caused them to sacrifice themselves and their children at the altar of evil. The workers in the NHS are also being mocked for their complicity and failure to adhere to established morality and even normal medical practise. They are being doubly mocked, as being victims, too.

Now step back and think of how this works as a system of risk and information. If you are rolling out a genocide in this way, using infiltration and deception, then you don’t want to be held accountable. You also want to know that the dupes being targeted (both the public and the professionals) are unaware of their having been played. The ritual mocking serves as an information tool in the environment. If nobody is reacting to this, or spraying it with paint to deface it, then the message is being accepted.

Obviously, it also works as propaganda too. It is constantly reinforcing the message that the pandemic response as a legitimate official action of authority. Otherwise, why would such a message be permitted to be painted on the road? Yet, it also begs a question: why single out these particular workers for praise, when many other people risk themselves for noble causes. Why not a street motif to celebrate the tribulations of whistleblowers to child sex trafficking, for instance? I hardly need answer that: there is an agenda, and the message is in support of it.

Again, that nobody questions why NHS workers deserve such praise is an informatics device. It is not the care home workers who are being given elevated status and having their egos stroked. The NHS workers themselves are being reassured that their deep-down semi-conscious unease should be ignored. The public are being tested once more to see if they react. When the care home workers fail to complain about their contribution being neglected, you know the psyop is working, and the perpetrators are safe from revolutions and retribution.

The need for revelation of the method in advance via movies and media serves a similar function. It predictively programs people to be desensitised to whatever horror you plan to deploy. And it also acts as a early warning of the masses being awake to the criminality in play. If there is no reaction and it is all still treated as harmless fiction for entertainment, you can “safely” go ahead and set the wheels of the terrorist atrocity in motion. If there is a hint of unease from the brainwashed masses, you can stop or delay activation, and nobody will be wiser.

It is easy to get wrapped up in the specific meaning of the symbols involved (i.e. the “semiotics”), or the messages being played in a given circumstance. What takes a bit more effort is to step up a level of abstraction and see how evil is forced into particular predictable patterns in order to scale. For instance, in order to remain internally consistent, all wickedness trends towards Satanism and the perfect inversion of that which is true and righteous. Anything misaligned by having a remnant of goodness sticks out and draws attention to itself, so won’t last.

I never did see an ugly butterfly or a beautiful tapeworm, because their modalities of existence are so different: one is a magical metamorphic insect, the other a gut parasite. Energy put into aesthetics is wasted on the worm that lives in darkness; it has to be grey and gooey. The parasitical enemy here is forced into co-opting a symbol of goodness, inverting it, and then turning gratitude into mockery of the victim. There is no creativity or innovation involved. It has to be this way, in order for the scam to have signals that it might be discovered. What you’re looking at is a “traffic tapeworm”, despite the colourful paint.

As someone with a background in computer science, I am attuned to look for the underlying information patterns, and see the higher-order systems in play. Most people are not, and either take the literal surface presentation as the final meaning, or go one level deep and merely see the untruth in it. But evil is ultimately a system of systems of systems… blackmail, rape, money laundering, trafficking, assassination, etc. — with institutions like security services and secret societies to sustain it. Defeating evil means understanding the deepest patterns that sustain it. Merely opposing the organisations and demanding justice for the individuals is not enough.

My belief is that there is a lot of opportunity for those adept at the conventional science of cybernetics to help advance our understanding of evil, and make us more resilient against it. Trading spaces, strange attractors, non-linear systems, recursive structures, compositionality, coupling and coherence… I could go on and on. The ingredients list for intersectional study is endless. It is just a shame that nearly all the people I know who are experts in the technical space are intellectuals who have swallowed the propaganda whole, whereas those in the world of the wicked lack the frameworks and language to describe the information flows of evil.

If there is an upside to the nightmare we are living through, it is that we will have ample evidence, case studies, and data to work with. The greatest crime in human history has been perpetrated against us via the transhumanist creed, yet it failed to reach its objective of eliminating our species and establishing a post-human world of man merged with machine. There is an approaching opportunity to reflect on the nature of what has happened, and to see the information war at its deeper levels. To achieve that, we need to look beyond the individual psychopath, and recognise the cybernetic nature of pathocracy.