The bliss of experiencing just a little justice

A small but significant turning of the tide of injustice I have faced

TV licensing claim judgment

I am glad January is nearly done, as it has been a struggle of a month for me, not least for being so dark and dull. I had hoped by now to be reporting my first experience of personal justice in this long fight, with a restoration of my Twitter account, which has both symbolic meaning and practical value to me. It seems that I will have to wait until the 1st of February to file an appeal under the new moderation rules. That said, I did cross that significant threshold today, when I checked online to see if I have a court judgement against TV Licensing, having filed my claim last month December.

For those who have been following the saga, TV Licensing here in the UK endlessly harass people with obnoxious letters making unwarranted demands for either money or compliance with their bureaucratic procedures. I have about as much use or desire for a TV as I do a lobotomy, so I wrote to them saying that I wished no further contact, but if they insist I have a schedule of fees for “being bullied as a service”. They reflexively jumped into bully mode to have the last word, and fell straight into the trap I set. I have sued them for £3,000 unpaid bills in using my professional correspondence services, and £2,000 for trespass against the person by ignoring my requests to desist.

They failed to file a defence, so I have now obtained a default judgement against them. There is the question of enforcement to come, but in a way it is immaterial. I have scored a win against “the system” that cannot be taken off me. I presume that their internal advice was to go silent and hope I go away. They can try to get the judgement set aside, but then they have to get a judge to examine all the circumstances of the claim in detail, and explain why they didn’t file a defence. It could all go very wrong for them by setting a precedent. I am more than happy to take this to the High Court if necessary and raise funds to pursue their sorry ass to the ends of the Earth.

We have been subjected to the most intense psychological violence in the last few years by the corrupt mass media. No doubt extreme military justice is being delivered behind the scenes. But that does not excuse inaction for those of us in the public realm. When we take up our power and use the system against these criminals, it empowers us, and changes our mindset. It only takes a few people to figure out how to weaponise it back against them, and turn the tables, to make their scams unprofitable. If they have any sense, TV Licensing will pay, slink away, and update their procedures so that any invitation to contract arriving at customer services is immediately escalated to the legal team.

I may never get to see the money, and a captive judge in a higher court may roll this back. TV Licensing is an outsourced operation run by Capita plc, who will probably soon be bankrupt from Covid scamdemic liabilities. Once their staff know they were supporting the maiming and murder of children, it is all over anyway. This not about them at all, but my own morale, honour, and self-respect. No matter what happens next, I have a permanent wartime record of having turned up, fired, and hit an enemy target. Every time you push back against the matrix, and gain some ground, then tell the story — it encourages others.

And the more personal the win, the more meaningful it is, no matter how small.

A good day in a lousy month.