Tech bias special supplement: Are you angry yet?

A collation of examples of how Silicon Valley tech giants appear to be biasing the public square in favour of their political allies.

I buffer up the interesting links I find in an online document, and then process the first page or two for each newsletter. Over the last few weeks I have found a huge number of people complaining about their treatment by social networks in particular.

The Trump administration has launched a reporting system for tech industry bias on social media platforms. I myself have experienced serious censorship, having all my content suspended by Medium — who have not responded to any of my inquiries why or what might be done to get some of it restored.

As I am neither a US citizen or permanent resident, I cannot formally report my experience via the online form. However, that doesn’t mean I am powerless. Here is a collation of the examples I have found.

It was a very boring way for me to spend a Monday afternoon, and I have other things I ought to be doing, but this is more important. If we allow this bias and censorship to stand, then we have accepted tyranny, and become accomplices to all the horrors that may subsequently afflict us and our children.


  • @realDonaldTrump — “How can it be possible that James Woods (and many others), a strong but responsible Conservative Voice, is banned from Twitter?”
  • ‘AOC Press’ Parody Killed in Latest Big Tech Election Interference. — “Twitter has banned the popular parody account @AOCPress despite it complying entirely with the service’s rules on satire by self-labelling as such.” [Twitter response.]
  • @Declas2019 — “3 Days of Constant Twitter Censure… What did I say that got me search banned? Well check it out!”
  • @FuctupMike — “Twitter is violating their own policies of targeted harassment.”
  • @MrsShy11 — “Gestapo Twitter is limiting my follow backs. Why? Evil turds.”
  • Twitter ‘Accidentally’ Suspends David Horowitz AGAIN, Locks Account of ‘Carpe Donktum’ — “Just a day after Twitter “accidentally” suspended and then reinstated the account of conservative author and Freedom Center founder David Horowitz, the tech company has made the same mistake … AGAIN! On the same day, the platform also locked the account of pro-Trump meme maker “Carpe Donktum.””
  • @SwampyLives — “While in Twitmo these past 7 days, I watched Twitter steal my followers, likes, RT’s AND even people’s replies to my tweets! It was a steady drain of all my stats.”
  • @SayWhenLA — “If a tweet isn’t fully deleted, they block it from the timeline and you have to literally go to my page to see it. They delete my tweets, my followers, my replies to trump at times – and for what?”
  • @SayWhenLA — “I just went from 42.7k followers down to 40.9k followers.  I also went from 9,346 tweets down to 9,342 tweets.  So not only are they deleting followers but also my tweets.”
  • @ConservativeXT — “Twitter has removed my likes from @realDonaldTrump tweets three times this morning.”
  • @outlawjw — “I notice that my notifications list doesn’t reflect all my actual notifications, but rather stops far short.”
  • @Education4Libs — “Twitter won’t let me follow back more than 15 people at a time now. That’s f*ckin bullshit.”
  • @prayingmedic — “I lost 3,000 followers this morning.  Check to make sure Twitter hasn’t unfollowed you from accounts you want to follow.”
  • @RyanAForunier — “Chanel Rion joins the long list of people censored. • No warning • No explanation • 25,000 followers lost • One day after she joined ⁦@OANN⁩  • Hours after her first segment aired Coincidence? I think not.”
  • @RTimeWillTell2 — “@martingeddes Twitter was blocking me from you.  Except for oddly enough, Corey Diggs, every Q personality I follow has been removed from my newfeed.”
  • @Gregham47472271 — “Twitter is a trip. I go to POTUS Trump twitter page and I see no new tweets. My twitter timeline shows someone retweeting a new tweet.”
  • @InVinoVeritasQ — “My feed has suddenly become inundated with “promoted” ads. WTF, @Twitter? Are you replacing all the people I followed and you banned with stupid nonsense?”
  • @MemeWars3 — “My real Twitter account was suspended for no reason.  I’ve had time outs and had one post removed because it upset a snowflake. They also shadow ban me from getting left wing MSM tweets in my feed.”
  • @tedcruz — “Hey @jack how come Twitter’s “moment” quotes all the snarky leftists making fun of my comments, but doesn’t include my tweets in response explaining the real point that NATIONS like China have already developed & tested weapons to destroy satellites?”
  • ‘Ideological Enforcement:’ Twitter Blocks Heritage Foundation Director Over Trans Sports Tweet — “Scott appealed his block and remains locked out of his account. “This is the only thing I can see when I try to log in (with the ‘option’ of cancelling the appeal in order to confess my sins, repent, and pledge to be a better Twittizen from now on.),” he told PJ Media.”
  • @aug_tellez — “Martin can you do me a favor and get the word out that twitter removed all of @aug_tellez followers last night without us knowing. Everyone needs to follow him back”
  • @LokiSullivan — “BANG! Nailed by twitter.  Took away who I was following and won’t let me refollow anyone I was already following. Anyone know how long this last?”



  • @IsraelTruthWeek — “@Medium did same to my pro-Israel acct. No strikes. No warnings. Articles up for nearly 2 yrs w/no issues. All of a sudden, account deplatformed. Wouldn’t tell me which content was problematic. No opportunity to address.”



  • @DonaldJTrumpJr — “@Google is kowtowing to leftwingers & blacklisting hunters from advertising on their platform”
  • @Cordicon — “Was a mild video, I went over @EndingTheMatrix’s thread about Ray Chandler.  When you can’t attack the information directly, you attack the source.”
  • Audit suggests Google favors a small number of major outlets — “In total, we collected 6,302 unique links to news articles shown in the Top Stories box. … The data shows that just 20 news sources account for more than half of article impressions. The top 20 percent of sources (136 of 678) accounted for 86 percent of article impressions. And the top three accounted for 23 percent: CNN, The New York Times, and The Washington Post.”
  • @21WIRE —  “#Google just flagged our main features page @21WIRE for “shocking content”… They are correct: our content is downright shocking for the ‘latte fascism’ censors of Silicon Valley.”
  • Jordan Sather gets censored off YouTube for the 6th or 7th time.


  • @getongab — “Apple rejected the Dissenter web browser for iOS because…….it is a web browser and other web browsers exist on the app store, so that’s “spam.”  You can’t make this up.”


  • @johnthewhite1 — “#AslansArmy @mewe taken down, 3 groups, gone in a flash. Answers are being demanded but unlikely to be forthcoming.”


  • Stripe Deplatforms Independent Candidate Tommy Robinson Days Before EU Election — “Stripe informed Robinson earlier this week that two accounts in connection with him, VoteTommy (his campaign organization’s account) and TROnline had been terminated. In a letter to the company, Coleman noted that Robinson’s campaign activities did not seem to be in violation of Stripe’s service agreement and  demanded that the company explain the specific basis for the suspension.”