Some problems have to be handed upwards

When defending against a corrupt and predatory terrorist state, don’t do it alone

Removal proceedings amount due

Last night around 4am I woke up while having a bad dream. I was sat in my parked car in the passenger seat, and I suddenly noted paperwork from debt enforcement agents. (Admittedly, it had magically gotten inside the car, being tucked below the windscreen.) I popped my head out, and I saw that the driver’s side front wheel was clamped. Then I went over to two people dressed in school uniform who were kind of sniggering and wouldn’t engage. Finally, I woke up and the urge to take a quick bathroom trip severed the storyline.

Above is the latest completely unlawful threat from Durham County Council to steal my goods, with my car being the most vulnerable item to theft by bailiffs. I ensure my door is properly locked every night before I go to bed, so I don’t find myself having unlawful debt collecting intruders coming to take control over my possessions in the morning. (I am a morning person, but only from the midnight end.) It is an unpleasant situation, and one which has affected my mental health, as I don’t feel entirely safe in my own home. These are gangsters, and they don’t exactly hold my best interests at heart as public “servants”.

But I have come to accept that my car is “bait”, and if higher powers deem it necessary, then they will come to unlawfully clamp it. I have to stop worrying about trivial matters, and let go of my attachment to the material world, if I am to have inner peace. Yes, they might come and interfere with my ability to travel at the most inopportune moment. But they are very unlikely to come after me personally, and I have a considerable arsenal with which to fire back. Not least is that Durham County Council are blatantly ignoring any lawful due process; it’s not a matter of debate.

Should my goods be unlawfully taken, then at that point I am in a place to extract considerable compensation from them, potentially far greater than the value of the car, for which I only paid £2,000. There is also a substantial penalty for breach of the Data Protection Act by passing my personal data to an unrelated contractor for debt enforcement, without a proper deed of assignment of the debt, and against my express instructions. I may also be entitled to pursue any bailiff for criminal acts, being an accessory to blackmail. But I have to hand the whole thing “upstairs”; it’s a “God problem”, not a Martin one.

“I will be OK” takes some faith when combatting evil.

Meanwhile, here is my latest response. Always hit back harder, and make it personal.

I continue to await your response to my previous correspondence dated 11th and 16th December 2022. I observe you have sent me yet another unlawful demand for money with menaces dated 3rd January 2023.

Magna Carta defines the basic constitutional rights of the public in England. I am entitled to both trial by my peers, as well as due process. You are running administrative courts which have no lawful basis, as also noted in Halsbury’s Laws of England. Parliament is not able to override this constitutional constraint via legislation; “legal” not the same as lawful.

Furthermore, you have engaged in maladministration and/or misadministration by ignoring all my requests to see a valid Liability Order — not even acknowledging that due process exists. You are also in violation of the Bills of Exchange Act 1882 by your use of notices to demand money from the public.

Durham County Council clearly has no intention to adhere to the law, and thus all knowingly involved in depriving me of me constitutional rights are acting ultra vires on this matter. I am seriously considering a private prosecution for blackmail against the staff involved. Your anonymity will not survive the discovery process, and you will be held personally liable — joining Mrs L Baines in the Customer Feedback Team.

If reading this then I recommend that you get personal legal counsel as you are not allowed to take public funding to defend yourself in court against ultra vires activities when sued in your personal capacity.

Per the contract we made on 5th September 2022 for ultra vires correspondence, I include my latest invoice. I strongly urge you to pay this invoice, as well as the two outstanding previous ones.

If left unpaid then this debt against Durham County Council will be enforced through the courts, along with damages for trespass against the person. You have fourteen days to pay and/or respond. Consider this notice in advance of proceedings for the overdue invoices.

I wish to reconcile a discrepancy in my earlier correspondence. The correct fee for your depriving me of use of my personal transport is £1,000 per day. You will be held accountable; if you seize my possessions unlawfully then there will be consequences.

Any further correspondence from Durham County Council demanding money without due process will also be considered harassment under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997, which carries penalties. There is no law that compels you to continue to demand money with menaces when challenged to adhere to lawful due process.

I remind you one final time that if you are able to provide a valid Liability Order from a lawfully constituted court then I will pay sum due. I have asked half a dozen times already, so at this point it is reasonable to assume no valid Liability Order exists, and/or that you are aware that you are breaking the law via running a fraudulent court process.

I know that if I lack transport and really, really need it, then the world will provide. I have plenty of contacts and supporters who will see me through this. My guess is that we are all about to face upheavals that obsolete these issues and institutions. The vicious part of the storm is getting near. I heard today of an 8,000% increase in deaths in 10-14 year olds in the UK. Durham County Council are a willing participant in this crime of the century. The enemy will need distractions to prevent mass awareness.

I am willing to let go of my debt against the council and forgive the acts of their staff if they are able to see the truth, repent, and unify against the mass murder of our young ones. After all, the Council are bankrupt anyway from the liabilities of crimes perpetrated in the Covid megafraud, and their staff are poisoned already. Next job… figure out how to transfer my car into a trust so it is out of their reach in terms of the law. I don’t want to, but I have no real choice but to defend myself from those who are accomplices in this genocide.