Small cell backhaul over commodity broadband networks

Small cells aim to improve experience and lower costs

There is a rapid mass uptake of data‐centric devices attached to cellular networks. This poses challenges to network operators both in terms of coverage and capacity. To achieve the desired customer experience and cost level, many operators are placing large bets on small cell deployments. This offload strategy lowers the cost of service delivery by making better use of licensed spectrum.

The supply chain for small cells delivery typically includes suppliers for the core network, RAN, wholesale backhaul and end user equipment. The wholesale backhaul is commodity broadband, which contrasts with the dedicated circuits to macrocell base stations. The mobile operator acts in a systems integration role, devolving responsibility and risk for each area to the appropriate supplier.

The intended outcome is an experience equivalent to (or better than) that from the macrocell network, at a significantly lower cost.

Ask yourself these questions

            • Is the roll out of the small cells proving problematic?
            • Is the offload or coverage not improving as expected?
            • Is voice performance and quality erraCc, and service resilience lower than expected?
            • Is my service at risk of losing credibility in the eyes of the customer?

Avoid embarrassing service failures and unplanned costs

Our network science approach can help you by giving you the information you need to diagnose and mitigate root causes with confidence. We can help you to avoid unnecessary truck rolls and mis-­targeted fault resolution processes. Instead, we let you focus your technical resource only where the problems are. Our goal is to raise the capability of your organisation to deal with these complex supply chain issues so that they do not recur. You can then target your technical resources at creating new business value, rather than fault-­fixing.

Small Cell Backhaul brochure

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To find an answer to these questions and how our ongoing measurement will assure you remain well informed please see the small cell backhaul over commodity broadband networks brochure or get in touch.