A scientifically sound resource model for SDN

The video of my presentation at SDN NFV World Congress is now available. In it I argue that the core resource model inevitably has to change.

Webcast recorded at SDN NFV World Congress 2017, The Hague.
Video courtesy of Layer123.


In a short (under 15 minutes) presentation I discuss the need for a new resource model for Software Defined Networking that is anchored in the user experience reality, and bolted to strong scientific and mathematical foundations. (Why I have to make the case for science and engineering at all is a rather interesting question!)

I salute the organisers for having me on stage, as my message is possibly unwelcome at a commercial level: we’ve got something core fundamentally wrong, and this needs to be fixed for the industry to retain credibility. Personally, I view this as a message of hope: we can do far better in future, unlocking a great deal of new value.

You can also read an edited version of my talk here.

 PS – I had been ill with a chest infection for a fortnight when I delivered this, so I maybe had a bit less energy than when at the peak of my powers.


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