Scientific Network Management for Cloud Computing

You are invited to join your industry peers at a pioneering workshop that turns breakthrough science into new industry quality management practises.

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Scientific Network Management
for Cloud Computing
Workshop in London on Friday 8th December

“The whole industry needs ∆Q.”
— Gavin Young, Head of Fixed Access, Vodafone

“Networks need this new thinking on performance engineering.”
— Dan Warren, Head of 5G R&D, Samsung

“Let’s hope ∆Q becomes part of the mainstream of network management in the future.”
— Peter Clemons, Managing Director, Quixoticity

I am pleased to invite you to attend a workshop of networking pioneers and professionals in London on Friday 8th December.

Our purpose in gathering is to collectively explore the opportunities and challenges in practically applying the breakthrough new science of network performance, and the ∆Q metrics and high-fidelity measurements that underpin it.

Confirmed guest speakers include:

  • Prof Anthony Steed, Professor of Virtual Environments and Computer Graphics at University College, London — What’s Next in Virtual Reality?
  • Dr Dan Warren, Head of 5G Research at Samsung R&D Institute — 5G Performance Engineering Challenges and Opportunities.
  • Dr Neil Davies, Chief Scientist at Predictable Network Solutions Ltd — Using the ∆Q Calculus to Model Blockchain Scalability.
  • Gavin Young, Head of Fixed Access Centre of Excellence, Vodafone — Network quality management at Vodafone using ∆Q.
  • Peter Clemons, Managing Director, Quixoticity — Guaranteed quality management in critical communications.

We will also cover how Just Right Networks Ltd sees the journey to fully assured quality, including the different strategic options and their associated course of action. This is based on our extensive experience with the shortcomings of the current broadband market and supply chain, which must be reengineered if it is to deliver genuine managed quality.

To view and download the workshop PDF flyer will full details including pricing and booking, click the link below. We charge an entry fee to recover our costs of producing the workshop. Places are limited, and this workshop is likely to be popular, with attendees already committed to fly in from N America and Asia.

Can you afford not to come?

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