Reality is so very unyieldingly real

How do deal with family that has lost touch with reality?

Death Jab

I personally don’t recommend jumping off skyscrapers, because concrete poisoning is a messy way to make a philosophical point. Nonetheless, it is a point that sadly has to be made, since suicidal leaps have become unhealthily fashionable.

The difficulty we have is that many people say that it is safe to step off a skyscraper… straight into the windy void. Indeed, why would you question the wisdom of this courageous choice when the absolute number of past fatalities from “decelerative splatting” is minuscule? Looking at official historical data, hardly anyone has ever died of this rare cause!

Furthermore, by observing these flightless bodies step forth into healthy fresh air, we can gain even more confidence that this outdoor sport is full of vitality! Each of the “gravity enthusiasts” flies down past all the skyscraper floors, waving at the sad occupants sat inside. As they do so, our confidence in the non-lethality of this noble pursuit only ever increases.

Nowadays, the newly popular (and officially mandated) pastime has whole teams of people leaping together for the wider benefit of society. By stepping off the ledge in lockstep they are super duper extra very confident of its absolute safety. Dozens of laudable leapers all hold hands and grin in unison (albeit with smiles hidden behind flapping face masks).

As they gather ever greater speed their smiling eyes communicate to each other the unquestionable virtue of free fall fun. After all, who could fail to be reassured by the shared certainty of their fellow faithful fallers?!?

Yet there is just one tiny problem with diving off these “needles of the city skyline”.

The concrete sidewalk is fucking unyielding.

(I don’t use profanity often, but there’s a small annual budget of them to “use or lose”. Normally I have no fucks to give.)

“Traumatic cement intrusion” is typically fatal to humans, and as of now nobody can make the safety case that mRNA “vaccines” are any better in the long run. The effect of these substances on us is an immutable and non-negotiable reality. Popular beliefs of safety have no relevance to the objective hazards we face. Specifically, a feeling of confidence has no place whatsoever in making a safety case for injecting children with any substance.

Yet all of us face the horror of families, workplaces, and communities engaged in a mass psychosis where ruinous risk is a non-concept. “Big pharma” profiteering alone is insufficient to account for the coordinated insanity across all industries and human activities. Corrupt governments constantly pronounce the benefits of poisoning oneself and one’s offspring — “skydiving for baby bairns” — and the only possible explanation left is a genocidal one.

Our loved ones are immersed in a collectivist death cult, driven by engineered fear and pervasive propaganda. It is traumatic to watch, yet we are not helpless bystanders. The job of the “grounded” (ho ho) is to locate the “unjabbed” and “unboosted” who have still doubts about the ethics and logic of the proposed “anti-longevity needle jumping therapy”.

We can (and must) persuade some to remain attached to terra firma and defer any dive into doom. As such, I am sharing an edited version of a letter I wrote to my parents today, who seem profoundly unconcerned about the welfare of their granddaughters. I am choosing to publish this, despite privacy concerns, since it may be useful to others in saving young bodies from being shredded at the molecular level with gene therapies and nanotech.

Dear Dad and Mum,

I hope you are both well, and deeply miss our usual family interaction.

For the last month I have been staying with old friends and making new ones up here in Teeside/Tyneside/County Durham. During this time I have met and talked to whistleblowers exposing the deep corruption in our healthcare and legal systems; continued to research the absurd lies we are being fed by the mass media; and seen our innate freedoms of association, travel, commerce, speech, and bodily autonomy chipped away.

Meanwhile, my younger daughter is at school in a country with one of the most draconian medical apartheid systems in the world. Apparently she is the last pupil in her class who is uninjected for Covid, as she has so far resisted the fear-based social programming. Due to my concerns about what is happening I wrote to her headmistress to challenge her policies and actions, as is my right as a father.

In return I got a litany of unlawful, unethical, and unprofessional (non-)responses. No good father stands by idly and leaves his daughter (or any child) in the care of a liar and criminal. My daughter — your granddaughter — deserves better than this farcical fraud based on falsehood. The “pandemic emperor” has no clothes!

I have studied the Covid subject science in detail, spent years understanding propaganda and social engineering, and taken time to know the relevant law. I am a widely admired professional at deconstructing false belief systems. I look at original evidence, respect longstanding moral philosophy, and question the motives of all mortal authorities. Seeking verifiable knowledge and asking hard questions, so as to make up your own mind, is a righteous endeavour.

Having applied all my skill and integrity, this is my conclusion: my daughter is being groomed into a neo-Marxist ideology which substitutes mass conformity for personal conscience. The end game is grim: sterilisation of children by psychopathic eugenicists posing as healthcare saviours. If adhering to Biblical principles of right and wrong about the institutionalised abuse of children makes me a “cult member” in your view, then you may wish to reflect upon the solidity of your own ethical beliefs and moral authorities.

These injections are not working as vaccines. They demonstrably are a multipart bioweapon system. Several were provably developed in communist China as part of transhumanism research, and delivered to the West via a war of infiltration and deception. The Book of Revelations (18:23) warns of this EXACT strategy of wickedness. “Sorcery” is a synonym for “pharmacy”. Please pay attention to your own chosen sources of spiritual guidance!

The hard data is in, and this “vaccine” programme 100% certainly is not healthcare, since it kills more than it saves — by a large margin.

Never in my adult life have I had reason to not talk to you for this long, nor to feel such deep anger in your direction. My child is being psychologically, physically, and spiritually abused every day she is at school. The illusion of normality will be maintained until enough have fallen into the deadly trap; then the horror and nightmare becomes visible to all. Complicity in this evil puts you on the wrong side of history and is unacceptable to me.

You are tacitly supporting the abuse of your own granddaughter, and encouraging her to remain in the hands of child abusers — and thus at risk of serious injury (or worse). Wearing a face mask is a humiliation and submission ritual historically used for slaves, and is deeply harmful to the human psyche. The genocidal bioweapon injuries are piling up, and deaths mounting, and more people are awakening to this diabolical deception.

My daughter already faces exclusion from nearly all public facilities due to the Orwellian “freedom pass”, and prospectively will be subjected to shaming by being forced to “mask up” to reveal her noncompliance with the “clotshot”. At some point her school will inevitably close as the parents realise they have been played in the worst way possible. Her headmistress will not be able to show her face in public (presuming she is not in prison for her own safety).

There is a hard objective reality of events; the truth of it is coming out despite the censorship; and there is a global mass uprising against this medical tyranny. Lawsuits are being filed for war crimes, and there is unprecedented military activity at present. A season of sorrow is coming for us all, as many of the deceived fall ill and die.

I plan to use the full force of law and every resource I can access to bring children out of the path of such harm. I have tens of thousands of supporters, and will not back down on this matter of conscience and principle. My chosen life path is as a warrior for truth and justice, and nothing in this material world will deflect or halt me. Nothing.

I choose not to live by lies, and this is the value system I wish my daughters to live by too. If you continue to encourage her (and her older sister) to participate in this lie, then that has consequences for us as a family. I will not tolerate cruel lies and hazardous liars who endanger the innocent. This is not me “going crazy”; it is a mass psychosis of normalised wrongdoing — that I am calling out and rejecting.

In the fullness of time we can talk through our positions, and see whether there is more common moral and factual ground that can be discovered. I cannot in good conscience be part of any abuse of any children, nor will I associate with those who knowingly condone it in any way.

Dutifully and lovingly yours,