QAnon, information osmosis, and reality purification

The #QAnon program by the Trump administration is an “osmosis filter for information” that removes “information pollutants” from our model of reality.

QAnon, information osmosis, and reality purification

Clean water is delicious. I have to admit that I’m rather partial to fizzy bubbles in mine: I’ll take a bottle of sparking mineral water over wine as my treat for a meal out. That said, what I have in front of me right now as I type this is “Thames Spring” — or, in other words, London tap water.

Clean information is “delicious”, too. The “public water supply” equivalent is the mass mainstream media. The problem we face is that it is not “potable”. Indeed, the flow of false narratives is positively noxious, poisoned with putrid propaganda and toxic hoaxes.

In the 19th century the Victorians prided themselves on cleaning up London’s water, and today the river is relatively clean. Modern filtration and treatment ensures my tap water is safe to drink. One of the technologies that can achieve this is (reverse) osmosis.

The principle of osmosis is that a solvent liquid will pass through a membrane to equalise the concentration of a substance dissolved in it — without any pressure being applied. Reverse osmosis applies a pressure to one side, in order to make an unequal concentration. A classic use case of reverse osmosis is the desalination of sea water.

So how might one go about removing the propaganda pollutants dissolved in the solvent of mass media? Well, we appear to have an osmotic-like system with QAnon, which is being used to perform “reality purification” for a society that has been covertly socially engineered into being divided.

The “pressure” is coming from the Q drops, which have gained significant attention and traction among the public. Prof Joseph Ucsinski, an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Miami, recently appeared on Watters World on Fox and gave two interesting data points:

  • From their polling, around 10% of the US population has a positive sentiment to QAnon. (And hence by necessity, awareness is significant, and this is not a “fringe” phenomenon.)
  • Those people are evenly distributed across left and right. (And hence this cannot be a “far right” phenomenon.)

This pressure is being applied to the mass media via the Trump administration’s echoing of Q themes. A remarkably level-headed and informative article from American Thinker summarises it thus:

In recent weeks, the tempo of Trump’s spotlighting of Q has accelerated, with the President retweeting Q followers twenty times in one day. Trump has featured Q fans in his ads and deployed one of Q’s signature phrases (“These people are sick”) at his rallies. The President’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, has also retweeted Q followers.

The Q drops also contain many mentions of Iran, and the strategic backdrop of scandals involving the Obama administration (like Uranium One), together with the media cover-up. Trump has tweeted “The world is watching” about Iran, a common Qism, notably in this same context. Given recent events in Iran, if the Q drops are indeed a product of the Trump administration, these drops would be extremely newsworthy.

We also have had Trump:

  • Put an “accidental” extra Q in a tweet.
  • Have a “Q” “accidentally” appear behind him
  • Locate himself “accidentally” in an political ad as the tail of a Q
  • Tweet with the capitals “accidentally” spelling out a Q crypto tripcode
  • Have soldiers “accidentally” stand around his helicopter to form a “Q+” (as POTUS is Q+).

…among hundreds of other “proofs” of a Q-POTUS link.

This “pressure” is designed to overcome the public’s “incredulity problem”. The idea that the mass media is ALL infiltrated and controlled by a global criminal cartel seems preposterous. Surely someone would tell me if a “rival” publication was lying to me? Yet we only need to look at one QAnon article to see how “polluted” the media is.

Take this one from the UK’s Guardian newspaper:

  • “provoked ridicule” presupposes a position; there’s no pretence to even-handed investigation.
  • “prominent conspiracy theory” tells you what to think by appealing to their own authority; this Q thing cannot be true even if things like the Hillsborough disaster went from “conspiracy theory” to “fact”.
  • “rightwing hoax” has no substance — where’s the evidence of it being “rightwing”; who is the “hoaxer” and how was this proven?
  • “the conspiracy theory has yet to gain traction within the UK” but who says, as we have 10% awareness in the USA?

This falls into the pattern that Jon Rappoport describes as the mechanism of mass mind control:

In other words, there are only two supposed territories. The first is bland neutral surety [of the “official narative”]. It almost sounds like science. Then there is crazy Loonsville [like “QAnon”], where insane fantasies are floated. The correct choice is obvious.

Importantly, we can see how this Guardian article lies by omission, misdirecting the reader to wrongly categorise reality into Loonsville. There is no mention of the body of evidence of a Q-POTUS link, the central subject of Q being the corruption of the press, or the refusal of the press to discuss Q with the President. You are being told what to feel and think, and denied the necessary information to make up your own mind.

For fun you may wish to contrast the Guardian article with this video, which highlights how the mass media works to misinform the public that “elite paedophilia” is Loonsville, then contrasting that with the Epstein revelations:

QAnon - "You Are Watching A Movie" by Awakening Greatly
QAnon – “You Are Watching A Movie” by Awakening Greatly

The genius of the QAnon operation is as follows: if the press ignores it, it the validates the “Q hypothesis” that they are “fake news”. If they engage with it, they are forced to misreport it, which demonstrates the “fake news” accusation. The “polluting” beliefs are gently pulled out of society by people realising that the media is gaslighting and hoaxing them. They mass media are not independent voices, but are hissing with one forked tongue.

This only works because there is a “membrane” in this “information reverse osmosis” system for “reality purification”. It is constructed by “holes” of
“plausible deniability”. Every individual Q-POTUS link can be explained away, albeit some with extremely great difficulty. People have to choose to engage with the evidence and logic, rather than be bludgeoned into change.

Hence the QAnon system is non-violent by nature and rooted in free will. We are not “distilling” the public’s false beliefs by sending them to re-education camps! There is no “Trump Daily” high pressure information pump working in opposition to the MSM either; it is not needed, and would just be seen as another polluted propaganda source.

Because the media has been saturated with lies for so long, reality tastes “off” to many people, as they are so used to consuming contaminated information. Q is the “one-way filter” to help them decontaminate their understanding of the world and desire “pure” news. The “Q question” is the final piece that brings their polluted beliefs into contact with the cleansing “membrane”.

Just to recap, the “Q question” is the issue as to why the press collectively refuses to ask the President about QAnon and whether his administration is involved. People who presently believe “Orange Man Bad” will always be able to find another talking point from the lies that the media has fed them, but cannot find an answer to this simple question in their (polluted and inverted) cosmology.

In the philosophy classic of Plato’s cave, we are asked to distinguish the true external reality from the dancing shadows in the cave. With the current divide in society, we have a debate among friends and family of “who is inside the cave, and who is outside?”. The “Q question” is the touchstone for this, and brings both belief systems in contact with the “membrane” at once.

This is the niggle of doubt that permits exit from the Cult of the Official Media Narrative. There are no legions of “ex-QAnon” people; no recovery groups; no “deprogramming” courses. That is because the “Q belief system” is grounded in a “purified” reality freed from #FakeNews propaganda pollutants.

To believe otherwise is to reduce yourself to the absurdity of arguing that asking the President why he is promoting a supposedly debunked conspiracy theory “…will have the added effect of making the questioner look like a fool.” By reductio ad adsurdam, you know that isn’t a #WINNING logical proposition: it is not asking the “Q question” that makes you look a fool!

The QAnon “information (reverse) osmosis” engine is working well to clean up the beliefs of the public. Ever more people realise that they need to imbibe only non-#FakeNews information sources. The resulting “reality purification” is gradually removing the divide in society between those with “polluted” and “clean” belief systems.

I anticipate that the outcome of QAnon is going to be delicious (preferably with fizzy bubbles).