Public call-up to High Court, London — Palnackie

Show you care about future generations inheriting their birthright

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As a concerned member of the public who loves their country and wishes to bequeath the fullest possible inheritance to future generations, I am asking you to attend a major public interest hearing in London at the High Court on Monday. Darren Scott (pictured above left) is the Palnackie harbourmaster, and has undertaken this selfless legal case at great effort and financial risk to himself. This is a public interest case, and it requires the public to show they are interested, and support a litigant in person.

What are we fighting for?

The previous trustees of the public Urr Navigation Trust breached their fiduciary duty and fraudulently sold public land into the private, while also giving away any income to unrelated parties. In the process they effectively imploded the trust, and asset-stripped the public — which includes you and me. This is a civil legal process to hold them to account via the highest court possible, as all avenues via other institutional authorities have been stonewalled. Are the public willing to step up and defend their own assets from privateers and land pirates?

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What is the case about?

The trust beneficiaries are seeking clarity on jurisdiction, as this is being disputed by the former trustees. Being well-connected, they presumably prefer to have the matter heard in Scottish courts, where their personal power and influence has more sway. The trust was created in England and under English law in 1901 by Parliament itself, but the physical assets are in Scotland, along with the active beneficiaries as well as (most of) the former trustees.

There are “gateways” to how a court gets jurisdiction, and this case uses a new one that came out last year. Because the trust was created by statute or deed in the English jurisdiction, and nowhere else, there is therefore jurisdiction in England. Parliament is the highest law-making authority in the land, and both creates English law and is bound and governed by it. An English Parliament does not have powers to create under any other law, so cannot make an American law for example, and there was no Scottish devolution in 1901.

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What are the wider repercussions of the case?

Once this jurisdiction is established, the former trustees can be forced to account for their behaviour and where money went, and injuncted from interfering with the business of the harbour and its current legitimate trustees. By establishing lawful authority as trustees and beneficiaries of the harbour, it becomes possible to hold others entities (fake charity, local council, police, utilities, ministers, land registry, etc.) to account, including for criminal acts. This is a “bottom-up” initiative, and is up against the establishment’s power and PR network.

There are centuries of statute and case law to protect beneficiaries of trusts from rogue trustees. If we let this one pass, we have opened the door to a monumental disaster, whereby trustees are given the green light to rob and steal from those they are obligated to serve and protect. It isn’t just about land, but about the totality of the inheritance that is being passed on between generations through the use of trusts. We need to showing the public can use the law to hold “untouchable” people to justice, as the same issues of theft of land recur elsewhere (e.g. on the nearby Nith and Annan rivers).

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Why come to London to show your support?

Do you care that land that you are a part owner of is being robbed? If so, show it! If you don’t want the birthright of future generations sold into the private (for £1!) then you have to step up and demonstrate that this is worth a morning off and a train ride into town. We as the public not only have a right to keep these assets, but also a duty to protect them. The court needs to know, via your tangible presence, that there is a public interest (and support from the heart) for a brave litigant in person up against paid legal representatives.

Where to come and when?

The case is PT-2023-000945 with Justice Adam Johnson.

The hearing is at 10am on Monday 4th March at the Rolls Building on Fetter Lane in London. We are meeting at 9.30am outside.

Parties are Darren Scott, Tim Dennis, John Hunter, Roy Kerr, David Ofeltd, Heather Young, Simon Matthews, James Lye versus Anthony Walker, Andrew Clark, Clifford Henderson James, Smith Erica, Johnson John Robertson in respect of the Urr Navigation Trust.

Any changes to arrangements will be sent via my Telegram channel. If I manage to get details of how to attend as an online observer then I will publish it there.