Olive branch or whipping post?

This is a spiritual battle between good and evil

I emailed Durham County Council’s helpline to ask for the name and address of their Section 151 officer, a statutory role with a duty of care to the public. Rather than answer directly, they asked why I wanted to know. I told them I wished to write to this person, and the subject matter is private, and should not need to justify myself. Eleven days passed, so I prodded them. I was told to make a freedom of information request (i.e. 28 day delay), which is ridiculous for what ought to be a simple directory query. I protested, and asked for the name and address again. So far, no response. It’s almost as if this organisation is acting unlawfully, and has something to hide.

Anyhow, I know who the CFO is, and can no doubt find his address, so am not easily discouraged. Below is the draft of a letter I am about to send. I am deliberately leaving the person’s name out here, so it doesn’t appear on any web search. The emphasis in this correspondence is repentance and redemption, not accusation and shame. As such, the details are less important, and what matters is the tone and spirit. I don’t expect it to have any direct impact, but at least I have done the right thing. We the people have already won this battle for truth, just those participating in corruption don’t know it yet.

It won’t be hard for me to make a custom website with details of the crimes being committed by Durham County Council with their fake courts and fake orders and fake debts. I can print out a few hundred flyers, go around local houses, and recruit more people who are angry to print and post more flyers all over town. The truth is the truth, and if those in power don’t like it, take it up with the almighty. We are not going to be passive and let ourselves be financially raped. It was ignorance that allowed them to treat us like serfs and milk us for cash using fraud and extortion. We have done the exposure and disclosure; justice isn’t far off.

By publishing these letters, we effectively put them on notice that consequences are coming for their behaviour. There are too many of us who know, and those inside the councils are also being educated on the wrongdoing they are being asked to facilitate. Questions will be asked by staff, and some will have a conscience and spine, or at least fear prison more than the loss of a salary and pension. That nobody has gone to jail yet paradoxically tells me that everyone who is playing the game is going to face military judgment; there is no piecemeal justice in a compromised civilian system. The fashion for institutional genocide and legalised slavery is seasonal, and we’re almost done. It’s never too late to be penitent.

Dear [Officer Name],

No doubt you are very busy right now as many councils are struggling to stay afloat, including Durham County Council, and some have filed Section 114 bankruptcy notices. Despite the noise around you, I believe you should pay attention to what I am about to say because it will save you from personal suffering in the near future, even if it is not what you want to hear right now. There is a rapidly closing window of opportunity for repentance of a serious wrong, and the loving thing to do is to point this out, in the hope you seek redemption for your own benefit.

I could write a long and seemingly accusatory letter about the lawfulness of council tax, and the enforcement of liability orders; in return you might attempt to justify the council’s indefensible position. I will, however, give you a summary of what I have observed. Let us ignore for now the matter of lawful obligation to pay, and the morality of a unilateral charge (by a corporate entity) against men and women for exercising their innate right to seek shelter. Instead, focus only on the process of collection of unpaid demand notices. We, the public, know that all councils are breaking the law, with the support of the police and the magistrates’ courts. It is so naked and egregious it is tragicomic. The lid cannot be kept on this scandal forever, and as the Section 151 officer (with a duty of care to the public) you are set to be the fall guy in this locality.

All councils are acting as (administrative) courts, which they are not permitted to do. The summonses are fraud, since they misleadingly represent the authority of a court. No judicial mind is applied to each case, rendering any judgment void. There is widespread cheating by councils on costs. No sum is adjudged by law, yet councils act as if there is real debt, and make false claims to solicit information and funds. There is no lawful record of any liability order issued by a court, and bulk orders are manifestly unlawful. Private hearings are done under a false appearance of being courts of law. Trusts are administered with falsely manufactured consent of their beneficiaries. Members of the public who seek due process are intimidated and harassed. Laws on aggravated trespass, blackmail, forgery, theft, malicious communications, data protection, and freedom of information are routinely ignored or broken. I could go on — but that is not my purpose in writing.

Council tax collection and enforcement is a corrupt mess, and you know it, and we the public know you know it. I am aware that many are now active on this matter; we cannot be gaslit any longer to accept what are little more than extortion tactics under the colour of legal authority. I know that people in the council are fully aware that what they are doing is wrong, yet they keep on trying to justify it. Time is running out on this way of conducting oneself in public office; the pushback is about to become overwhelming. Complicit courts and a compromised constabulary only get you so far in covering it up.

The blatantly unlawful acts in council tax debt collection are part of a wider pattern of human trafficking, treason, and crimes against humanity conducted by those we had previously trusted. This is all about to be thrust into the public consciousness in ways that nobody will be able to avoid seeing. What happened under Covid was a massive war crime, and it implicates many of those in local government who have aligned themselves to the WEF/WHO/Common Purpose agenda. I have no idea what your personal stance is on this matter, and quite likely you are also a victim of the cruel deception that deployed bioweapons disguised as vaccines. It gives me no pleasure to see anyone suffer such harm.

I could have written to you with affidavits of truth, threats of liens against personal property, intent of pursuit of surety bonds, or notices of court action. Instead, I am instead contacting you on a man-to-man basis to urge you to take an hour out of your schedule. Go for a walk up the hill to the cathedral, or saunter along the beautiful river. Do you really want to be associated with these kinds of heinous crimes? Is this going to be your personal legacy to the people of County Durham? How will your friends and family react if they discover you were knowingly part of an operation to put the poorest into debt bondage?

The ending of semi-legalised modern slavery of this kind is an inevitability; the only question is how much damage is done on the way out, and to whom. Even if there has been wrongdoing, it can be forgiven, and restitution made. Sincerely rejecting wickedness — and “gangster government” fake debt enforcement qualifies as wicked — is always an honourable act. The public are not your opponents, and you will find allies among your critics if you turn around.

The first step is to admit to yourself that there is a profound moral issue here, not just a legal one, with potential accountability to higher spiritual powers for your actions. Once that small step is taken, you have done what is needed to begin to remedy this sorry situation. From that place it becomes possible to rescue one’s reputation from the catastrophe that would otherwise engulf it.

I hope this letter is of value to you. How you make sense of this is your private matter. There is no need to respond. All I seek is that a more righteous path is considered. If you require my advice or assistance, I am glad to provide it off the record.

Kind regards,