Now I am officially a dissident… and a target

I am the victim of a truly strange crime

I have had the most bizarre crime experience happen to me. Someone has broken into my London studio, stolen nothing (that I can see), and then attempted to repair the damage so it would never be noticed (but I was too sharp-eyed for them). I won’t itemise all the anomalies I spotted, but these two pictures of the door frame before and after are enough to make the point. Notice the paint line of the post and its relative position to the coat rack (which now is also not original) and the metal door lock plate. It has moved from above to below the coat rack, and much nearer the door plate.

You don’t need to be the world’s smartest crime investigator to figure out that this is related to my dissident work. A bicycle, printer, and kitchen equipment were all left untouched. No “ordinary” burglar goes to such lengths to avoid the victim knowing they have had their home violated. My presumption is that it is an intelligence agency, be it public or private.

They were here either to take something (which probably resulted in disappointment) or to leave something (which means spy bugs and/or poison). This was indeed my home, but it is now too spiritually and practically compromised for me to use it. It is a place I loved and invested considerable resources into. I also made a “second base” outside of London this autumn (with the help of patriots) where I am housing a homeless friend. So the good news is that I am not completely without a place to live.

The bad news is that I now face a bunch of expenses that I cannot afford, as I am already broke from deplatforming my products and/or their promotion. I need to throw away all the food and restock, do removals, reequip some of the IT kit I will need to discard, and eventually rehouse myself (as the current “country” base is a stopgap for me, and primary home for my friend).

It is rather a shock to find myself in such surreal circumstances, and I can only do so much as one person under conditions of economic warfare. If you would like to help me to get back on my feet, then the easiest way is via PayPal at Details of other methods (SubscribeStar, crypto, bank transfer) are at It seems that my deserving Christmas charity cause this year is… me! I truly wish it were otherwise.