No surrender to the “shakedown state”

Just because they demand your money doesn’t mean you have to give it

HM Revenue & Customs

Our communist mass media lies principally by omission. They will gladly blame individuals (and maybe even institutions) for problems, but never systems of power or secret societies. Vaccine injuries, paedo blackmail, and corrupt courts — these are just disappeared as “non-subjects”. The absence of interest in Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein’s client list tells you all you need to know about their ethics and intentions. If everyone else agrees there is no forest, did the falling tree even exist, despite you seeing it and hearing the crash?

Over the past few years endless small businesses have been crushed and lives smashed by a state hell-bent on destruction via overreach of power, with cover given by the controlled commie media. Yet these sad tales are not being told, and one of the businesses that has ceased trading is my own consulting company. As I am uniquely well placed to tell my own story, and it is just a tiny exemplar of far worse experiences. There is a happy (enough) ending in this case: the purpose is to add more data points to the case that we face a gangster state with no moral or legal constraints to its exercise of power.

My company was Martin Geddes Consulting Ltd, and I established it in 2004 when I returned from America (where I worked for Sprint) to Scotland. I was a moderately successful telecoms consultant for most of the period until around 2018, when I switched to full-time dissidence, writing, and photography. My company died at the age of 17 from “lack of paperwork”: it didn’t quite make it into adulthood. As these things go, it is quite long-lived, as most start-up businesses don’t manage more than a few years.

Martin Geddes Consulting Ltd.

As an irony, the company was originally registered as Telepocalypse Ltd, in honour of the name of my long-gone telecoms blog that documented the inevitable end of the heyday of the industry as it pursued ever more insane technological and commercial fantasies. My company’s demise was triggered by a real live apocalypse-in-progress! We are being shown the depraved levels of endemic criminality, and how many (if not most) “legitimate” institutions are easily hitched to wicked ends. Telecoms was just my training ground for seeking and naming the emperors with a wardrobe deficit during a tempest.

Also, as an aside, you cannot relocate a company registered in Scotland to England, so the address shown is/was that of my accountant. People have long assumed I still live in Edinburgh as that address was at the footer of my newsletter emails. My accountant fired me because once the Covid genocide started I became uninterested in doing administrative paperwork. From the “you can’t make this up” department, here is the last letter I got from her…

We will continue to support you, when you need it most

This was a sales pitch for insurance against being audited by the taxman and the consequent accountancy bills to defend myself from any shakedown. I had explained to her that I had become a much-banned writer and we are facing a gene therapy genocide where children are being mutilated and murdered. It won’t be on my conscience that this letter headlined with a self-serving corporate message, given that context. The beast system gives ample reward to its foot soldiers and punishes anyone who steps out of line. Speaking of which…

Debt collections letters

I have never had a letter from a debt collector before, having avoided significant financial distress for nearly all my life. Once Covid began, I stopped filing Value Added Tax (VAT) returns for my company, as my energies turned towards preventing myself and my loved ones from being massacred by the out-of-control state and its “healthcare” death factories. For most of my company’s existence I was reclaiming VAT, as my sales were to the USA and Asia (zero rated), and my costs were in the UK (where VAT applies). As I was not trading, non-compliance wasn’t a big deal to me.

VAT overdue

However, HMRC (the UK’s tax authority) doesn’t see it that way. My company had no income, no assets, and even no bank account (as it got canned when I didn’t repay the small overdraft to the genocidally compliant lender), but HMRC just made up a large number and sent me the bill for it anyhow. Being a company with no assets meant I could safely ignore these; there is nothing they can do to me personally. But nobody wants debt collectors hassling them, especially when they don’t owe a single penny in the first place. I had phoned HMRC to tell them I was no longer in business, but that did nothing.

What you owe in VAT

OK, so now for the happy (enough) ending. In this case all I had to do to make the “debt” go away was to file zero returns for these periods, which I have now done. You may ask why did it take me so long to do a “trivial” piece of admin which would have saved me any heartache? Well, the answer is in the contrast between these two articles, one from the controlled media (WebMD) in 2021:

Evidence ties COVID vaccines to Heart Issue in Youth

…and one from the free media (Epoch Times) in 2022:

29 Percent of Young Pfizer COVID Vaccine Recipients Suffered Heart Effects

Injecting children with a poison that causes a third to have life-threatening problems, for a condition they are not at significant risk of dying, is the biggest crime in our history. The media is a key facilitator, in collaboration with our totally corrupt state, and I fight this crime as my vocation. Institutions like HMRC are part of this genocidal pact, and the effort to engage with these gangsters is not an administrative one, but an emotional one. Every interaction with HMRC is filled with disgust, rage, and horror. Even the most minimal compliance — and I genuinely owe them nothing here — is hard work.

HMRC has the power to think up a number, and declare it as enforceable debt, without any real evidence. The ability of one segment of society to decide, without good cause or consent, that another segment of society owes them something of value, and being able to enforce that with violence, is simply wrong. This creates a feudal overlord tier, who are beneficiaries of institutionalised parasitism, along with a whole class of enablers who are invested in the wrongdoing (like accountants). I have only suffered at a mild level, but I know others who have lost their livelihoods, life savings, and face homelessness.

The shakedown state is one part of a shakedown society based on debt slavery. For example, I also get aggressive copyright enforcement letters from companies like Getty Images and their henchmen demanding payment for “fair use” quotes of articles in mass media — which I ignore. These kinds of empty threats ought to result in prison, not a business model. Reasonable people can disagree over the appropriate size of the state, and the limits on corporate power, but we all need to unite to defeat gangsterism. The normalisation of cruel and criminal shakedowns as standard operating procedure has to end.