No, it is not OK to poison children

Leave our kids alone

I don’t normally share my personal and private life or matters related to my own children. You won’t find a single mention of their names anywhere on the Internet that comes from me, nor a single identifiable picture. Their privacy is important to me.

That said, I am fighting right now against the unacceptable “pro vax” policies of my younger daughter’s school. I am divorced, but agree with her mother (who is regrettably jabbed) that my daughter should not be injected with this obviously unhealthy potion.

We differ in that I am adamant that no child should be exposed to such risk of harm; every school that recommends the slaughter of the innocent should close. Her mother wishes her to attend school no matter how unethical or unlawful their conduct. For her to admit she has been played, despite a doctorate in a relevant discipline, is too hard at this point.

There are three points of order on which I see us fighting back against this immoral insanity:

  • The giving of blanket medical advice with no regard to individual health need or circumstance.
  • The absence of health and safety studies for the policies of face masks, which bear significant risks.
  • The lack of liability insurance for the consequences of these policies and actions.

It is the last one of these that I have used to hold my daughter’s school to account: the headmistress consistently refuses to tell me their insurance company name and policy number. That says all you need to know: as a father I have a right to determine if she is telling the truth that there is a public liability policy in force for my daughter’s circumstances.

These authoritarians are all cowards — and as one friend says they “fold faster than a cocaine-fuelled worker in a Chinese laundry” when challenged. As order followers they fear being held to account for breaking rules, and our job is to make breaking our chosen rules more scary than the alternative. It is when the new outlandish scamdemic rules clash with established rules that we have the opportunity to be (paradoxically) the greater sticklers for adherence to rules. Arguing directly against the medical tyranny and its pseudoreality is pointless.

Finally, I have learned to be balanced and offer a “loving kindness” face saving option. Be humble, say we all stray from the path of goodness, and remind people that repentance and redemption are always on offer. The cycle of scapegoating and human sacrifice has to end; indeed, it already has, just we’re still figuring out the endgame.

I hope this letter (which I have edited and abbreviated for family privacy) is of value to others as a template for how to speak and act.


I have written to you previously about your rejection of educational norms — ethical, professional, and legal — in respect of PUPIL.

So far you have:
– Denied me the simple courtesy of a timely response to urgent safety issues regarding your pupils.
– Forced all children to wear a medical device (a face mask) with no health and safety case or informed consent of its serious risks.
– Advocated all children take an injection of a novel technology that is known to be ineffective and risky, without regard to personal medical circumstances, ignoring safe and effective alternatives, and with no liability on yourself.
– Disregarded the unethical nature of advocating for medical treatments with no long-term safety studies, which nullifies any pretence of informed consent, and therefore is a criminal act of negligence.
– Ignored my questions on the ethics and lawfulness of this highly unusual conduct for a school acting as an unlicensed medical advisor.
– Paid no attention to warnings that conducting a medical experiment on children without informed consent is a serious crime in international law.
– Failed to demonstrate that you have any insurance cover for these actions that fall outside of normal educational activities.
– Not responded to my basic questions of legal liability for your rules and actions.
– Failed to respond to a reasonable request to tell me your insurer and policy number.
– Failed to give me details of your governors so I can make a complaint.
– Disregarded my withdrawal of consent for PUPIL to attend your school, based on this unprofessional and unlawful conduct.
– Overridden my rights as a father by making spurious claims about guardianship and custody.

Given these facts, I naturally have serious concerns about your ability to discharge your duty of care to my child. Absent proof to the contrary, I can only assume that you have no public liability insurance for the unlawful and unethical activities you are undertaking. I therefore must act to have your school closed as soon as possible, and you made personally liable for the full costs and consequences.

I will do this by escalating your case to the national and international media, national regulatory bodies, and (if necessary) through legal action. As an activist against medical tyranny I have tens of thousands of supporters worldwide — who will (if asked) help me to fight a private international lawsuit to its necessary conclusion.

Please be assured that if you stay on this unwise and unlawful path then it will end in disaster and disgrace for you. The continued attendance of PUPIL at your school will result in your professional reputation being ruined, you being held personally financially liable for any harm, and criminal charges being pursued to the maximum extent possible under law.

If children in your care are injured or killed then I cannot imagine their parents will be forgiving of your extreme recklessness. Even the use of aborted foetal cells in the production of these injections will be against the deepest principles of many parents and pupils. Your actions are not in your own best interest, let alone those of the children. That you are obeying orders is no excuse, morally or historically.

Conversely, this is your final opportunity to accept that promoting this dangerous deceit is a sin. If you are of a Biblical outlook, then please consult what it says about those who knowingly permit children to come to harm. Rediscover your conscience before you face catastrophe! We all make mistakes, and it is never too late to repent, no matter how far we have strayed from the path of truth and righteousness.

I am not making you bend to my will; rather, I am insisting that you respect the longstanding norms of legality, professionalism, and ethics. For your own benefit, the wellbeing of the children, and the future of your school, I urge you to send PUPIL home until this matter is satisfactorily resolved.

We all deserve better than this immoral insanity of poisoning our youth.