My new Patreon offers E-book, live webinar, discussion group, thinking partner

I am pleased to announce four new ways in which to become a supporter of my work via Patreon, each of which offers you something of value in return.

My new Patreon offers

When I was a teenager, my father used to describe me semi-endearingly as “the monk”. Once my parents had bought me a home computer, it became a devotional object that I worshipped in my bedroom monastery, with me hidden away from mainstream society.

Such intellectual activity on its own is, in my experience, an insufficient basis for a fulfilling life. We are creatures of mind, body and spirit. These drive core human needs to be fed: novelty, nourishment, and, um, nookie. So I didn’t become a monk in adult life, after all.

That said, it’s hard to swap creativity of the mind for food at Tesco, especially at the robotic checkouts. That means finding a container which can support an appropriate exchange between my “food for thought” and your “vouchers for food”.

Thankfully, Patreon has supplied exactly such a vessel. I have put together four alluring offers to tempt you to put some digital sticky rice in the virtual food bowl.



Instigators are looking to provoke positive change. I will email you The Best of Future of Communications e-book with the hand-picked top articles I have produced from 2012 to 2017. To be published by 1st Jan 2018.






Believers understand the value of dreams of a better future. I will deliver you a livestream webinar once every two months(with archive access) to cover what I have found that is interesting and worth sharing. First session is 18th December






Innovators bring fresh insight and a positive ethos to the debate about what kind of information infrastructure we should build for the future. Patrons at this level join the exclusive TheInternet is Just a Prototype email discussion group (most members are invite only). Launches 1st December 2017.






Explorers are entrepreneurs “doing it” and seek a thinking partner for guidance. I will give you half a day per month of consulting support by phone and email on a “use it or lose it” basis. I am generous with my time and insight for good causes.



Pre-existing patrons will be grandfathered in at the appropriate level. It has always been my insistence to make my best ideas and writing available for free, so as to reach the widest audience. That means payment being voluntary, and part of a social gift economy.

My fundamental belief is that the wealthy accumulate, whilst the worthy circulate. That applies to both you and to me. My job is to only consume the resources I actually need to fulfil my purpose, and to pass on any remaining surplus nourishment vouchers.

Let’s swap food for thought with vouchers for food!

Two of the five Explorer spaces are already gone (admin still going through on second Patreon payment). Here’s what the buyers say:

“Martin is a rare human being. He looks at problems in a way that most of us can easily miss. I have known him for 5 years and he has been very helpful.”
— Shailesh Tyagi, CEO, Novanet

“Martin Geddes is the ‘conscientious disruptor’ of telecoms, who spots sub-optimal systems, models, and processes and figures out how to improve them. I rely on Martin to help me with product positioning strategy, and highly recommend him in this context.”
— Martin Horne, CEO, LiveQoS

JRN workshop


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