New (free, public) BOSS/MAKER video on Autonomy

Say No To Vaxx Passports

I recently made a short (15 minute) keynote style video presentation to a private event run in the Netherlands by BOSS/MAKER co-conspirator Ronald of the House Heister. The theme of the event (and the BOSS/MAKER initiative) is to reclaim your autonomy. This is achieved by transfiguring your official status from debtor to creditor, becoming beneficiary of your Cestui Que Vie Birth Trust Inheritance, and insisting on your natural rights being restored — where ever you are in the world!

You can watch the video on YouTube, at least for now until they censor it!

This presentation is the first public presentation like this I have done since my prescient interview in October of 2019 predicting a huge upheaval ahead. (Dutch intro, English content.)

About BOSS/MAKER and the journey to autonomy

The only piece of paid content I write is a monthly newsletter for BOSS/MAKER; everything else (books, articles, art, commentary) I give out for free in some form, even if I charge for enhanced “packaging” (like a paperback or fine art print). I also have a general principle that anything with a deadline needs a payment. Only work for free if you have an infinitely long delivery schedule!

I follow a “who knows, who cares, who can” framework. These Future of Communications newsletters are about expanding “who knows”. They are free because I can write them (or not) for my own pleasure and at my own pace. I am aiming to persuade a diverse audience of the value of my fresh thinking. Meanwhile, the act of payment (even if modest) is a demonstration of “who cares”, and narrows down the audience to those who are unequivocal about a more focused message.

With the BOSS/MAKER newsletter I use my own experience “in the now” to illustrate the fight for liberty, and to encourage others to keep going — and be accountable for their own life outcomes in turn. For I too am on a learning journey: discovery of the depth of our enslavement (identity, legal, financial, cultural, etc), and the personal path out of this “labyrinth of lies”.

Our world is undergoing a change of unprecedented magnitude, which affects both families and entrepreneurs. The trust we have had in seemingly well-meaning institutions, banks and media has been damaged, to say the least. A global reset is underway, economically, socially and financially, which no human being will be able to escape.

The increasingly extreme measures and shifts in power create fear, which makes us more inclined to give up our freedoms in exchange for the illusion of security. These factors are causing an increasing divide in our society. We find ourselves in a time of bio-information war, with an invisible enemy and amassed digital warriors.

At the same time, we see our paradigm shifting: how we thought we could understand the world turns out to be based on deception. However, it is now, in this special time, that the underlying hidden truth is becoming more apparent. The choice is up to each individual on how to deal with this paradigm change in how we perceive what is “real”.

Although it may seem as if we have no influence on this matter, there are practical steps we can take to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our work (and income) as best we can against all kinds of (future) obligations. Yet people often resist change because they want to stay in their comfort zone. But remember who you are, remember that you came here to shine your light into this world!

Autonomous people stand up for themselves and don’t let anyone control them — especially not narcissists, sociopaths, or psychopaths. We each have the power in our own hands, yet have simply forgotten how to use it. By overcoming fear as soon as possible, and doing the inner and outer “self-loving” work, we can free ourselves first, transform our surroundings, and set in motion unprecedented improvements in society at large.

An important step in this process is to assert our status as autonomous and hence overcome your own “policy constraints” on what is possible. This applies to both individuals and businesses. BOSS/MAKER offers entrepreneurs and individuals in a convenient portal to the tools needed to become autonomous in the areas of wealth preservation, barter ability, food, trade, security, community and (as a focus) the Cestui Que Vie (CQV) Birth Trust Inheritance documents — plus your very own Diplomatic Passport.

The sign-up to subscribe to BOSS/MAKER is below. The content is complementary to this newsletter, which I continue to be committed to producing as part of my “public ministry for uncomfortable truths”.