Name the abuse to tame the abuse

Outrage is not enough: you have to label the problem first

OK, I’ll admit it. I drove on the wrong side of the road. I turned one street too early in the dark, and the layout wasn’t what I had expected as a result, so I ended up the wrong side of the divider in the middle of the tarmac.

The excuse is that I was riled up about the abuse I have been dealt by family and friends, and distracted by the abuse I am working to keep children (including my own) away from. My purpose in writing is to share my experience of “naming the abuse” (and thus identifying the abusers), and to speculate on how best to tame the ubiquitous abuse as a result.

As rational and righteous adults many of us are living in absolute horror as innocent children are being put in the way of harm. Face masks are political symbols and ritualised mind control being falsely advertised as medical devices. These in turn are being applied not for the benefit of the children, but nebulous “stopping the spread”. There is no safety case nor informed consent. This violence continues despite copious evidence of serious physical risks (e.g. bacterial pneumonia, gum disease leading to heart problems, disfiguring skin infections, cognitive impairment from hypoxia).

Meanwhile, mRNA injections that have demonstrably no value to children (or anyone else) are being widely administered. I haven’t been keeping sources and citations, but the data is beyond alarming: 20% increase in overall mortality, 40% in working age people, nearly 60% in teenage boys; 3x increase in cancers and miscarriages; 8x rise in hospitalisations; 10x increase in neurological problems; 27x growth in symptoms of Covid; 120x increase in heart inflammation in the young. Vaccine-induced AIDS seems like a serious emerging problem.

If you were attempting a genocide, would you do anything differently? It seems not. The arrival of absolutely conclusive evidence of harm means that the “benefit of the doubt” that this is legitimate medicine is long gone. Many of us have bitten our tongues and distanced ourselves from those indulging in this insanity in order to preserve some relationship and influence over the deceived. That cannot be sustained indefinitely: we now have an unavoidable child safeguarding issue that cannot be ducked, dismissed, or delayed.

For me this has crystallised around the fate of one teenage family member who is in a school that continues to enforce face masks and recommend the mRNA injections. This is an unconscionable wrongdoing that violates basic human rights and established international law. I have no confidence in the ability of the school to perform a duty of care or act ethically, nor in its integrity to deliver an educational experience instead of an indoctrination one.

Raising this issue with the child got acceptance of the overall problem and wrongness of the actions of the state and school, but there was pushback on the idea that face masks constituted abuse. In that moment I realised my own failure as an adult to teach what abuse is, and that it must always be called out and resisted. For abuse is often explained away as being in the interest of the victim: “she enjoyed the pleasure of it”, “it’s for his eventual safety”, “the pain will teach her a lesson”, “he would feel left out otherwise”.

Furthermore, I realised that the child was unaware that other well-intentioned adults were being abusive when they said to ignore the obvious abuse. This is especially challenging as those adults have constantly dismissed me personally as some kind of delusional misfit, and denied the existence or possibility of unconventional warfare being in play. That I am now demonstrably right, and they are provably wrong, generates dissonance for the child — who loves and has trusted all these adults, including myself, and cannot easily resolve the conflict of cosmologies.

The challenge we now face is that many other adults have given their bodies over to the state and Big Pharma in a one-shot “zero learning loops” instant ruin risk experiment. We have no cultural experience of “remember that time when we subverted the genetics of millions of people and really bad things happened”; if it is technology endorsed by scientists then it must be good for us! They cannot reverse their choice or detox their body, as their immune system has likely been damaged permanently.

When people are anxious they behave badly, and the victims of this hideous bio-information war are now in an increasing state of panic and fear as they realise the foolishness of their conduct. The ego protects them from admitting their mistake since it is equivalent to the death of their identity, which is rooted in degree certificates, professional success, and intelligentsia groupthink. As the shame invades their psyche they seek ways of taking control over the situation, which begets ever worse behaviour and awful relational fallout.

I am watching the tragedy unfold as various people whom I have loved (and still care about) engage in increasingly outrageous conduct, including against me. This includes ignoring any evidenced protestations that children are at serious risk of harm, dealing in broken promises and barefaced lies, and trashing of past agreements and shared responsibilities.

(I feel very lucky that I have ongoing income from patriots so I can “take the hit” and dedicate myself to family affairs and emotional recovery instead of basic survival. So thank you to my many supporters; this would be beyond unbearable without your care. I have limited capacity for doing essays and art right now.)

What I notice is that as I name the abuse those who have become complicit are extremely uncomfortable. It shatters their self-image as “good people”, who took the easy route of the broad path when they followed the crowd. Note how the acts specifically have to be called out as abuse, not “wrong”, or “a bad idea”. This is a trigger word as it is associated with the breaking of progressive and woke norms. Like murder, it is objective: is someone dead, were they killed with a weapon, was there prior intent, is there any alibi or mitigating circumstance?

Objectivity is hard as the false logic and fraudulent morality of Covid have inverted our previous norms. Medical ethics ceased to apply; it was the job of “anti-vaxxers” to prove that this one specific therapy was unsafe, reversing the burden of proof. Seeing loved ones take “boosters” for products that don’t work and where there is literally zero safety data is torture to observe. We have entered a mad world where invoking the conscience of a child — “your compliance equals consent you may later regret” — is deemed “abusive” for causing perfectly appropriate discomfort.

Our governments, hospitals, schools, media, universities, police, shops, and churches have become united in a collective expression of borderline type behaviour — where we scream out the “I hate you! Don’t leave me!” cycles of co-dependency with our institutional abusers. We are trapped in an all-encompassing landscape of pervasive abuse designed to crush individualism and resistance, and demoralise us into accepting abuse as not merely a “new normal”, but brainwashing us into thinking abuse is desirable and virtuous.

Right is wrong, wrong is right, and abuse is embedded into standard policy and procedure. One teacher told me today that she was instructed to offer random reward schedules to pupils. Such capriciousness destroys the trust basis of the relationship, and subjugates the individual to the whim of the rewarder. This is a serious breach of ethics (if you get the top mark, you should get the promised gold star) and is how psychopaths raise their offspring, conflating the attachment of control with loving kindness.

The issue I face, and I am sure you share, is how to balance off two forces. On the one hand we wish to maintain peace (both inside of ourselves and with those we interact); on the other hand we must confront and challenge abuse, especially of children (and other vulnerable people). When abusers are mired in “low consciousness” with shame, rage, and jealousy it is too easy to flip-flop between passive indifference and aggressive conflict among adults, and never achieve the child safeguarding goal.

Ideally we would like to appeal to the higher levels of consciousness, with simple rebukes and corrections that are accepted as “hard love”. Sadly, loving your enemy at this level is rarely effective with those in a death cult. Game theory tells us to stop cooperating and “being nice” when the other partly endlessly defects and acts slyly. Today I had to escalate a level, bringing a witness to a heated phone call with an abuser, and outed this person as a liar and gaslighter. Our nearly 25 year relationship will never be the same again.

Such devious behaviour was abusive of me, and leads me to another observation. Rather than locate the problem of child abuse in the child or abuser, I have found it more productive to locate it in myself. What is my relationship with the child? How is that being affected by the abuse? What are my rights and the obligations of others? In what way are these being violated or ignored? What sort of abuse am I personally experiencing as a result?

It is almost as if we need to mirror the narcissist with opposite (and overwhelmingly legitimate) self-interest. The adult abuser who is “loving the child victim” via the abuse will never recognise the need for external intervention by a third party who clearly lacks their “moral courage” to engage in the difficult unwanted act that the child endures. By relocating it in the broken social contract with you yourself it reasserts your legitimate stake in their behaviour, and by proxy your right to intervene in the affairs of the child.

It is very hard to love the sociopath who is abusing you (or children), yet we are instructed to love our enemies. I am still working it out, and accepting the feedback from the world as it comes. There are many models of how power and control are turned into abuse, and how innocence is stolen. Rather than subject this task to an analytical mindset, I prefer to leave you with a quip from a wise woman who has decades of professional expertise in facing abusive people and relationships: “take the best — and leave the rest”.

Might also be helpful advice in getting me to drive more safely. Let’s hope and see!