My own war of attrition against Big Brother

TV Licensing have supported evil propaganda by the BBC, so I am fighting them

The media is the virus

Many of you will have been following my kafkaesque interactions with TV Licensing here in the UK. They bully members of the public, openly resorting to intimidation and blackmail tactics. As I don’t own a TV, and never watch the medium, I am in an unusual position to turn the tables on them. Rather than me paying for their unwanted broadcasts, they are paying for my unvalued letters (sent under contract, as requested each time by TV Licensing). Their insistence on bullying now comes with a price.

I have just filed a small claims court case against TV Licensing. The particulars of claim are as follows:

I have requested that TV Licensing do not correspond with me, but if they wish to do so, I have a schedule of fees. They have voluntarily decided to make repeated use of my professional correspondence capability. I have a clear and valid implied contract with TV Licensing for correspondence services.

I issued a final demand dated 31/10/22 for my initial invoice, which they have failed to respond to. Thus, I believe pre-action protocol was satisfied, and I am left with no alternative other than to issue proceedings.

There is no lawful duty for TV Licensing to write to me once I have requested no further contact, since this does not affect their general ability to execute their statutory function. Their actions are in contravention of both the Prevention of Harassment Act 1997 and the Theft Act 1968, and constitute trespass against the person. Additional damages are claimed on this basis.

Here is my receipt of filed claim for £5,000 — which is £3,000 for unpaid invoices, and £2,000 damages for trespass against the person (four incidents at £500 each):

Claim receipt

Let’s see what happens! If you don’t fight back, you are consenting, and that makes you into a slave. (That was a large chunk of my cash to hand, so you’re welcome to buy me a coffee in this case.) My next job is a criminal complaint against Durham County Council for trying to shake me down for cash without any due process.