Malicious communications of the state

Language has been perverted in order to subjugate us

UK Tax It Or Lose It

The notional subject of this newsletter is the “Future of Communications”. It started out focused on telecoms, media, and technology. Over time I have realised how communications tie together everything in society: it is a semiotic world ruled by symbols. The way that mind, body, and spirit interact in society at large is all intermediated via communications, and not everything is as it seems. For that matter, hardly anything can be taken at face value! To grasp the true meaning of communications is to gain a deep insight into life in general.

Years ago I was writing about the future of voice communications, and (with a colleague) came up with the idea of a “Guardian Avatar” to protect our physical and digital identity. I will return to the potential pitfalls of that vision later, but for now wish to note that our identity also includes a legal one, and without that our understanding is incomplete. When we communicate, which identity are we speaking from or interacting with? It matters, because subversion of our symbolic identity enables control of our bodies — and loss of our freedoms.

I have recently covered some of the iniquities of TV Licensing and the Council Tax, where the state is acting unlawfully, and using manipulation and menaces to generate revenue. In the last few days I received a letter from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, reminding me that my tax is due in a few weeks. (Let’s hope a financial collapse on Friday obsoletes that as a valid concern!) A detail that I would have previously overlooked is actually of critical importance. Take a look at the header image more closely — they are inviting you to step into a legal persona and contract with them.

The envelope says that they will potentially take off you an “untaxed car” by force. This is actually an unlawful threat of theft, and is “malicious communication” since it aims to cause alarm and harm to the innocent. A “car” is a carriage, and the right to travel in a carriage or conveyance on the public highway is a common law right that you were born with. You don’t need a license to do this, and the state has no right to tax you for it either. In contrast, the act of “driving” is like droving sheep to market — done in the pursuit of commerce. A “vehicle” is any carriage being operated for hire or reward, not merely incidental to paid professional activity.

On the basis that you should not believe anything until it is officially denied by Snopes, see how they ignore the framing error. Yes, you need a license to drive a vehicle, because the state has a right to regulate commerce. But we have been tricked by language to confuse (public) driving with (private) travelling. They are not the same thing. The state has no more right to tax personal travel in a horseless carriage than it does to regulate which sidewalks you can walk down, while charging you a daily access fee or per yard tariff. Horse riders are not taxed, nor are those with “horsed carriages”. We have been conned, and the scam has become normalised.

There are many videos on YouTube of people being stopped by traffic officers, and successfully asserting their common law right to travel. If a policeman asks you whether you are the driver of the vehicle, they are encouraging you to abandon your unalienable rights, and voluntarily participate in the regulation of contractual commerce via legislation. The phrase “do you understand?” is not “can you comprehend?”, but instead “do you stand under contract law?”. Driving without a license is a road traffic offence (it breaks a rule), not a crime (as there is no victim). The failure of (both) parties to recognise the true meaning of the words involved renders it all into a travesty.

I challenged Durham County Council on a due process issue, and unprovoked they raised the point that they reject all “freeman” (i.e. common law) arguments, and that the legality of Council Tax is well established. I did not challenge the legality of the tax, only the lawfulness of their debt collection process. It is like asking for a warrant when someone comes to your door, and them saying “we have a letter we printed ourselves that says there is a warrant somewhere”, saying they are extremely legally minded folk, and refusing to give their name. That they go into these tangential issues, and refuse to show the signed and stamped Liability Order from a court, tells you they know what they are doing is unlawful. They believe they are above the law, and the ends justify the means.

Yesterday I was phoned by an elderly friend who has been campaigning for 40 years for justice for her daughter, who was murdered by a doctor in a hospital, and then the whole state apparatus colluded to cover it up. She just got arrested and is being charged for attending a public inquest into the death of another child. She literally did nothing wrong — only to demand a written reason why she was being removed on official court paper. Her reputation as someone who holds the wicked to account was enough for them to call the police and put her into the cells. The story is shocking, but nor surprising. Once you see how our state is absolutely corrupt and run by criminals for personal gain, you cannot unsee it.

Which brings me back to the Guardian Avatar, and the risks of introducing more technology into an environment that is legally, spiritually, and semantically hijacked. There is no such thing as an “artificial conscience”, since you literally need skin in the game of your decisions, and AI has no body to offer. You cannot send an AI making policing type decisions to prison if it goes rogue. If we had created a digital doppelgänger, it would have been captured and abused just as our legal double (the straw man persona) has been, or how we have been deceived into getting permission to travel. By automating the processing of perverted symbols the horror would have been completed, not averted.

The need for “stopping the spread” of LURGEY-23, or “breathing credits” to prevent “bad geoengineered weather”, or “optimal living for the smart society” would be used to corral and contain us. A Guardian Avatar would become a false conscience operating in the spirit of its technocratic creators, not in the image of the divine. What was notionally there to level us up in terms of negotiating power — the “lawyer, priest, and therapist bot for everything” — would instead enslave us via social credit scores. Each constraint imposed would be done in our own best interest, forcing us to abandon our innate rights, one piece at a time. The end game is a digital gulag on a prison planet.

I am hopeful that this whole rotten temple to fake money and psychopathic control will collapse soon. The Tower of Babel was a device to confuse humanity by dividing us through language, and the same Babylonian methods are being deployed today. Subtle inversion and substitution of meaning erodes our sense of reality and our natural place in it. The past failure to resist threatening and unlawful language on an envelope from the state leads to absolute tyranny later, where you right to travel is sold back to you… if you surrender your mind, body, and soul to the government.

The state has already rejected our birthright, and we are belatedly recognising it. They are an enemy at the most profound level, because they pose as our protector, and are trusted. It is up to us to restore justice, by shamelessly and insistently seeking accountability for all infringements against us. It doesn’t matter how small or trivial they appear to be, because the unrighteous are patient and persistent, and will steal everything in whatever portions they can get away with.

Your consent to a minor infraction gives them justification for a major one. Let them get away with nothing, lest they take away everything!

Time to write another letter… this time to DVLA.