Liars, criminals, storytellers: the war for our kids

Report on the event in Middlesbrough on child protection vs systemic corruption

I am a father public alert I need your help to take out the trash

Yesterday I spent the day in Middlesbrough, one of the more economically deprived parts of Britain, attending a meeting for survivors of child abuse and those battling against the ongoing corruption of social services. I find these events hard going on my soul, and when I woke up I felt anxious and drained, with a churning stomach and leaden head. Nonetheless, I got there for the delayed start, as the event had to be swapped to a new venue at the last minute after the local town hall cancelled the room booking. Cannot imagine why!

Orangzabe “Rangy” Latif

The event organiser was Orangzabe “Rangy” Latif, who has transmuted his own plight as a target of both abuse and corruption into a mission to help others, and is doing exceptionally well at it. In addition to many public appearances, his most visible work is with, which documents the ongoing saga of dealing with those Liars, Criminals, and Storytellers (hence LCS). Behind the scenes he — and the team that now support him — catalogue, map, and assist those who reach out needing help, and they are in the hundreds per day.

We are exposing heinous crimes against you and your children

I will recap the opening speech of Hope, who works alongside Rangy. This is not word for word, but it is the essence.

We are dealing with child rape, trafficking, abuse, and murder. Those who expose this often face intimidation, including imprisonment. There is a national emergency that most people cannot comprehend. There are networks of thousands of survivors.

In 2020 my own children were taken away, because I stood up to the system. I endured 8 years of abuse by my ex-partner, a convicted criminal. I witnessed (and was the victim of) many crimes. I reported it to the people you are supposed to report to: police and social services. The punishment was to taken my children away.

These criminals are connected at the highest levels, and it goes back many decades. Here in the UK it goes right up to House of Lords with peers being dealers in children and drugs. While there is a risk of speaking up, I didn’t want it to happen to other women. I haven’t seen my children for 3 years, but I decided to continue to report these crimes.

To my absolute horror, nobody listens or cares. Many people are in situations even worse than my own. Their stories touched me in ways I cannot put into words, which is why we are here today. We continue to collate evidence, and meet victims of heinous crimes, while reporting them to every police force and council. We are adding ever more people to our email group with the evidence.

We are stonewalled by the authorities at every opportunity — survivors are the most amazing people. It is hard too for others, who don’t want to look at these horrible crimes. The public view of the system we are in is completely false; it is the opposite of what it is portrayed to be. The care system itself commits and covers up the crimes.

We cannot let this continue, and must realise that every town and city in the entire country is the same. You may have heard of the Rotherham and Rochdale scandals, with decades of abuse and covered up by police (who are involved). Every single town is like this right now, and always has been. We have the bundle of evidence — which is unrebutted.

When they took my children they wanted to break me, but instead made me, so I thank them for it.

Middlesbrough social services

The second speaker was Mark from Alfreds Law. He “woke up” to the corruption due to fraud in the private motor insurance industry, where every single non-fault accident is processed fraudulently, but the police are not interested. That is because the Ministry of Justice are regulating the claims management companies who are an integral part of it, so the MoJ has a commercial interest.

He started to look at the constitution of the UK, what our true rights are. He endured a false arrest and false imprisonment for his efforts. Basic rights like habeas corpus are being denied to us: “These people do not play straight”.

An interesting figure is that we currently have 3,000 deaths a week in the UK over normal, since vaccinations came in, but there is no media interest of public outcry. Even more horrific is that social services had target of 200,000 UK children to take into care for last year, and this year it is 1 million. That is 3000 a day taken by social services away from their families.

His background is in fraud, and works with the Lloyds Action for Justice group. These people were defrauded by Lloyds Bank, up to £100m per business. They experience the same stonewalling by all the police organisations. He has petitioned the King, with a copy of the petition to the Lords Spiritual — Bishops in House of Lords — but they are no longer in harmony with God, and Parliament is not listening. The advice is to approach international criminal court in the Hague with the paperwork, since our government is run by the mob.

For every adoption via social services, a foster agency gets payment in excess of £30k. The court and doctor fees add another £40k. It’s all a massive bribe.

They are looking at different ways to get the children. For instance, every newborn baby is given a jaundice test, which is being passed to the police unit to match with father’s DNA on police national computer. He might have something as insignificant as a caution for cannabis. Then there is a private meeting with the mother, who is told they will start proceedings to remove children if the father lives under the same roof.

The system is toxic and treasonous.

Black and white photo of man with beard and woman with necklace

I took 17 pages of notes, so let me draw out the key points from the remaining speakers. Rangy’s own story is quite involved, so here are a few choice quotes and observations.

  • “The leaflets from the state claim to show care and concern for crimes against children, but it is all just a façade. The stories are the same, over and over.”
  • Social workers routinely goad the children into making false accusations against parents.
  • Victims of abuse in their own childhood who seek help are then wrongly painted as being involved in treatment for being abusers.
  • All of the channels for reporting abuse — 999, 111, NSPCC, school, doctor — go back to the same (corrupt) social services.
  • What children say to social workers or want for themselves can be ignored or reversed when presented to a court. Case history is often edited.
  • The complaints system and ombudsman is a big game to delay and misdirect. Evidence counts for little; it’s all about narrative.
  • The police avoid taking action by routinely claiming it is the job of another district to investigate, since most such crimes involve elements of people or places that span their territories. In the end, none are responsible.
  • The military are working top-down on this; we are working bottom-up; and we will meet in the middle.
  • “When you get to the top of these corrupt organisations, nobody is home and the door is left open. Their appearance of power and authority is an illusion.”
  • “I found a document on a government website that says the social worker target for 2025 is to to take 2.5m children a year” — so we have to act now to prevent this.
  • “Race is used to stereotype people into narratives. It doesn’t matter what colour, creed, religion you are — everyone is being targeted. If you are black you are accused of being a drug dealer, if Asian you are a terrorist, and if white you are an alcoholic.”
  • Rangy has been targeted personally in many ways, has had to move 7 times in 10 years. “Every time they find out where I am, I have people taking pictures through windows etc.” — and he is the subject of a gagging order by his local council right now.
  • Many the care workers who are honest get sacked or put on sick. Those who have confronted him (especially councillors) seem to be resigning a lot right now. This was very isolating work before, but there are now teams who are joining up, and public awareness is growing.
  • He has spoken to a lot of MPs. One said the “only way this will be finished is a civil war”. The police are in on the scam, they don’t want to do their job. Social workers are not government employees, they are private contractors owned by foreign internationals. The police the same. Judges are paid by them. Everyone is bought off.
I am breaking silence

A lady called Mads (apologies if I have the name wrong!) gave a Zoom presentation. She has been gathering evidence of vaccine harm, including lots of injuries to children.

  • We see heart attacks in playgrounds, kids dying suddenly — but parents not coming forward. The evidence is not just overwhelming, but never-ending. Everything has been documented, including in hard copy, for evidence.
  • It has been 2.5 years since this began, with 3 main databases: Yellow card MHRA (UK), VAERS (USA), Vigilance (Europe). The MHRA have stopped producing data since December.
  • In the UK there have been 3400 recorded deaths, and ½ million reports of injuries. VAERS has 1.5m injuries, and 35k deaths, 66k permanently disabled, 200k in hospital. Only 1-10% are reported, and they have been caught deleting a lot of the evidence from databases. This is all provable from government sites.
  • There is an under-reporting factor, which is conservative at 40x. Based on this we believe there have been 2 million deaths from the Covid vaccine so far, and 2 billion serious injuries that are life-altering.
  • Children are the real target, so the jabs are drip-fed to parents so they become willing to hand over their kids.
  • VAERS by 12th May says 185 children have died and 65k are injured, with 600 disabled. 1.5k children with serious myocarditis. MHRA shows 5k injuries to children, Europe 40k injuries to children. They stopped reporting because they knew there would be an outcry.
  • The UK’s Office of National Statistics data shows a double-vaccinated child is 82x more likely to die than unvaccinated. There has been an 8200% increase of death rate of 10-14 year olds in last 2 years. There is a 100,000% increase in strokes from Covid vaccines compared to all other vaccines.
  • Birth rates declining rapidly everywhere. In the UK it is 15%, with infant mortality showing a 700% increase. The mRNA injection goes into breast milk, and VAERS shows 1-3 month old babies dying from being breast fed.
  • Pfizer added an anti-heart attack drug to vaccines, as they knew about all the other injuries it would cause. This is a very dangerous drug.
  • In Taiwan we have 1 in 43 children with myocarditis, and their life will be shortened without help. In their own data Pfizer knew, with a stated 1 In 1000 risk. The risk in boys is 850x higher after the jab. It is a 557% increase with Moderna, with 3x the strength of other vaccines to children for toxic overload.
  • Foetal deaths are through the roof. There were no toxicology studies done on pregnant women. 82% of pregnant women miscarried in the safety study. The head of MHRA ignored this data, so she has blood on her hands.
  • With athletes there have been 1884 cardiac arrests. In the whole period from1966-2004 there were only two. The injection specifically targets the hearts of healthy young men. Their immune system goes into overdrive, as the spike protein attaches to all organs in the body, especially the heart.
  • What is actually in the shots? 40 trillion mRNA nanoparticles, which do not stay in arm, but go into the spleen, marrow, and ovaries.
  • There is a spike in lymphomas. Moderna is carcinogenic, so not fit for human use.
  • Schools push these, but there is no informed consent, and never has been since first vaccine. There are enormous injuries to children from all vaccines.
  • Every single person involved is acting criminally. Even the green book, the doctors’ bible, states that every person giving the injection is legally liable.
  • Every single adverse event and all risks should be recorded; without these there is no informed choice.
  • Myocarditis was known to be an adverse reaction, but it is not mild or rare. Kids are 28x more likely to suffer myocarditis after the shots. There are 1400 cases of children dying with heart conditions. 1 in 2700 boys will suffer myocarditis after injection, often subclinical and they only realise when involved in active sports.
  • There is huge scar damage after 90 days, and there are protocols to help heal the heart, but doctors are turning people away.
  • The largest adverse reaction is neurological damage. The WHO has a reporting system which shows 2m neurological disorders. Children at risk from long term diseases after shots due to spike proteins in the brain: Parkinsons, Guillain-Barré, Bells palsy, strokes — all are through the roof.
  • Yellow card data shows 300k neurological disorders, and psychiatric disorders and dementia are on the increase. Brain fog, leading to dementia, happens months after so is not associated with the jab.
  • We always knew that aluminium goes to the brain, this is proven in papers, and results in children with inflammatory diseases. 1 in 5 now have neuro-mental disabilities, 1 in 10 with ADD or ADHD, and 1 in 50 autism. There is a direct correlation with vaccines and the vaccine schedule.
  • There is also a direct correlation with the vaccine schedule and infant mortality.Since the fake pandemic, mothers have looked at this correlation, and all vaccines. A lot are questioning it now, and there is the lowest takeup of childhood vaccines in decades.
  • In lockdown it was believed that access to healthcare was the cause, but it hasn’t gone up against since. In Florida infant mortality halved in 2021 due to low vaccine take-up.
  • In terms of fertility, females are 2/3 of Covid vax injuries. It is affecting reproductive organs, with huge numbers of serious disorders. In America, thousands face sterility.
  • When a pregnant mother is injected, it goes straight into the baby’s brain and ovaries via the placenta. It can be dormant and lay recessive until next generation. This is a huge concern. There are 5000 stillbirths on VAERS.
  • Injuries via the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) to military personnel are enormous. “How bad is your batch” has a PDF putting together the excess injuries. So far there are 74k excess cancers, 1m nervous disorders, cardio 90k injuries, reproductive 12k cases.
  • At least 5% of the military have been seriously harmed by Covid injections, and 1/3 are so injured they cannot work any more. This was all done by design.

Hope then told us how the authorities — police, schools, and NHS trusts — have been served and served and notified over and over for years with this data. This has all been ignored, with rare exceptions. The police officers and school teachers have injected themselves; there is nobody there willing to protect the children. They are bought and paid for servant of the system, unwilling to act on behalf of each other or the children.

Every single school in the UK has been served multiple times, and chosen to ignore it every single time. The evidence so overwhelming and provable, there is no way they can deny being complicit and having blood on hands. They knew it was a bioweapon and were involved in criminal lockdowns. In the schools many headteachers are Masons, and so are willing to go along.

It is a battle to get anyone to listen. When two boys who died in Wales after being hit by a bus due to being chased by police for using electric scooters, there was an outcry. The police denied what they had done, bit the CCTV evidence said otherwise. Why are we not all rising up over this harm and these deaths? That is why we must be brave and courageous, to speak for them, since the parents are too brainwashed and brain damaged.

Watch out for false teachers

We had a number of victim testimonies, including from Alan Merritt who was part of systemic torture and rape in children’s homes — “such a cruel place, some children locked up in mental institutions for speaking out”; Ben Greer (pictured below), a personal friend, who came back from 6 tours of Afghanistan in the army only to have to re-fight his own childhood trauma back home as all children were targeted via the jab; and Hilda from Liverpool, who told of her great-grandchildren being kidnapped by social services from in front of her. Time constraints meant I had to leave before the final presentation, which was a man who had 7 children taken off him on a false pretext, for which he was absolved, but they were never returned.

For brevity a few takeaways are:

  • 1 in every 10 children is abused, since 1960. The problem is widely systemic, for instance how society promotes psychiatric pharma drugs and alcohol to the vulnerable, who then end up losing their children and sinking into a far deeper hole of despair. It is also multi-generational, in how social services predate on the new generation of parents who were previously victims.
  • Knowledge of it is widespread among those in power, including the escapades of the royals and celebrities. Yet none dare challenge in public what is happening behind closed doors to children; they are too scared.
  • We are in a war, and this is the front line. Children are the territory we are fighting over, not land or sea. The enemy is vicious and will stop at nothing, so there will be real casualties.
  • The mindset is to punish families for challenging the overall system of power.Children (and fear of losing them) are being used as a lever to get adult compliance with the rest of the system of state control.
  • 3% of cases are serious and children need to be removed from parents; 17% have a remedy within the family; but 80% are fabricated.
  • Social workers are now in every school, but it’s a set-up. It gives access to the “flock of lambs” for the business of fostering and trafficking. They are stripping of all our parental rights, treating the state and its agents as superior parents with greater rights.
  • More women fighting this fight than men, they are bold enough to stand up and say enough is enough. But men are the “force” in enforcement, so we have to be taken out of the equation by the criminals. The men have to stand up and push back if we are to overcome them.
Richard from Wales presentation

To end on a more uplifting note, Richard from Wales gave his first public speech to talk about being an advocate for families and children. We are building platforms justice warriors worldwide, which give victims a voice and raise awareness. We are educating the public about children’s services, and making it easier for those who need support to reach out. We can keep families together by giving them support, and steering them away from the risks of separation.

We need prosecutions against local authorities who fail in their duty of care, and criminal sentences for social workers who fail to safeguard children. But ultimately we need to change social care together as a society by acting in unity to protect our children. The people have the power, but don’t know how to fight and use it.

There is a process of “pain to purpose”, helping victims to transform their wounds, so they can be the warriors they need to be to fight — and the strength to do it.

A final quip from the audience was a hope that some computer genius would find a way to hack all the bank accounts of those who were stealing our children for profit, and take their money away. Now, wouldn’t that be a thing!

Our kids are not for sale