Leading by example: ask when you need help!

Pride stops you from making progress in life, so get over it

Global Fascists want us terrified oppressed enslaved

Pride is the root sin, as it gets in the way of resolving the other common human failures. We have all watched our friends, family, and colleagues struggle with letting go of beliefs that no longer serve them, because their identity is wrapped up in certificates, ideologies, status, approval, and membership. Acknowledging that you have been played, deceived, and duped is no fun, especially when it results in ridicule and ostracism. So it is easier to go along with the crowd and stay silent, even if your apparent tacit agreement with the consensus is a facade.

Over the last few years I have watched pride trip up many people and stop them from learning. But it isn’t just about being “asleep” or a “awake” to the corruption and manipulation around us. Good friends — who are as aware and active as it is possible to be — have struggled with pride. They have found it difficult to ask for help in their moment of need, because to them it shows weakness. We have been programmed to believe that good people are “successful” and automatically have material abundance around them; poor people are deserving of their struggles, because they must be deficient in some way.

Being in a “one down” place economically is somehow culturally shameful. Yet the truth is often the reverse: those who “fit in” and so well are sociopaths, and those “misfits” who are at the fringes are just rejects from the indoctrination and absorption process of The Money Borg. I find it interesting that personal finances are one of the least written-about and analysed parts of the freedom agenda, along with intimate relationships and sexuality. It is like we have a taboo over being vulnerable, and often have to reach a desperate place of homelessness or hunger before being willing to accept assistance. But it should not be a matter of charity, but rather of sanity and higher purpose. If you are “in the fight”, then it’s not about you.

Around 18 months ago I was in difficulty as I endeavoured to offer a safe harbour to a vulnerable friend, who was facing a dangerous situation including possible forced “vaccination” (and who deserves privacy beyond that). I reached out to my readers, and got the resources I needed to relocate, house, transport, feed, and support the needs for two people, while I filled the gap in care for 6+ months. It was transformational for both of us to have that extra help. When I have been deplatformed in the past, which deprives me of my ability to earn a living and distribute my work, I also have made a point of letting people support me. Failure to ask for what you need to do the job is not clever or righteous; it is a fake modesty, and cowardly.

Right now I am sat at a service station on the M6 motorway in Cumbria having just had my fifth car breakdown in a month (not all in the same car!). I need reliable transport to do this kind of work — to see interesting people, attend protests and meet-ups, visit friends and supporters, reach photo walk venues, even go to court next month against TV Licensing. I drive a 22 year old vehicle, and while it may not be subject to electrical faults due to zero gizmo features, this episode is stressing me in ways that don’t serve the wider cause. I have been paying money I can’t afford for roadside rescue, temporary insurance, repairs, trains — even £15 to park here as the RAC take over 2 hours to come, plus £20 for food. It adds up.

One of the tricks the enemy likes to pull on us is to smear honest hardworking campaigners and patriots as “grifters”, so that we deny ourselves the tools to get the job done. For sure, there are plenty of people out there who shill and suck cash out of the unwary. But you don’t give up a 25+ year tech career with my qualifications to do this grungy work if money is your motive. They want us to feel guilty for receiving the blessings we need to get through each day of fighting for truth, justice, and freedom. I know that I have neglected my own private interests to fight the good fight, but I do this on an “internal deal” with my own soul that I will not let myself suffer needlessly as a result by silently enduring worry and hardship.

Some problems are best solved by just throwing money at them, and this is one of those times. I need to be able to get myself moving again, cover all repair/upgrade costs, and not have my time sucked away dealing with mechanical issues of motor cars. It is a poor use of my energy and effort. I can just about cover my rent this month, and I have a tiny bit of savings in crypto and metals for a total disaster moment, but otherwise I don’t have any slack to face these kinds of ordinary situations and setbacks. My energy has been poured into the general cause of freeing us all from hidden bondage.

So, me being me, I am leading by example, and showing my own vulnerability and asking for a bit of a lift! There is no shame in needing help. If you have a bit of a budget, my preference is that you buy a hard drive with all of my protest photos on it. Commerce is better than charity. Who knows, it might even become a collectible item!

Buy Martin’s historic photo archive

I also could do with funds to:

  • Get more hard drives for my network attached storage and rotate them to off-site archival and for safekeeping.
  • Pay the court fees to sue Durham County Council, Durham Constabulary, and Peterlee Magistrates Court for their fraudulent council tax enforcement process that has harmed me. This is my “day job” campaigner role, and not for my benefit.
  • Sue my landlord and the building freeholder for the 7 month noise nightmare they put me through last year. This is for my benefit.
  • Have a budget for travel to attend meetings and go to some Common Law and training type events around the country.
  • Pay for a bit of help to curate my writing past written work and photos into something that can be put in public in formats that are of value to other people.

If you want to chip in, you can send some extra help via Donorbox, or crypto and US/UK bank transfer. If I find myself with more than I need for my own purposes down the road, I will recirculate it appropriately. Who knows, maybe I can privately help out some folk who are too proud to ask in public…

Tally ho! The recovery truck is due in an hour…