Join me in court in Peterlee on Tuesday @ 2pm

If you stay silent in this war between good and evil your life might be easier but your children's won't

I am asking for those who can make it to come to Peterlee Magistrates’ Court in County Durham…

  • located at St Aidans Way, Peterlee, SR8 1QR (map)
  • in good time to join me for the council tax Hearing 62657 Case No 1328195
  • scheduled for 2pm on Tuesday 31st October
  • to WITNESS THE SERIOUS CRIMES being committed
  • by officials at the court and council acting in collusion against the public.

The magistrates’ courts are running private tribunals under the pretence of being public courts of law, outside of the Civil Procedure Rules or Criminal Practice Direction. The fraud is to use the same buildings, people, and logos as a real court, but with allegiance to their private guild administrative rules, not the rule of law. This is a deliberate violation of the oath of office of the public servants, and carries a long custodial sentence. The use of bulk administrative hearings is also unconstitutional, as all valid cases must be heard on their own merits. It is plain old entrapment.

Guilty of protest against the state

Their fake summons discourages you from attending, which a genuine process of law would NEVER do. It comes with prescriptions on allowed defences that deny due process, and legitimate inquiry into the lawfulness of the court and its procedures. This is fraud. There is no case number issued by the court itself, which breaks basic separation of powers. The relevant data on the sum “owed” is inside of a box, which makes is legally “invisible”. The instructions in all capitals are equally legal babble. The accompanying court notes are improperly addressed and unsigned. It is deceptive by design.

HM Courts and Tribunals rules and guidelines are NOT LAW.

Parliamentary legislation making unsupported claims of obligation to pay is NOT LAW.

Normalised corrupt practise and customary infringement of liberties is NOT LAW.

Processes that go against our international treaty obligations for human and civil rights are NOT LAW.

Subjugating men and women to edicts that violate the principles of equity are NOT LAW.

Teenage boys protesting

All courts must have lawful authority to operate, which this one does not. Knowingly running a fake law court for financial gain is one of the most serious crimes imaginable. Converting a living man or woman into a dead legal fiction to deny them their rights is a criminal offence of personage, as well as being necromancy. Impersonating a judge is fraud and perjury. Enslavement of your fellow man through abuse of public office is treason.

The Magistrate and Clerk potentially face life imprisonment if the political climate changes and justice is served. THEY ARE CRIMINALS. WE MUST STOP THIS.

You have a right to attend court to observe proceedings. Download your printout of rights here. Key quote:

Note that some courts are small and don’t have a ‘public gallery’; but you are entitled to sit on any seat, or stand if there are no seats. But do not be disruptive or make noise.

He who dares not offend cannot be honest

It is quite likely that my case will be adjourned. We turn up anyway.

It is quite likely that most people will be turned away from the courtroom with an excuse of insufficient space. We turn up anyway.

It is quite likely that the powers that be will attempt to hide the proceedings in some side room or misdirect you. We turn up anyway.

I will not enter their merchant law jurisdiction. I expect the Clerk and/or Magistrate will leave as soon as they are challenged on whether they are acting under their highest oath of office. If they do so, then I will sue for my costs in attending and the court wasting my time. The pushback has to be hard. I am speaking to people launching private criminal prosecutions of these mobsters. These crimes are impoverishing people and destroying lives. I have no peace in my own home. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

If all we get is a photograph of a dozen people outside the court who were refused entry to a public building to audit their public servants, then we have won the day in the court of public opinion. The suspicion of wrongdoing is confirmed. Keep a record of any and every violation of your right to attend. It is only a question of time until the whole corrupt system collapses. Let’s give them a really big fright on Halloween!

COVID19 vaccine death

We need to show that there is public awareness and interest in this financial slavery we are being subjected to. Council tax is the weakest link… it is a whole novel category of fake debt, based on no lawful obligation to pay, operating outside of the established civil law and debt collection. The litmus test is an easy one to understand: there is no due process when you request to see the claimed court order, since nobody wants to be on the hook for a fake court. They have only approved an “application for a liability order”, but issued no actual order! You don’t need to debate finer points of law. It’s nakedly corrupt.

They use sophistry and word games to confuse people, but the nub of the issue is simple: when the council later claims that a liability order has been issued, they cannot provide proof of claim. That’s it — game over. Every step of the council tax debt enforcement process from that point on is violence and unlawful. Council tax debt collection is pure extortion. What makes it worse is that it is being done with the support of the legislature, executive, and police. THAT MEANS WE MUST ACT. SILENCE IS CONSENT.

Wake up rise up

I have made the clerk of the court aware that their own legal manual says the hearing is unlawful. Their rules, not mine. Now he is on the hook for the consequences. The timing is right, as other cases are reaching higher courts and we are winning. Public awareness is growing, as the word is spreadingWE WILL WIN!

See you on Tuesday, if only in spirit.

Spread the word as far as you can.

Inspire others to act.

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