It really does have to be this (divine will) way

The slow shift from a programmed head to pure heart takes years of inner work

Age of tyranny

Four years ago today the Covid lockdown was announced, and to this day I don’t really understand what happened among the many overlapping psychological operations. There is no question that hideous war crimes were committed, and awful suffering has resulted. What was permitted to take place, for the long term betterment of humanity, versus what could not be stopped? That remains uncertain. The megashock of society being turned on its head in just a few weeks has now become back of our background reality, even if the consequences have yet to completely unfold.

The longer this mind war goes on, the bigger my conceptual cosmos, and the less I feel absolutely certain about. I am not in a position to comment on the threats from weapons of mass destruction, such as nuclear blackmail, binary bioweapons, or neutrino nasties. There is a host of cataclysms could engulf us, natural or engineered. Other people are subject matter experts, and can do a far better job than I. What I am aware of it my own battle to grow in both mind and morals, and how I see others facing similar struggles. The spiritual war is gradually revealing itself to us all.

The language of spirit can vary — “dark to light”, “3D to 5D”, “ascension”, “enlightenment”, “awakening”, “theosis”, “Kundalini”, “transcendence”, “Nirvana” — but the basic concepts are similar, even if adherents reflexively reject parallel paradigms. There is the lower world of the Pharisees, who never leave us, with their cashflow, credit, corporations, contracts, and courts. Its consciousness level is highly materialistic, and its morality is anchored in persons, property, and politics. Then in contrast, there is a higher way of conscience, where we largely jettison these mechanisms, and operate from the heart rather than the head.

Guilty of Refusing Medical Experimentation

Something happens between childhood, where we naturally engage in imaginative play, and adulthood, when we cease dreaming and giggling and exploring. Part of me is becoming more grown up, by finding my feet and boundaries, and being accountable for my own actions and errors. Another part of me is having to regain a childlike wonder at the world, as it is seen anew. If we live in a simulation, I am on a mission to find the control knob that makes it as amusing and educational as possible! Perhaps what differentiates these child and adult ego states is accumulated trauma; we don’t feel safe just having fun as we grow older.

In the 2017-2020 period I, along with many people, was hoping for a rapid and external salvation. “Arrest them all!” — and show that I was right in my own determinations. “They” may indeed have been arrested, and quite possibly I was correct on many matters, but it no longer is important to me. This is a long and gentle spiritual growth journey that cannot be rushed. We are having bruising encounters with the 3D world — councils, utilities, warrants, bailiffs, police, etc. — but all they do is demonstrate there are no 3D solutions to 5D problems. Without spiritual development, there is “cold civil war” via legalism.

I don’t regret for a moment my encounters with TV Licensing, Durham County Council, HMRC, Traffic Penalty Tribunal, Peterlee Magistrates Court, Newcastle City Council, my MP, Parliament, HMCTS, Supreme Court, DVLA, and more. There are some 3D battles than cannot be dodged, like how social services are stealing children and destroying families. Yet the longer I “fight” for justice, the more futile the paradigm of waging war on one’s fellow man becomes. I don’t for a moment imagine I am going to dent these fallen institutions, but I may help some insiders become more aware they are tools of wrongdoing. That’s OK — baby steps to freeing ourselves from fear of the “knock at the door” from officialdom.

The Great Change is Now

For years I have had absolute confidence that as long I keep myself in a “service to all” place, then I will have whatever material support I need to enable my mission. It might mean I have to actively ask for it at times, and I don’t always have exactly what I want. Nonetheless, this belief that I am in no danger of lack, does seem to manifest itself. We are electromagnetic beings, and the frequency vibes I put out are the ones I get reflected back, over and over. It is not an accident that every article ends with a pretty photo that has a unifying beauty. I am enticing others to consider my words as we share an aesthetic.

As an “achiever maximiser” it is tempting to ramp up my ego and become adept at these adversarial games to “win” more often. Yet in the end that will consume me; I will become a lawyer, and not an artist, a tragic loss. Admittedly, one aspect of me is being enriched, as I step up into the “divine masculine” role of protector and warrior. Meanwhile, another is being denuded, as I am invited to dominate others via the mind, not to engage and empathise with them through my heart. Legal battles put me out of balance, but not ruinously so. The value of peaceful unity is paradoxically discovered by experiencing the hardships of polarity and duality. We need the adversity to grow.

I have observed many in the “truth movement” lose their spiritual way. They can become disillusioned, and “black pill”, almost ashamed that their faith in the eventual triumph of truth falls short. Deep down they know lies cannot possibly take on every atom in the universe, and wallow in a morose “I told you it was all hopeless”. This gives the ego temporary succour, at the expense of any possibility of healing their own trauma and advancing. Others adopt an insufferable self-righteousness via religious spirits, learning the spiritual words and doctrines by rote, but missing the core loving message. A few insist on forcing themselves upon others in a domineering way, to “spread truth” through social violence.

COVID vaccines have caused severe injury and death

We all have our more worldly ways that fall short of the ideal of the holy spirit, where all is in harmony and aligns to the divine. I am no exception, and have had years of misadventures, applying my “push everything to its limit to see what I can get away with” a bit too far in the pursuit of hedonism. There are worldly ways of facing worldly woes — addiction clinics, debt counselling, psychotherapists, self-help groups, fitness gyms, nature retreats, music therapy, meditation and mindfulness — all of which have a legitimate and helpful spiritual component. Somehow, though, they never quite get to the base of it all.

It could be that all of these ultimately “succeed through guaranteed failure”, a shortfall that forces us to seek spiritual solutions to spiritual problems. Eventually we surrender to a higher power, and accept we are not the arbiters of truth and morality in our lives. It is a dangerous point, as there are endless fraudulent doctrines and fake authorities ready to offer us a false morality, and take captive our new vigour for righteous living. Cults, megachurches, and corporate life can act as undersells or surrogates for the real deal. Ever so gently, via the persistent inability to get worldly peace via those worldly ways, we come to accept it cannot be done on our will.

It has to be divine will, all along.

Of all the articles I have written over the past five to ten years, one stands out, which is that on covenants versus contracts. It is something I am having to revisit over and over in my own life, as well as passing the message on to those near and dear to me. There is an invariant and inviolable reality of the male and female coming together to make a new life. The difficulty is to recognise that this ought to happen first in the spirit, by aligning to a sacred purpose; then in the mind, by knowing each other; and finally in the flesh. Our society is meant to be build from divine unions, were two literally become one — with “all that there is” — at a consciousness level. Sadly, it’s culturally backwards, by wicked design.

The silence is deafening

This is not meant to denigrate any other form of relationship, but rather to delimit what those couplings can ultimately achieve for those involved. The therapist may aid you to heal your childhood trauma, and aid you to overcome unconscious reactions that damage you, in order to gain a full adult authority over your own life story. The therapist isn’t the policeman who tells you off, nor the priest who points out the preferred moral way. By resolutely refusing those roles, the burden falls on you, not so much to “up your game” as to “escape from the game” in its entirety. You can accept the challenge to “look up”, or run away from it.

A client might give up on therapy on the basis it is too worldly, but until you have a sense of being in the world, how can you have choice over whether to be “not of the world”? It is the constant forays into the 3D world, armed only with 3D wisdom, that tells us that it is insufficient. There’s no route out via mastery of the civil procedure rules for court, or giving your income away via subscription to charities, or having counselling for your troubled marriage. The only possible resolution is for you, yourself, to submit to become obedient to moral law, whether others decide to participate or not. Salvation is all “up”, not “across”.

When we align to divine will, there is natural peace that descends, even in the midst of chaos. Most of all, there is peace in the master bedroom, the family home, and in the lives of any children. Many of us have gotten this horribly wrong, entering into contract type relationships, blessed by corporate type churches or the state itself. A real “wedding” is not a ceremony, ritual, or party — it is meant to be the completion of the permanent divine union, via dedication of the bodies already united in spirit. You would no more divorce in such as situation as you would chop off your leg because you have a discoloured toenail. It has taken the last few years to come to appreciate at a profound level how far we have fallen in spiritual terms.

What a wake-up call

As The Bidan Show has dragged on in the background, gently deprogramming the masses, a few of us have come to confront the true enemy. It is not the Deep State: it is us, and our adherence to lies. We are the ones energising the confrontations, at the end of the day. We are the ones who have entered into relationships that blaspheme the sacred way, by adopting marriage in name and not substance. We are the ones who are putting our children into indoctrination camps, which teach them to turn a blind eye to crimes like Covid. The “enemy” game only continues as long as we continue to play it. All it takes is a critical mass of loving vibes.

Filing claims in court, marching down the streets, leafletting the neighbours, sharing videos on social media, even writing eloquent essays — each one is only helpful to the extent that it is a 3D answer to a 3D problem. If your neighbour’s tree really is undermining the foundations of your house, and they won’t act, then you may be forced to litigate. Spiritual wisdom is not to deny the material world, as life comes from pulsing flesh. We are meant to be witness to our adherence to the one divine plan, through having calm and peace that spreads naturally. Others will automatically copy beliefs and behaviours that bring them to that desired place.

Which takes us full circle back to Covid. We were told, over and over, there was a deadly virus in the air. Maybe there was, perhaps there wasn’t. I am not a biologist, as the saying goes. By exhausting the 3D ways of resistance, and blearily discerning the narrow path into 5D, I now find myself in a better position to describe the way out of our predicament. You might call it 4D — the transitory period between the old ungodly paradigm that sacrifices children to fear, and the renewed one that puts them as figural to all society does. This 4D is more than having seen the brochure for the promised land, but we’ve not emigrated there yet.

Gays against nazis

While we should never give up in terms of spirit, we lead by abandoning our role in the drama that no longer serves humanity. The antidote to psychopathic control is humble compassion; the counter-contagion to Covid is loving kindness. I thought I had this sorted out in my head years ago, but it wasn’t fully in my heart. There’s no way to rush this spiritual awakening — it is experiential in nature, as we really cannot be told, and have to be shown. It means giving something up, which is an outcome that meets my own terms, be that timing, style, or result.

I have spent years in conversations — “domestic church” if you like — deconstructing where myself and others have strayed from “the way”. Just because you see a sign announcing “Narrow Path Exhibition (leading to Redemption Cafe and Eternity Gift Shop)” doesn’t mean that’s the truly righteous path. I don’t claim to be any kind of spiritual authority, but this interlude between expectation and resolution has been a bootcamp in discernment and perseverance. Over time, it gets easier to spot “self-will” and “world’s will” from “divine will”. While it always prevails in the finality, the achievement of divine will in our own lifetime means surrender to divine timing in the present.

It is only by locating the foundational spiritual truth — which remains personal work in progress — that exceptional change in the world becomes tolerable. For everything we know to be up for reconsideration, the very essence of how our cosmos is organised, something has to not be in motion. There are obvious labels I am eschewing here, as those names themselves can be false idols when worshipped as textual denotation; it is the living spirit that matters, not dead legalism or defiled ritual. I may not have wanted my spiritual education to be this particular perplexing way, but now I can accept that it had to be so.

Wrong is wrong no matter if everyone is doing it Right is right no matter if no one is doing it

I “did it my way”, the 3D way, and it was lacking, being limited to my own life force

“The Way” of divine will, call it 5D, is the only way, as it aligns to all of life’s force.

I will comply, because it really does have to be the way of divine will.