I have been deplatformed by YouTube

Along with many other accounts exploring and exposing high-level crime and corruption, I was deplatformed by YouTube today. I had a relatively small number of videos, mostly me reading out my own articles, as video is not my preferred medium.

Here is the email notification I received from YouTube:

When I go to YouTube and try to log in I get the following message:

This also has the practical impact of removing my account’s ability to access the viewing features of YouTube (such as history). So it’s isn’t just a censoring of my ability to post content; it also affects my ability to view it, too. For instance, I was supposed to be reviewing a draft work video this evening that is set to ‘private’, but I cannot sign in to view it. All my playlists are gone, as well as subscriptions.

As anyone who has tracked my output over time, the idea that I am involved in “malicious harassment” is beyond laughable. This is transparently about the 2020 election and the widespread criminality of an entire political and media class. They will stop at nothing to silence dissenting voices and halt exposure of the horrors they are involved in.

YouTube also suspended may popular accounts including Redpill, Spaceshot, And We Know, Obiwan, Truth and Art TV, X22 Report, Amazing Polly, IPOT, Just Informed Talk, Praying Medic, Sarah Westall, SGT Report, Tru Reporting, McAlister TV, The Patriot Hour, Woke Societies, and We the People Insider. And more are being listed all the time.

Essentially it was a purge of the entire alternative media landscape. I expect the usual hurricane of hypocrisy from my liberal tech industry associates, who have long demonstrated their commitment to free speech is contingent on what you have to say not being uncomfortable for them.

To say that this mass “video burning” raises public policy issues is to put it mildly. YouTube is silencing all voices that oppose the Official Narrative™ of the media-tech radical left. But it is more serious than this: such actions are criminal racketeering and election interference. I expect arrests will occur after the election, including senior Google and YouTube executives attempting to cover up treason and human trafficking.

By coincidence, the FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai, today released a statement on the removal of liability protection from companies like YouTube who have taken up an editorial role, and abandoned any pretence at being a neutral platform. The inevitable the lawsuits that will flow from this act of naked censorship could prove very costly for YouTube.