I have been deplatformed by Mailchimp

Mailchimp Deplatforming

Dear newsletter subscriber, 

I am writing to you to let you know that I have been deplatformed (i.e. censored) by Mailchimp, and am working on getting myself set up again with a new mailing list service. 

I have maintained two lists with Mailchimp:

(A) Future of Communications (c. 8000 people, 10 years)
(B) Martin Geddes Photography (c. 800 people, under 1 year) 

On March 30th I received an email from Mailchimp saying “Your account is in violation of our Terms of Use, and it has been disabled.” I wrote back asking which content broke which terms, and also to be able to export my data. In got this response on March 31st: 

We have nothing personal against you or your business, but in order to protect all of our users and ensure the deliverability of everyone’s campaigns, we have to ask that you seek a new vendor for your email marketing needs.

The account is open at this time for you to export all of your account data.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

I hope you agree with me that this is an outrageous response. I have not broken any terms, but they are removing service from me nonetheless. This is censorship, folks. 

have written two articles recently celebrating the end of the mafia running the tech and media industries (to list A), as well as the demise of the power of the Skull and Bones society (to list B). I cannot help wonder if someone has leaned on Mailchimp to censor me. It seems like my work is annoying the right people, at least. 

The art marketing service I use ONLY integrates with Mailchimp, so this is a blow to me. I was about to announce to this list (A) that my art prints are for sale and to sign up to my other list (B) to learn more. It is going to take a lot of work to rehouse all my content and get set up on two new independent services (as it’s too much risk hosting both lists on one). So it’s an attack on my livelihood, too. 

This is the second time in just over a year I have been deplatformed without good reason for the crime of citizen journalism. As usual I expect the “hurricane of hypocrisy” from those who pretend to care about free speech, but do exactly nothing when it comes down to protecting speech they don’t personally like. Plus ça change… 

I don’t know if this platform (AWeber) is the one I will stay with, but it was the quickest to get provisioned so I am using it for now. Please bear with me whilst I get back the functionality I have lost. I just wanted to get a quick message out so you know the situation. 

Kinds regards,
Martin Geddes