I have been censored by Medium for writing about QAnon

The Silicon Valley establishment is fighting to suppress news about its criminality, especially that conducted under the Obama administration.

The QAnon phenomenon has clearly pierced the public consciousness, not least due to over 1000 mainstream media articles denouncing it as a “bizarre” and “deluded” conspiracy theory. Oddly, bigfoot and crop circles are not getting the same conspiratorial publicity treatment. I wonder why not equal airtime?

This could have something to do with Q actually being a military intelligence project of the Trump administration. Q has been offering explosive revelations about political and media crime and corruption. This is done both indirectly (by provoking research of public data and joining the dots, like the Payseur family trusts) and directly (specifically naming Facebook, for example, as an illegal spy network). “Anons” who follow Q (hence “QAnon”) are as much as 18 months ahead of the mainstream public’s news cycle.

Silicon Valley as an industry and culture is strongly aligned to the “progressive official narrative” that brought Barack Obama into power, and wished to sustain that with Hillary Clinton. There have been extremely close ties between many major Silicon Valley players and the Democratic party. Likewise, the mass media was also overwhelmingly in favour of a Clinton presidency, and its owners aligned to her (corrupt) political cause. This makes these media empires political enemies of the Trump administration, and not neutral platform owners.

Such a one-sided tech platform alliance to a political party becomes highly problematic when both those ascending to high office, as well as those supposed to hold them to account, are involved in illegal acts and are effectively on the same team. This is becoming very visible and indisputable: for instance the cover-up of the FBI exonerating Clinton without even examining the evidence of her crime, and how Obama personally authorised illegal spying on Trump are coming out, despite the mainstream media’s silence on that administration’s trashing of lawful conduct.

The media is not giving you the full picture of its own crimes, whereas Q most definitely is. As a result, it isn’t hard to tell who is selling you tired propaganda designed to keep you from questioning the official narrative too strongly. The genius of the Q operation’s design is that the data you need to determine who is legitimate and credible is all right there in front of you. You don’t need anyone to interpret it for you or tell you what to think.

The mass media:

  • never asks the “Q question” about whether it is the Trump administration producing this content;
  • never even reports that this question is a central theme of Q and test of Q’s legitimacy;
  • never speculates about who could be delivering so much accurate foreshadowing of actual world events;
  • never points you at the source data to make up your own mind; and
  • never mentions its own criminality as a topic that Q addresses.

That isn’t journalism. That is about controlling the public narrative.

There are, however, endless slurs, innuendoes and falsehoods about the Q operation and the related public movement for the end to two-tiered justice. As someone of reasonable intelligence and integrity, and who has been following this from its public emergence, I can tell you that you are being lied to by the mass media in every single article on the QAnon phenomenon. The hidden agenda of humiliating words (“conspiracy theory” is a CIA invention) is to shut down your rational mind and make you react emotionally.

That’s a form of mind control and such ‘gaslighting’ presented as news is deeply unethical.

Any belief that these are independent media entities involved in honest journalism is at odds with the hard facts. Refusing to look at the evidence and think for yourself does not make this unpleasant reality go away. The bipartisan “war party” has been in power in the US (and elsewhere) for a long time, and has been supported in its war crimes by its agents in the mass media. The day of reckoning has come, as honest people in the military—who are tired of being abused—end the crime spree permanently.

Q is the US military’s global media asset, used to bypass the compromised mass media.

Twitter is one of those entities singled out by Q as being involved in highly illegal activities favouring its political allies. It was co-founded by Ev Williams, who went on to found the blogging platform Medium. I have long reposted my newsletter articles to Medium to find a wider audience. Last July I took my newsletter article on QAnon titled “WWG1WGA: The greatest communications event in history” and reposed it there [dead link].

The article was easily the most popular one I have ever written, with over 270,000 hits to date. It was a top search result for “WWG1WGA” (Where We Go One We Go All), which is a Q catchphrase calling for unity against “divide and rule” tyranny. There has been widespread praise for it across a broad spectrum of people “waking up” to the systemic crime and corruption of the entrenched “war party”. It has been a default go-to “red pill” for those spreading the word. It had even been translated into German.

If you follow that link today you will see “This page is unavailable.” That is because on Friday Medium suspended my entire account:

I cannot know for sure which content I have been suspended for, but it probably isn’t for musing on an Internet of Loving Kindness. This means there is no way of challenging their categorisation, or knowing which specific aspect of the policy you have broken. There is no due process of appeal or review, or ability to address any concerns. Just a blanket ban of all 100+ articles I have ever written on every subject.

If you follow the link, it says I have broken their policy on “Controversial, Suspect, and Extreme Content”. This in turn cites “conspiracy theories” as being of concern. They never tell you which challenges to the official version of history are unacceptable. I certainly have never advocated for any violent movement, nor anything illegal or unethical. Yet if powerful writing is for anything, it is to both create and resolve controversy. To meekly accept the “official narrative” without question is for fools and cowards.

I am also not the only person being deplatformed by Medium on this QAnon topic. If we are right — Q is a Trump administration project tackling illegality at the highest level — then it is a matter of the greatest seriousness to be censored. Owners of powerful media platforms should not be able to cover up their own crimes, nor those of allies, by unilaterally deeming them “conspiracy theories”.

Thankfully, the Q-Trump link is a simple question that can be resolved by anyone with a White House press pass. Maybe a real journalist out there — I do believe they exist — would like to ask the “Q question” of @POTUS after all?

Download the essay that Medium doesn’t want you to read

Many of us have been watching the escalating censorship by social media platforms as the crimes of their sponsors are exposed. I anticipated that this day would come and prepared for it. You can download a PDF version of my essay by clicking on the image above, or this link.

You can at this moment still read a Google cache of the Medium article, as well as the more permanent version on my own website, and me reading aloud the original Medium article.

I may have gotten the timing wrong last summer (#Declas is about to happen now, not last autumn), but so far I’ve got everything else spot on. If we were not a threat to unaccountable power they would be ignoring us as harmless nutcases, not pouring out endless articles on obviously coordinated themes.

As Q often says, “all this [media noise and attention] for a larp?”