“I didn’t choose it, my mum forced me to be here today”

Notes from a day out at Runnymede to celebrate Magna Carta

The picture above is constitutional law expert William Keyte at a sculpture called The Jurors. The site is Runnymede, just west of London outside the M25 orbital motorway, and is walking distance from where I grew up. A week ago I went there to join others with a freedom and justice outlook. The date being 15th June made it the 808th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta at that same site in 2015. In some ways people like William are the new English barons, drawn from the contemporary spiritual aristocracy, seeking to hold the top temporal authorities to account.

The Jurors Magna Carta

I thought some of you might appreciate a few vignettes from the day. The headline — “I didn’t choose it, my mum forced me to be here today” — was overheard from a coach load of school children who swarmed this same place a few moments later. Obviously one child has a good mother, but ultimately our job is to make the young appreciate their liberty, and cherish it because of the sacrifices that are made in order to secure us from the predation of evil.

Magna Carta 1215

I am not a law expert, and I have heard different things about the true meaning and status of the Magna Carta and its current standing. What I can be certain of is that we have seen our rights stolen from us by robbers using the rigged elections, blackmailed politicians, bought legislative law, corrupted courts, endless taxes, and tyrannical government at all levels. If ever there was a moment to stand up and push back, this is it. The basic concept that all are under the law, no matter how high, even the king, is what really matters. Right now we have a whole class who put themselves above the law, even their own laws.

The Ballad of Reading Gaol

Many have been persecuted over time for exercising their freedoms and holding power to account, even if only through satire. I feel the pain. It’s personal.

Born May 29 1917

Just up the hill is the memorial to John F Kennedy, who was sacrificed in public for ending war and debt slavery, as a message to others who wanted to free us from the endless bloodshed and captivity. It sits upon soil given to the American people by the British government. Although since it is land owned by the bankrupt federal corporate state, who knows, perhaps it isn’t really American after all but a British Crown asset! I feel we have much to learn still about this particular event, and possibly some big surprises.

Gazebo in field of grass

Just along the hill is the official Magna Carta memorial. Isn’t a “memorial” meant to be a reminder of something that is deceased? Should it not be called a monument — or something else? Also, in the “department of you can’t make it up”, the totem to freedom is now surrounded by barbed wire stopping you from entering it (at least from the JFK memorial side). The path to it from the meadow is also partly blocked, because there is a paved track being laid. Apparently the route to freedom cannot be impeded by even a little bit of mud in winter. Personally I would leave the meadow in its original organic state. A bit of thrashing through muck for liberty’s sake is good for you.

Erected by American Bar Association

Some friends did some very serious oath making and witnessing at the monument. Now the irony is that this spot is managed by the American bar association. Who, as we know, are about as corrupt as it is possible to be, being treasonous agents of a foreign power, aka the British (or at least the Crown, which is the captor of the actual native inhabitants of these islands). It’s almost like they are mocking us, no?!?

Per Ardva Ad Astra

A hop, skip, and jump through the woods of Coopers Hill takes us to the Air Forces Memorial, which records the names of airmen lost in WW2 and who have no grave. This is one of my childhood pilgrimage sites — I could ride up here on my bike or walk from Staines.

The National Trust

There are spectacular views over the Thames valley. I find it one of the most wonderful and peaceful places, yet harrowingly sad, given what I now know. WW1 and WW2 were scams, whose official history bears little relationship to the reality of our own war crimes, and the complicity of money interests and secret societies in designing and planning the conflicts.

Their name liveth for evermore

Given the awfulness of the global genocide we have faced in the last few years, and the cruelty of media mind war, there is a new meaning in this to me. I am sure many of those named would smile upon us if they knew that we were at last able to see the deception and were fighting with all we have to spread truth, establish equal justice, and create lasting peace. Even those poppies… signs of having died for the opium smugglers and money launderers? More ritual mocking of the victims. Even the “never forget” on 11th November is about keeping the trauma alive.

Q cap and Magna Carta

Near the tea shop and hidden behind some building work is the original Magna Carta memorial. It’s in some nettles, not on the publicly accessible land, and behind barbed wire. The perfect metaphor for where we find ourselves today. Liberty via equal justice under the law has been under siege, and we have neglected our responsibilities as jurors to nullify laws that abhor us. It is our innate right to exercise conscience, and our duty to reject the rule of legislation that goes against the divine.

Article 61 and Q cap

I hope you enjoyed our little photo day out. It gives me joy to take you all along with me.

John F Kennedy Memorial

I am struggling a bit right now from the long-term stress of this fight. I know we are about to enter into the final battle.

Man in front of JFK Memorial

Our sacrifices will be worth it.

The Golden Rule

We are fighting on the right side of history.

Cream Tea Jam Fruit Scone

With some solace and comfort on the way.

88 m.p.h. shirt

My mum didn’t force me to go. But my parents did raise me right. And I was born and raised around here. Both geographically and symbolically. Runnymede is my own homeland.

We will restore freedom under law.