How to vibe when facing state extortion?

Our choice of worldly or spiritual weapons determines if we become what we oppose

Swan hiding behind a bush

Yesterday I had a small epiphany when walking in the park. In the morning I had felt obligated to write an article about the ongoing struggle with Newcastle City Council who are determined to steal money off me under the colour of law, but without its equitable substance. Somehow I knew I wasn’t ready to write it, as inside I am wrestling with a spiritual problem. Does giving my energy and attention to these legal battles end up making me complicit in their system, by falling for the Devil’s trick to “wear me out when they can’t take me out”?

The “aha!” was that I normally put one of my pretty photos at the end of a post, having done the “heavy” stuff above. Most of my headline pictures from freedom rallies are in black and white, whereas the art images usually have punchy colours drawn from a mildly deviant palette. For once, I am swapping things over. The totem image is something of the beautiful world we want to live in, not a tribute to the collapsing matrix of money and psychopathic control. What I present is directing my own attention, as well as yours. The point is to make its vibe more conscious.

Small plants by a tree

Many of you will be familiar with the findings of Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto on the ability of water to retain information. He is thoroughly condemned by Wikipediaas am I indirectly, so you know his work must be absolutely stellar and a threat to the establishment. The vibration of the water atoms picks up information from its surroundings, be it material, sound, or even thought. Everything is frequency and energy, and it all interacts. Water stored in a gold container has health properties different from that in an aluminium one. Plants grow better away from WiFi for a reason; EMF has bad vibes.

Dealing with government officials who are committing crimes against the public, and who feel beyond any accountability, is like storing your soul in the most toxic metal flask. No matter how much you work to purify yourself after, there is an awful taste that remains. Merely being in the presence of low-vibe spirits does you damage. Whether you “win” in a legal case and actually get justice on worldly terms doesn’t change that you have at some level taken a spiritual loss through discordant vibes. That doesn’t mean we don’t fight, just we make our choices from the highest place possible, and limit our exposure to the energetic poison.

Brown ducks shaking

A friend yesterday asked how I relate to my readers, and whether it is more like a covenant (relationship to a shared devotion to the sacred) or a contract (work for hire and done for worldly rewards). I can often feel the tension inside me, and it can be hard to force myself not to write, as there’s an inner pressure to produce something, in order to justify that a minority (about 2%) are paying me. As everything I produce is given for free, it is only contractual in a narrow technical sense of the IT platform; from a spiritual perspective, I don’t sell anything.

Many years ago Internet pundit Doc Searls captured the idea as the “because effect”:

…which is what happens when you make more money because of something than with something.

My photographic work and creative writing are an example of this. I get paid in fiat slave tokens because I put useful things into the world, not with them. I am not paying a spiritual cost in doing so, as I am not compromising myself for cash. As such, it is closer to the covenant model of relating than the contract one. The content comes from my heart, expressed using my head, and in service to us all. Everything is performed freely, in every sense, and money represents energy exchange. The point here is that there are different vibes to these contrasting spiritual paradigms.

Tree by the side of the road

By coincidence, I was challenged on Truth Social today in a friendly manner:

Martin, your pictures are fine, but I’d love to see your Oxford genius mind back on the game board. You have great insight. You studied with the devil academia. You dissected Q when most people still thought it was just an infrequent letter of the alphabet. You’ve battled the judicial corruption at the local level and you have discovered spirituality. The end game is close and we need your wisdom and wit. Your camera may be your “release from it all” but you’re too talented to check out now.

Some lovely compliments, and I have learned to let them wash by me, just as the criticisms from trolls. Often the best feedback is that which gently challenges me to up my game, as this does. My takeaway is to question how much I want to dedicate my life to filing forms with courts staffed with people who are not in love with the law. Another correspondent came back to my article on divine will offering comparable feedback. It is the kind of response I particularly enjoy as it makes me stop and think:

Somehow I feel it is an abdication of your usual “get in there and change things”, take action thinking compassionate person that you are. To pass responsibility to “the divine will” is not very clear. Too vague. To whose divine will are you giving up to – and what true peace can that possibly bring you or the masses… sounds a little cult-like: “big daddy will sort it out”.

Stay true to you – by that I mean – now you see that peace lies in the divine will… the next logical step is to understand that this divinity is YOU. In fact we can only grow in peace and humanity when we recognise the “dignity of life” – all living beings are divine.

This is the constant challenge: to be in the world, yet not of the world. How much of the worldly (and its persecution) do we voluntarily expose ourselves to? What is the level of tactical compromise that we engage in so that we strategically stay in the game of ministering to others? If divinity is a frequency — a vibe that harmonises with all natural lifeforms — how do we emit and receive on that primary band?

Daffodils by a bridge

I am not the only one having to make decisions about how worldly to become. I refer you to a recent post by my friend and mentor Arlen Paul, who (alongside his cherished wife Cynthia) has a long experience of engaging corrupt worshipers of Mammon, and done from a place of spiritual wisdom. I strongly commend his educational articles. As a casual aside before his most recent publication, he states the following:

I have been getting a few requests from readers/subscribers to setup payments so that they could donate, and support my work, through subscriptions at Substack. Substack uses a payment platform called “Stripe”. I opened up the setup window and soon found it an impossibility for me to continue. Boxes to be filled in with, “Legal Business Name”, “Registration Number”, “Product Description”, and the biggie – “Registered Business Address”. I could have lied and made up some bogus information to satisfy Stripe, but then I would have been deceitful as well as dabbling in the realm of the dead. I do use dollars and a bank account, under duress, but I attempt to, whenever possible, stay in reality, in the land of the living.

This brings to life the essence of the tension we face. In my personal life I keep myself as far away as possible from those who delight in the corporate necromancy game. I still pay my road tax to DVLA, as I have a finite tolerance for being stopped while travelling, or having my car stolen from me by Policy Officer outlaws. Higher goals of attending rallies, workshops, and meetings take precedence over a narrow adherence to principle. Nonetheless, I am using Substack, Stripe, and SubscribeStar, as I have to pay my way somehow. We each have a different tolerance for the abuses of the state and its many extortion schemes.

Close up of flowers growing on a plant

Every time we engage with the Beast System and its deathly vibe, there is a deadweight cost to our soul. I am noticing how nonstop legal work over an extended period is stealing my own joy in life, with my complicity. Protecting a material possession, my fabulous and fun Ford Escort van, is sucking away my energy for my art print business. I have piles of books I would like to read, videos I would watch if I could calm myself enough to focus, and people I would like to hang out with. Dealing with the violence of administrators, who value their salary and pension above morality and law, is emotionally draining.

To what extent to do we “get in there and change things” versus “hand it to God”? This is a spiritual war, and we cannot win it on the Satanic enemy’s terms. They have been in control of the courts, the councils, the police, the schools, the churches, the banks, the media, the universities, the journals, the agencies, the NGOs, the corporations, and even most of the military, and have done for a very long time. To what extent are we as “truthers” playing as unconscious pawns in someone else’s game of duality and polarity? Are we maintaining a low vibe via adversarialism?

Tree branch with new leaves

Which brings me back to the pragmatic decision I have to make. Newcastle City Council want to send debt collectors round who will attempt to steal my car off me for the crime of wishing equal treatment under the law. The corrupt Traffic Penalty Tribunal has explicitly stated it doesn’t consider whether its rulings are fully lawful — in terms of our constitution, international treaty obligations, rules of equity, civil tort, or even criminal fraud. All that matters is whether the cogs of the extortion machine were properly oiled and aligned.

I put this to the council, who has responded below:

Dear Mr Geddes

I refer to your email of 12 March 2024, following on from your earlier email of 12 February 2024.

At the time of your first email on 12 February, your request for review of the adjudicator’s decision was still outstanding. The decision on your review was given by the Chief Adjudicator on 15 February. As she indicated in that decision, the allegations you have made concerning potential fraud are outside the scope of the adjudicators’ powers as they are limited to the interpretation of whether or not a vehicle was in contravention of the requirements of a Road User Charging Scheme, such as the Newcastle and Gateshead Clean Air Zone.

As you will appreciate, the application of the charging scheme related to the Clean Air Zone is dependent on information provided by DVLA as to the tax class of a vehicle, rather than any use attributed to the vehicle. If you consider that the information held by DVLA is incorrect or has been used improperly, or that the Traffic Penalty Tribunal has acted unlawfully in reaching its decision in your case by reference to the DVLA data, it would be for you to challenge their actions or decisions by way of applications for judicial review.

Until such time as any judicial review decision alters the basis for charging under the Clean Air Zone scheme, the Council considers that the charges were validly payable by you and that the subsequent Penalty Charge Notices served for non-payment of those charges were validly served.

In respect of the three outstanding Penalty Charge Notices (NA10371290, NA10375892, NA1043802A) I can confirm that these are currently outstanding at £132.50 each and will continue to progress through the enforcement process.  The next stage in the enforcement process would be to issue a Charge Certificate in 14 days time which would result in the outstanding balances increasing to £192.50 per penalty.

Yours Sincerely
Lee Thompson
Notice Processing Manager
Clean Air Zone / Parking Services
City Operations, Neighbourhood and Regulatory Services.
Newcastle City Council

In other words, they have addressed none of the issues I raised on the fraudulent and criminal nature of their actions. This is a gross abuse of the judicial review process; they are meant to obey the law, not dare me to find a last resort method to force them to submit to it. The belief behind this message is that people like myself are serfs who have no power to hold them to account, and there is no danger of them suffering any penalty for doing so. It is despicable, but at least we now know they are just gangsters. This is naked extortion with official endorsement, elevating administrative processes above all other law.

Tree branch with moss over a river

I probably will go for a judicial review, as these state-sponsored thieves are destroying lives, and it is the job of the warriors to protect the weak from predators. Meanwhile, what I am learning is that it has to be done in balance. I cannot take on too many legal fights at once, especially without the worldly resources to do so. It takes constant “church” and spiritual work to manage the inevitable distress of being in the vicinity of those who lack conscience. My art photography isn’t a distraction; it is intrinsic to how I keep myself in harmony with my deeper purpose of seeking truth and beauty.

The problem is a state which is a captured operation, it being used to defraud the public in myriad ways. Solving this issue is at a level far beyond what I as an individual am equipped to deal with. The crime is treason, with capital punishment, and needs to be dealt with by the military at the appropriate time in the lawful way. The best I can do is to keep pointing at the path to repentance and redemption for those in the system as its low-level lackeys and henchmen. In the interim, I must protect myself from any ruinous losses. Perhaps I am painting a few targets for military tribunals to pick up on later!

Orange leaves in a forest

The spiritual war has to be fought primarily with spiritual weapons; to engage worldly problems in worldly ways guarantees having your vibe lowered to their level. If all this legal endeavour does is leave me depressed, angry, and listless, what did I really achieve? The only relevant “victory” is for others at a similar level in society to perceive their wrongdoing, and relinquish that defiled spiritual path, as ultimately it leads to their own destruction. There is no defeat in finding unity; the battle is against the division of war itself.

We civilian combatants in unrestricted warfare don’t overcome this wickedness via direct opposition. Rather, by raising the collective vibe, we make its existence untenable. The methods that work tend to be oblique, paradoxical, or invisible. Every message we put out has to be firm but loving. We have to remind each functionary that taking a salary to steal is eroding their own self-respect, and there are karmic laws nobody can evade. Our job is to deprogram those in the degraded culture via relentless emission of frequencies that align to the divine.

That’s a grace and compassion task to bring us into harmony, not combat to destroy and defeat. Fighting in the world can win local skirmishes, but vibing is how to put a stop to the war.