How to get more out of the network?

I am sharing with you a short presentation that addresses common questions that broadband network operators have:

  • How can we differentiate from OTT providers based on our network?
  • Is it possible to exploit services based on different QoS?
  • What kinds of future communication services should we be anticipating?
  • Could we enable better, cheaper, easier communication services by exploiting unique network assets?
  • What would be the most valuable asset a network operator could use to enable new communication experiences?
  • What would be a unique network asset that could make a specific telco the partner of choice for digital partners?
  • Could software enable us to offer existing communication services in a cheaper more flexible way?
Click the image below to see the presentation on SlideShare.
Link to SlideShare presentation
This picture is the heart of the issue. There is a need to re-factor lots of business processes from skilled craft to hard science. Where do you start? There’s a logical place to begin.
Where to begin process re-factoring?
A “Network Performance Science Centre of Excellence” under a “Chief Quality Officer” rebuilds each performance-related business process, working through this problem space.

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