How Epstein’s den of evil is the Deep State’s Chernobyl

Epstein was an important node in a now-failed system of criminal government. His downfall mirrors the meltdown of the USSR’s reactor — and reputation.

How Epstein's den of evil is the Deep State's Chernobyl

In the spring of 1986, a radioactive cloud spread across northern Europe from the Ukraine, then a republic of the USSR. The world’s worst nuclear accident —an unconfined reactor meltdown — was spewing its lethal debris into the atmosphere. There was no hiding that something was profoundly wrong.

Tell the world to help us” was the desperate message from those who faced the catastrophe face-on. Whilst the true death toll is highly contended, it was effectively the end of the growth in nuclear power — regardless of the exact cost of this single disaster. (This is somewhat ironic, given how competing technologies kill more people via pollution per unit of power generated. But I digress…)

Chernobyl was a failure of containment at three levels: the technical level, the national jurisdiction level, and the political narrative level. The first of these is obvious: a fatal miscalculation and management error, resulting in an explosion that demolished the roof of the building — that exposed the damaged reactor core to the open air.

The second is that the consequences rapidly spread across national borders, making it impossible for the Soviets to cover up what had happened. Governments in the West may also have been keen to hush up the scale of the problem, but there was simply no way of hiding the reality of radioactive particles raining down from the sky everywhere.

The third is perhaps the most interesting. The widespread collapse of communism only a few years later can arguably be partly attributed to Chernobyl — among many other key causes. Forever embedded in the hot corium — entombed in Pripyat — is the now-defunct idea of Soviet technical and management superiority over the West.

The fate of Soviet “technological totalitarianism” was sealed the moment the reactor housing was blown to pieces. It was only a matter of time: there was no way back from this public cataclysm. Coming forward 30+ years, we are now seeing the collapse of another totalitarian system — one that has hitherto hidden in the shadows.

The revelations from Little St James in the US Virgin Islands — aka “Epstein Island” — churn the stomach and make the skin crawl, a bit like radiation sickness. Sadly, the children who have been raped, tortured, and murdered there cannot be heard when they scream for the world to help them. Rather, it is our job to pay close attention to the disturbing data now dropping on us.

The discovery of what has really been going on — under our noses and in our names — is a metaphorical “unconfined narrative failure”. It is now causing meltdowns in the domains of criminal justice, international relations, and the global corporate media’s legitimacy. The scale and impact of these — without hyperbole — is comparable to Chernobyl and the collapse of the USSR. Many lives have already been lost.

For this den of evil isn’t just a deviant paedophile orgy club for a billionaire financier and his friends. It is a key node in a system of criminal government — the “Deep State” — that has been covertly ruling over us. For psychopaths, the currency of corrupt power isn’t money or gold: it is access to young flesh. The exposure of these dungeons — for children of all people — to the light of day is the “technical failure” that the media controlled by corrupt intelligence agencies will never cover up or spin away.

The corporate media’s feeble attempts to explain away what has been going on — “it’s his gym, not a Satanic temple” — are an unforgivable insult to the victims. This megascandal is going to spread internationally, because it appears that the security services of multiple countries have been using Epstein Island as a “blackmail centre for hire” to control politicians, business people, celebrities, academics, and religious leaders.

The ultimate power of transnational gangster government lies in videotapes of the vilest acts imaginable. The CIA — a fully rogue intelligence agency for many decades — seems central to the supply chain of juvenile flesh for them to gorge themselves on. The Clinton Foundation has been sourcing this “raw material” from Haiti and elsewhere: it is solely a front for organised crime operations.

I am going to stick my neck out too, and say that many well-connected parties — like Disney’s cruise line with children that constantly visited the island — now have questions about their conduct and intentions. Epstein was already a level 3 registered sex offender: what were they thinking by going to his island — of all places? It doesn’t smell right.

You may not like the answers. Really, the picture could not be uglier. There is no hiding that something is profoundly wrong.

As I write this I am in Pervalka by the Baltic Sea with my ex-wife. Her birth certificate has “CCCP” on it: Lithuania was also Soviet territory, until the unexpected and unthinkable happened with the collapse of the Berlin Wall and USSR. A year ago I was here on vacation and wrote my essay “WWG1WGA: The greatest communications event in history“. At the time, it seemed rather “out there” to many “mainstream” people.

A year on, and a lot has changed. That article has been censored because it was a top search result for “WWG1WGA“, a common motto of the Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement. I noticeably don’t get mocked any more for saying there’s a “Deep State” that is being uprooted in a Second American Revolution. NXIVM means paedophilia among the rich and powerful is no longer a joking matter. The widely ridiculed “conspiracy theorists” are now the mainstream media, not citizen journalists like myself.

There are now over 3000 #QAnon “drops” (complete with [kill boxes]), and 500+ pieces of evidence that Q really is the Trump administration‘s military intelligence communicating with us. The validity of Q’s narrative remains fully intact and unchallenged by real-world events. The mainstream media continues to refuse to ask the “Q question” — because they know the answer delegitimises them permanently. Furthermore, the reputation of General Flynn’s irregular militia of digital warriors — a “Q army” — is growingly large and fearsome.

Meanwhile, the corporate media faces an existential crisis of legitimacy, and an ongoing collapse of its audience — as predicted. The Mueller-led investigation of “Russian Collusion” proved to be the dampest squib in history, taking out the credibility of those pushing this fabricated hoax. The Spygate scandal grows in importance and impact by the day, exposing the underlying fraud behind the Special Counsel. The illegal targeting of George Papadopoulos by Mueller — to get at Trump — is on the court record. Mueller’s team of “legal hitmen” are exposed as seditious plotters.

Why this extreme imperative to unseat President Trump, and hide the truth via a risky attempted coup? Why censor a relative nonentity like me, or someone ordinary writing about Seth Rich? Why commit new criminal acts to cover for past crimes — many beyond the statute of limitations?

Why? Because of Epstein… and everything he then leads to. It is the collapse of credibility in [their] paedophile celebrity icons — and media brands that promoted them; the cessation of [their] supply chain of innocent humans for use as they see fit; and the demise of [their] system of technological totalitarian power. Most of all, it takes us to the mother of political scandals: who Barack Obama really is, and what he was really doing — including keeping Epstein’s blackmail operation going… with his Deep State partners in crime.


This is what Mueller was protecting. This is their Chernobyl. This is the loss of narrative supremacy that they can never recover from. There is simply no way of hiding the reality of treasonous acts raining down from the powerful everywhere, not least when they involve severe child abuse.

The Iron Curtain hid many cruel realities of Soviet life from (often delusional) Western intellectuals and academics — who were proven by events to be hopeless fools at worst, and useful idiots at best. Similarly, there is a Media Curtain — the controlled #FakeNews — that has been operating here in the West. This “Iron Curtain for the mind” is [their] containing shield of “official narrative lies”.

This dome of deception has hidden the radioactive truth of the Deep State, its blackmail operations, and its involvement in human trafficking — right down to babies. Epstein’s arrest, together with the testimony of his victims and collaborators, blows away the whole protection racket. The “reality explosion” has happened, politically deadly debris is already spreading, and news monitoring alarms are now ringing around the world.

It spells the end of the world as [they] — the Deep State globalist crime network — knew it.

“Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing.” — Q