Homeward bound: last days of the control matrix

Capturing this historic moment in time as a lived experience that will soon pass

Dads against jabbin kids

Normally when I write an essay I have the audience in mind, and do my best to land what I am saying in their immediate concerns and needs. In this case, I am not completely certain who the audience will be. For sure, there are my usual Substack subscribers and social media followers. But perhaps the audience I am writing for is one far in the future, who want to know what it was like in the middle of the Great Awakening and right before the Great Default. For it is a strange time, both wonderful and awful at once.

In the run up to the 2020 election in America, I typically found myself up until 3am or 4am as my life was stretched over the Atlantic. Social media was abuzz in my night, and decidedly subdued in my morning. Over the last 18 months I have noticed a shift in my own focus, not only going to bed at a more normal time, but also having the concerns of my own place of birth and homeland — the British Isles — take up more of my attention. I feel more “homeward bound” at present than at any time in the many years of this undeclared war.

Silicon Valley Bank has tumbled, and it seems like the dominoes of the legacy financial control system are now in motion globally. In two days it is the Ides of March, a traditional time for the settling of debts. Who knows what will transpire; I long ago abandoned making predictions and acting like a soothsayer. Elon Musk is opening promoting “Q” and “anon” themes, as the “normies” realise they have been conned over… everything. The truth about our society may be harsh, but it is displacing the lies. The old slave control matrix — usury, pharma, war, media, indoctrination, false prophets — is failing, yet the new world beyond is still a rumour and supposition.

Media masking the truth

Facing our fears and finding faith

The last few years have been traumatic for those who are awake to the evil and corruption. We have lost loved ones, careers, businesses, friends, and reputations by refusing to bow or bend to criminals. We have been forced to watch our children be gaslit, abused, and poisoned, often with the connivance of friends and family. We have been terrorised by the state and mass media, knowing that we are fighting in a live war against unseen weapons.

How are you supposed to react when you discover that people can be injected with nano-lipids that (when burst with EMF or ultrasound) release new diseases or genetic engineering weapons that can essentially turn people into remote control zombies? I don’t normally dwell on nightmarish horrors in public that may never transpire, since I prefer to “vibe high”. Yet this is a cost of being “awake”: realising that there is an arsenal at the disposal of evil that is beyond depraved. These are the kind of worries that have filled my own private conversations, unseen and unreported.

I have personally done the “prepper” thing, and have enough stores of what I need for reasonably anticipated rough times, including minor extras like a new bicycle in case I can’t use a car when things go haywire. What I am learning is that our real security comes from faith in there being unseen benevolent forces in action that mitigate the worst possible outcomes, as well as being willing to overcome pride, and accept charity from those around us when we need it. While some swallow the “black pill” of cynicism, far more people have sustained the full treatment of “red pills” of hope.

What on Earth is in these injections

Facing our families and finding boundaries

When I look back at how I related to my loved ones in the past, I see myself as having “mushy” boundaries and was far too eager to please others at my own expense. Many of us have had to go through painful separations from those we care about most, as they either reject and attack us for our lack of conformity, or to protect ourselves from their cruel and reckless insanity. This space has allowed us to find ourselves more clearly and cleanly, and caused us to abandon the co-dependent ways we tolerated previously.

In my prior telecoms work I learned about three levels at which entities can relate: association, connection, and communication. When we consider someone to be a friend or colleague, then we are associated. If we still interact, even if indirectly or via an annual Christmas card update letter, then we are connected. If we actively engage, then we are communicating. The last few years have seen people who were close get “demoted” through these levels, as we distanced ourselves from the “normal” we now find abhorrent and defiled.

It is anecdotal, but I am seeing signs in my personal life, as well as online, of the reversal of this process. Those who ridiculed and condemned us are realising that they may have acted on gossip and propaganda. Conversely, there is a softening and compassion of those who stood their ground, being more ready to forgive the trespasses of those who hurt us, and a willingness to resume communication. The reversal of the brainwashing has taken an agonising few years, and there are plenty of “muzzle (wo)men” around. Yet the tentative signs of reconciliation and redemption are evident.

Stand against Agenda 2030 or become a slave

Facing the authorities and finding evil

I have briefly returned home to collect my post after time away dealing with car breakdowns. There was a letter from the taxman (I don’t pay terrorist and belligerent occupying governments, sorry); one from the local council (bonded payments merely to exist are slavery and I am not a slave, sorry); and one from my local court giving me a date for my hearing against TV Licensing (I don’t just sit back and allow myself to be bullied by powerful corporations, sorry).

Watching my own situation, as well as many of those fighting the good fight around me, I observe three things: all these disparate fights are connected as one war against a totally corrupt system of power who sole concern is to harvest our energy; those who are paid to protect us have become predators, incentivised via salaries and pensions, who readily betray our trust (and any oath of service or duty of care); and lastly, an absolute lack of conscience, accountability, and justice within the existing system of power and remedy. The worst abuses come from corrupt police, compromised courts, uncaring local councils, greedy privatised utilities, and downright wicked social services.

Yet people all over are organising peacefully to hold power to account, and to push back. There are Telegram groups so you can flag that you are under attack and get immediate community support (e.g. to repel unlawful “debt enforcers” or have witnesses to state over-reach of power). There are volunteers helping people to make their cases in the courts and prevent the worst violations of due process. There are local meet-ups all over to share experiences and advise one another. The grassroots movement isn’t going away, and is (in my view) the kernel of a new civic society. There is a lot happening quietly, and far more local activism than you might imagine.

Economic suicide

Facing our communities and finding patriotism

If you read the national press, your definition of patriotism is likely to be close to the one of terrorism. Patriots are painted as being deranged radical extremists, prone to racism and xenophobia, and who espouse wild and debunked theories about law and rights. The reality is, given how the media inverts everything, completely different in my experience. The typical British patriot has far more affinity to a woodland trip at a National Trust property than skinheads bearing flag tattoos from the National Front.

Patriots are people who are willing to make a stand and sacrifice for their principles and the benefit of wider society. So many of the people I have been on this journey with have been open and loving in a way that melts your heart. I am feeling an affection for my own country that is rooted in the ordinary people around me, often doing poorly rewarded work. It is a bit like my over-educated cohort in fancy professional jobs inhabit a parallel universe. They can care about fabricated fears of “global warming” because they have no angst about their own house being warm.

The people I can relate to most easily are garage mechanics, delivery drivers, hair stylists, farm hands, shop assistants… who have no illusions about their own power and position in society. My own roots are working class, and I am experiencing a “full cycle” as I return back to the place I came from. It is much easier to have an honest and frank conversation with an “uneducated” person with an open mind than it is with an intellectual who is sure they know it all already. Through economic necessity there is a solidarity among those who labour away, and they are the backbone of the patriot movement, even if they would not use the term.

Is this a tinfoil hat consipracy

Facing the future and finding the divine

This is an artificial intelligence war, a biological war, a propaganda war, an electromagnetic war, and perhaps even a quantum computing, time travel, and inter-dimensional war. Yet those are the mechanics, and do not define the war, just as tanks do not define WW1, nor submarines WW2, nor television the Vietnam War. Ultimately this is a spiritual war, and it has taken me years to get even a provisional sense of what it means, and to grasp how it affects our daily lives.

Mind and body are the means by which we live, but spirit is the ends to which it is directed. I was trained to locate my own sense of identity in the mental gymnastic achievements of the mind, with a recreational sideline in extreme sports for the body. For me the biggest revelation of the past few years has been a spiritual awakening, and a far deeper examination of the ends I am serving — along with those around me. I have become aware of the distinction of the “false light” of religious spirits vs the “true light” of the holy spirit. It is getting far easier to relate to those who are spiritually aligned, since we have shared purpose.

I can see how those around me who are “programmed” suffer from a degraded form of consciousness. You can tell that they are incapable of relating to certain concepts, especially those which might cause them to realise they are trapped inside a prison of fear. It’s not arrogant or condescending to notice the difference in ability to perceive and process, no more than it is wrong to note your elevated capabilities versus a deaf or blind person. While the last few years have been a rough and tough spiritual education, there is now a stark separation of the divine and eternal from the fallen and wordly.

While you were washing your hands the television was washing your brain

There may be some rough times ahead as the old structures collapse into their footprint while we stand in their proximity and feel the pounding roar of the rubble. But the lessons of the last few years have equipped us for the moment to come: faith, boundaries, and patriotism shine the way to the divine, while we are more aware of the devilish nature of deception. All of the internal turmoil, relationship stress, and existential angst has been for a purpose, which is to give us the strength to confront the chaos needed for society to reconfigure.