Free download of my #QAnon tweets

Made from December 2017 to May 2019

We are born free

The subject of “QAnon” is absolutely guaranteed to generate controversy and strong reactions. We are a long way into this military intelligence programme, and I plan to write a 4 year retrospective soon, focusing on the role of plausible deniability and gematria — with their relationship to the Coronavirus scam and Deep State.

In that timespan the mass media has failed to locate who this dangerous “Q” is — pushing such “extremist” ideas as “think for yourself”. You might have thought that the combined might of the world’s intelligence community, working in collaboration with our finest journalists, would be able to answer this simple identity question.

That it is taboo tells you everything you need to know about their legitimacy (and that everyone already knows the answer). Indeed, that even looking at the Q source data is verboten (and unnecessary to forming a strong opinion) shows you how far from the ideal of empirical rationalism our “mainstream” has strayed. Political science has mutated into the pursuit of perfected propaganda for Cultural Marxism.

My tweets tagged “#QAnon” are part of the historical record of my (and our) developing understanding of this remarkable Q phenomenon and its exposure of a corrupt establishment — media, politics, academia, military, corporate, religious, the lot. This one from April of 2018 caught my eye:

“#QAnon is slowly leading us through how some of the smartest spooks have been conducting an extremely sophisticated sting operation on the #DeepState.”

Bang on target, as far as I can tell! The exposure process is nearly finished, as even most committed “progressive” types have questions about the honesty of the mass media. The justice process seems to have been whirring away in secrecy run by the military (with plenty of hard evidence for this). The final spectacular reveal comes whenever it is ready (and we won’t get civil war as a result).

That said, I am a fallible human like everyone else, and my own beliefs evolve with time and new information. That is because I am able to separate out my “real” identity from any ideas I might hold (however transient), or the “feeling of knowing” attached to those ideas. I don’t get everything right straight away; direction is good, timing is lousy. As this record shows.

Twitter changed the format of their data export from CSV files (which you can open in Excel) to a variant of JSON (which you would need code to process). There are non-sinister technical reasons for them doing this, but the effect was to make the data semi-useless to me after this change. I have packaged up my tweets with “#QAnon” to May 2019, which is the last CSV export I have.

To avoid deplatforming, I have uploaded an easily readable copy in PDF format to Odysee, which runs on the LBRY distributed content sharing protocol. To access it you need a (free) Odysee account.

You can also view the PDF on Scribd. Let’s see how long that lasts before I get deplatformed! And just to make sure you can get hold of it, I have also put it on my own website. If WordPress kick me off for “the subject that cannot even be mentioned”, that’ll save me the $1150 renewal fee next week!

I hope you “enjoy me showing” my past social media work. If you want to read the more dense essays that track the development of the Q project, those are in my “On Q” proto-book at