English assemblies as a nascent parallel system

If we are to govern ourselves, then it starts with our own bodies, singular and plural

Portsmouth open space with tables and chairs

On a Sunday morning soon after New Year, I drove down to Portsmouth on the English south coast for a gathering of around twenty patriots and activists who are making a difference in their area. I want to provide a brief summary of some key takeaways to inspire others to act in a likewise manner. Apparently there are many more in the group, but this being early January and short notice, attendance was slightly down.

The reason Portsmouth is of particular interest to me is they are holding their local council and court to account on Council Tax, especially after a massive data leak exposed the person details of 6,000 people subjected to fraudulent court proceedings. Naturally, the police do not have the slightest interest in investigating and prosecuting organised crime by their own paymasters. Portsmouth is also being subjected to the tyrannical Low Emissions Zone regulations to harvest cash off motorists. There are other money-making scams in play using safety as a pretext, like 20mph zones.

There are two tasks we collectively face:

  1. Deconstructing the old (Babylon and its usurious debt money and necromancy courts for the dead), and
  2. Constructing the new (our own Heaven on Earth of liberty from usury and equity under righteousness).
Hampshire Assembly

There are endless ways to chip away at the corrupt edifice that rules us today, but the weakest point right now in England is Council Tax. The High Court ruling in the case of Leighton vs Bristow & Sutor makes it clear that the councils are operating outside the law — and we have redress. There is no authority to enforce any Council Tax debt in England without paperwork, and the paperwork is missing by design, as the underlying claim of an obligation to pay is fraudulent, as are the fake courts used to enforce the fake debt.

What is notable about Council Tax is how ordinary people don’t like paying the charge to have shelter when under financial distress. “Normies” can relate to a lack of court paperwork without classifying you as a “right-wing nutcase nationalist extremist” for suggesting that due process and the rule of law might be a good thing. This money isn’t going to fund public services, but is instead going into the central government consolidated fund to fuel war crimes, as well as to pad pensions that we don’t owe to anyone. They can buy their own pensions, just like the rest of us are asked to!

Babylon will fall in time, anyhow, so the fight against the old system is likely to be overtaken by events. What matters is creating the tiny nuclei of a new system, which is informed by the wisdom of the past, and what has been shown to work before. This particular assembly elected coordinators who can act as focal points for the grassroots community in taking back control over multiple areas of concern, most notably by electing sheriffs, creating common law courts, and coordinating healthcare outside of the National Homicide Service.

Positions currently available

An initiative that everyone, regardless of political outlook, can rally behind is first aid. We are reasserting our ownership of our bodies, and rejecting the legal fiction doppelgängers that have been used to trick us into slavery. That collective sovereignty over our body is expressed by taking care of both ourselves personally, as well as each other. Any one of us could find ourselves injured or ill at any moment, and dependent upon the collective for rescue. The need to care for one another in our moment of frailty is innately “social” without being “socialist”. It’s the “basic training” that links the 3D material world to the 5D spiritual war.

I also learned that the NHS has origins slightly different to the official story, being partially modelled on a private bus company in Bristol that looked after its workers, but I have yet to find a reference for this. I also heard of a village in Wales that has fired its council and “gone renegade” to reclaim the assets back for the people, but again I am struggling to locate the reference.

Other noteworthy references were:

  • to the work of Anna Von Reitz in describing the frauds we are subjected to,
  • the possibility of Prosperity Cards being issued to the public in a financial reset,
  • the ability to adjust one’s political status to escape the corrupt system,
  • and engage with a nascent alliance of assemblies working to re-establish the lawful outside of the corrupt corporate legalese world.

In summary, the meeting was a total contrast to an encounter a few weeks later, when someone with learned helplessness told me to “do the done thing, get them off my back, and don’t be too visible”. If you believe in your heart that you were born free, and are free to act in any way that causes no loss or harm to others, then we are also at liberty to freely associate and voluntarily submit ourselves to agreements that help to keep the peace and establish social order. The state sells us the idea its monopoly on force is the only way, but that claim is wearing very thin after everything we have been through.