“Do your job!” — a protest for the positive

Report on the London protest for the “vaccine” bioweapon injured and bereaved

Police outside modern building

There is a significance to the headline photograph above that would easily be missed if the context was not provided. This policewoman outside New Scotland Yard — the HQ of London’s Metropolitan Police — is looking away in shame; she cannot face a protest by victims of the Covid genocide injections. The demonstrators are not acting in any way that is adversarial to the police; quite the opposite. They are chanting “DO YOUR JOB!” — which implies that we appreciate them and value their job; all we want is for them to perform their officially stated function, which is to act as law enforcement. They have failed, and that is more than she can face, literally.

The nurse who gave the world's first COVID 19 vaccine was Filipina

As a little technical aside, none of these photographs was taken by me: I had an accomplice with a camera, and she took them. I just processed them. As a tiny tale of striving and acceptance of the imperfect, the camera was accidentally set to over-expose each image by 3 stops, which any photographer will tell you is a lot of whiteness! However, with a bit of software magic, we have ended up with a lot of unique and interesting images in an avante-garde style. Sometimes “mistakes” are just starting points for new creative endeavours. The initial disappointment as the “failure” was soon overtaken at seeing the interesting results! As goes life in general.

Government NHS and MSM have blood on their hands

There was a sadness to Saturday’s protest that I had not observed before. When we faced imprisonment via “lockdowns”, loss of basic freedoms, and coerced injections without informed consent there was a tone of angry defiance. Demonstrations about “15 minute cities”, social credit scores, and programmable money forewarn of somewhat abstract tyranny to come, which is a feeling of wise anxiety. This event was about the victims of what has already happened, who have been maimed, killed, or bereaved. It is a more sombre atmosphere, and there were some tears shed by the speakers. The barbarity of the banality of evil has become manifest.

No dystopian technocracy

My companion attended the very first freedom rally in Trafalgar Square in August of 2020, as did I, and for both of us it was a new experience, having never protested before. At the time there was enormous enthusiasm and participation, as everyone was affected by the (attempted) democide. Now we have a smaller cohort of those who are absolutely dedicated to truth and justice, and who have attended many public events. This is my 23rd, and they are as much about reinvigorating the morale of those involved as influencing the general public or showing ongoing commitment to authorities. Once you have seen the wickedness, you are obligated to act, since the innocent remain at risk.

Died suddenly why?

I have noticed a change in attitude by some close to me who bought the lie. I am no longer treated as a crazy pariah who joined a conspiracy cult, because rising excess deaths and crashing live births are a fact that is hard to argue with. Yet they don’t want to confront their error in the spiritual and social, and are far too scared to discuss the possible effects of these injections on their bodies. Every demonstration is a chance to immerse yourself in a “sane normal” of people who are willing to stand their ground, and in particular to protect children from dangerous and criminal medical experiments. Each event is energising, as you know your quest is righteous.

Two men taking a selfie

One of the most interesting talks was by the MP Andrew Bridgen (left) who has been expelled from the Conservative Party for going against the narrative. He told of the Norwegians in WW2 who would wear a paperclip to signal their membership of the resistance, and was himself wearing one on his jacked. (This raises some interesting questions about the origin of the name Operation Paperclip!) What stuck in my mind was him saying other MPs know what is going on, but are too scared or compromised to speak out. He also said that you cannot keep a lid on an issue like this forever; the truth will come out to defend itself.

Lady with pink hair on the street with other people

There were many well known figures on stage and in the crowd. It is normal at such events for me to be approached as I run around with my camera and thanked for my own efforts and contributions. Being a recognised public figure is a novel experience; it even happened in a London park last week! We all do what we can, and my story of oppression and persecution for holding the line is a relatively mind one compared to many. I have not been asset stripped, had my children taken off me, or put in prison. The heroes and heroines of this era are often people who are very normal in abnormal circumstances, and come with ordinary problems and faults.

Stop the jabs now poster of those who died suddenly

The other speakers told of how mRNA injections can have no possible therapeutic value, and their only design intent can be injury and death; how none of the usual safety protocols for medicines were followed; how children and pregnant women are being used as experimental subjects, contrary to every we learned from thalidomide and other disasters; how there were no excess deaths when the pandemic was declared, and how they only started after the state-led interventions; how there is no real evidence of even virus-borne respiratory disease transmission. The scale of the scam is so unreal, yet that is how it evades the ability of most people to perceive it.

Excess deaths at an all-time high

Mike Yeadon, the former chief scientist of Pfizer for respiratory and allergy products, spoke on how people say he is brave for standing up, but that is not really so. The loss of face to come for those who went along to get along is going to be harsh, and the judgment for saying nothing when you knew will make the cost of cowardice very clear. Poignantly there was an announcement from the stage on behalf of those in the movement who could not attend as they are too sick from injuries from the injections. Will you be able to look such people in the eye and say that you did everything you could to stop the madness and warn others of the danger?

No vaccine has ever been proven safe or effective

You will probably have heard of the brutality of the Mexican drug cartels, but the market for banned narcotics is comparatively mild in its violence when placed against the calculated betrayal of trust of the pharmaceutical industry. The moment we say ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine be denounced, while deadly ventilators and Remdesivir were lauded, was when it became clear that modern medicine is a “maim and murder for profit” enterprise. The deadly facts are out there, and every event like this reminds those see the message that they are victims of institutionalised crime at the highest levels.

TOOT bus

That little girl on the tourist bus is one of many onlookers. Some will share their pictures and videos with friends, or publish them on social media. The reach of any protest is far more than those in the immediate physical vicinity. Over time I have learned to pay more attention to these passers by, and their reaction and interaction to the message. We have come a long way from the time when demonstrators would attempt to shame them by demanding they take their slave muzzle off. Now it is a question of implanting the seed of doubt about the media narrative, so that at the right moment it might sprout into a quest for truth.

Kid wearing Stranger Things shirt

On the very first demonstration I was nervous about being attacked by the police, or encountering agents provocateur, or there being fractious behaviour. Those worries have subsided over time, as the message continually is one of peace. I consider these people to be the cream of our society. They turn up year round to keep alive our awareness of the crimes and the consequences for victims. They campaign for truth and justice unrelentingly, at often at high personal cost, with minimal resources. I started out thinking that protests were about “them” and opposing some outside force or policy, but over time I have come to see them as about “us” coming together as one with a shared spirit and intent.

Lady with megaphone

You are looking at people who will someday have portraits and statues in their honour. They are making history, and their work is historic because it paradoxically is not seen as such by the majority when it is being done. This lack of recognition and support is what makes their courage and commitment impossible to fake. Whether it is standing with hundreds of thousands of people on Oxford Street, or just hundreds outside Parliament, the result is the same: we keep up the pressure for accountability merely by existing and resisting. You will never know the impact of your own work, since it is part of a vibe that rises and falls collectively.

The silence is deafening

This liminal era will close at some point. The initial burst of energy of the scamdemic has given way to a long period that feels on the surface like stalemate, but you know that the art of war is in play, and is a sign that we are winning. The lull in energy will not last forever. The public will have to face the reality of what happened, and it is ugly and painful. These events keep alive the spirits of those who society will depend upon to help and heal; the military and benign institutions can only do so much. New civilian structures and humanitarian missions will emerge, and these demonstrations help to network together those who are committed to the cause of protecting the children.

Stop the War

Fifth generation warfare is a psychological nightmare, and half the battle is not losing hope and becoming demoralised and self-destructive. Insiders with access to classified information no doubt carry a heavier burden of knowing, but also have more formal support in moving forward with that cargo of secrets. They are doing their job, we are doing ours, and this military-civilian alliance is changing the world. We derailed the plans for global genocide, because the enemy relies of absolute secrecy, and we are dedicated to absolute candour. You fight this mind war by values of repentance, mercy, compassion, grace, and forgiveness; don’t energise the adversarial.

Police and protesters

Right at the end someone was arrested in Parliament Square for playing music after having been told to stop by the police. Apparently it is against some statute law, but now we can see how that is just corporate policy, and without a named victim there is no crime. The men and women in uniform, who are armed and armoured, are in violation of the Justices of the Peace Act 1361, which states that peace keepers are meant to use moral force alone. We live in an inverted society, where music outside the palace of the people is a crime, yet criminals with public salaries and pensions arrest the people for dancing to their own tune.

Red rose hanging on the gate

I hope that this photo montage has inspired you to renew your own effort to overcome adversity, as this is a burdensome time, with much to weigh down the spirit. Protests in the physical world remind us that we are not alone, and that we have fellow companions on the same difficult journey to face down power run amok. Maybe the “perfectly imperfect” photos will also help you to keep advancing and seeing the value in what you do, even when not everything goes to plan. This information war is a collective effort, and the online element helps to lift the spirits of those who cannot make it to a gathering in a distant city.

Lady wearing exempt from bullshit shirt

We are winning, and we will win, because we do our job — without guilt or shame.