Disassembly of an administrative lie

Pulling apart the narrative in order to see the underlying wrongdoing

Martin Geddes vs Newscastle City Council

I am going to share the presentation I have sent to Newcastle City Council and the Traffic Penalty Tribunal adjudicator. I hope that providing the logic here inspires others to deconstruct “official administrative lies” with the same rigour and vigour. (You may be able to tell I am a very annoyed GenXer raised on 8-bit computers, and am exercising my faculty for patiently pulling apart problems in the same way as debugging 6502 assembler back in the 1980s.)

Questions about today's administrative tribunal hearing
Full compliant instant judgement for claimant
The matter to be adjudicated
Case made here is no conversion tort against defendant
Nolan Principles are not being upheld with this PCN
My private car is 2001 Ford Escort
Ford Escort Details
United Biscuits vs Customs and Excise 1991
Light Goods Vehicle N1
DVLA data is not fit for CAZ purpose
What is the correspondence to objective reality
A van is a caravan wagon on wheels
Vehicle substance vehicle form
DVLA vehicle registration categorisation
DVLA vehicle registration categorisation ownership right usage restriction
Fallacy of the aggregate
Consent to travel rights removal
Due process issues with this PCN
Legislative breaches for this PCN
Problems of adminstrative tribunal  due process for fundamental civil rights cases under equity