Differentiated broadband

  • How can I know what quality of experience I am truly delivering compared to my competitors?
  • How can I differentiate my broadband service offer by providing improved or assured quality of experience to users?
  • How can I create a segmented broadband offer to provide varying quality to different tiers of users
  • What is the best way to lower the costs of broadband service delivery and to differentiate by price?

The challenge of delivering differentiated broadband services

The past two decades have seen a boom in both fixed and mobile broadband, which is now seen as essential to everyday life. Users have become accustomed to increasing speeds and improving experiences. Demand for dependable and affordable broadband services is high.

As the market matures, network operators are under pressure to generate improved returns on their broadband assets. This requires a differentiated service offering, both in terms of value to the end user as well as the cost of delivery. If operators are to achieve this, then there has to be a better matching of finite supply resources to application and user demand.

This requires the industry to move beyond speed as a sole or primary service differentiator. It must provide fit-for-purpose services that match the diversity of application needs and willingness to pay. That implies a better understanding of user demand, and a more refined approach to constructing and managing supply.

We help you to fully exploit the network resource

Our task is to help you to fully exploit the cost benefits of broadband, and to match demand to supply. We are the world’s only team of network performance scientists and have a breakthrough understanding of the mathematics of packet networks.

Our offer comprises four key elements:

  1. We measure the static and dynamic properties of your network using high fidelity measurements that are strong proxies for the user experience.
  2. We model how close you are pushing your users to the quality of experience ‘cliffs’. This indicates what (if any) slack you may have in your network, and suggests immediate areas for cost and performance improvement.
  3. We work with you to help transform your cost base. We help you to safely push the network to run in ‘hot’, and exploit the resource allocation mechanisms you already have. We can license technology to offer state of the art scheduling mechanisms to further improve cost and performance.
  4. The final stage is to create a truly differentiated service offering. We can help you to tier out your offer by quality, and to create new assured services with high value to end users.

Create the most value from your network assets

By using our scientific advisory services, we can help you to create a highly differentiated customer experience and cost structure. Our insight and technology allows us to drive networks to their theoretical performance limits, and to extract the maximum business value. By working together, we can create differentiated propositions. Your broadband services can both offer a better customer experience than the competition and also be cheaper to deliver.

To set up a call to discuss the first steps in this journey, please get in touch.