#Declas has begun! A primer on the Spygate scandal

A monumental event took place yesterday that will reshape history: the order to declassify evidence of illegal spying on American politicians.

This is my best attempt at describing what is really going on. I’ve used all my skill and diligence, yet I remain a fallible human. Please use discernment, do your own research, and don’t naively trust anyone to give you the full picture (including me).

From its inception in 2011, this newsletter has been subtitled “Future of Communications”. Whilst I have spent many years exploring the technology, products and science of (tele)communications, the figural happening of our time is political. There are two central themes:

  • The rise of mass surveillance, including social media, and its abuse to gain illicit power.
  • The entrenched criminal system that enables this, including a compromised and corrupted mass media, whose primary purpose is propaganda.

Everything else is a side show. 5G, AI, software-defined-wotsits… all are trivia in comparison. Anyone whose narrative is missing the above two elements will inevitably be offering an incomplete or misguided analysis of events.

As I wrote last autumn, there is the information equivalent of a neutron bomb that has been waiting for detonation: declassification of the evidence of abuse of the FISA court process in the United States by the Obama administration. These spies were supported by the governments of the UK, New Zealand and Australia — who have abused the “Five Eyes” intelligence agreement to circumvent legal controls.

The seriousness of what has happened cannot be overstated. There are no words that would qualify as hyperbole: this is treason by Americans, and acts of war by supposed allies. The failed coup attempt to cover up these crimes — via Russiagate and the fabricated Steele dossier — has been exposed via the Mueller and Rosenstein sting operation. The police state that was being rolled out has been intercepted and crushed.

Yesterday, the #Declas fuse was set, and in next few weeks we can expect to see the devastating explosion of revelations to begin. My job is a “big picture” synthesist, rather than a “details, details” analyst, so I defer to many other people who can supply the necessary nuance. I just want to give you the headlines, plus some supporting data points that will help you to navigate this societal trauma.

The initial scandal will focus on the attempt to unseat President Trump, and will likely include the revelation of assassination plots. All of the candidates for the 2016 election were being spied upon. President Obama (who is not who he superficially appears to be) was actively engaged in treasonous activity against the incoming Trump administration. The evils of his era, and those before it, are soon going to lead to war crimes trials.

All of the central traitors — like Clapper,  Ohr, Strzok, Brennan, McCabe — face the mandatory death penalty as a result of their high treason. The last two years have been one vast trapping operation to catch all these criminals in the act during their cover-up, and to clean up the justice system to process them. There have been legal teams working in total secrecy for the last two years preparing for this spectacular public take-down of the gangsters in government. Expect Huber, Horowitz and Durham to provide us with a constant supply of shocking reports and high-level indictments.

Behind Obama is a global system of criminal “dark power” that is going to be exposed. This comes under many names, with #DeepState being the most common. Its roots, methods and crimes are simply mind-blowing. Hillary Clinton was their official corrupt candidate for 2016, and as Q keeps reminding us “they never thought she would lose”. That is because voter fraud and election rigging — involving governments in other countries like the UK — is endemic. The 2018 House election was also fraudulent, and the exposure of FISA fraud will result in the legitimacy of that election to be called into doubt.

Speaking of Q, the instruction from Trump to Barr to declassify on 23th May is yet another “Q proof” of the validity of “Q drops”. These fall into the “future proves past” pattern, where in prospect you cannot easily decode the information we have, but in retrospect there is foreknowledge. It is done in many formats in addition to narrative content, including the timing of drops, gematria, and drop numbers. In this case, drop 523 (i.e. “5/23”) from last year tells us when it is “game over”:

If you are still in doubt that this is a military operation to remove the organised crime gang that has infiltrated and hijacked the government of the United States (and elsewhere), then you are going to be in for a difficult journey of awakening. Just as local gangs steal cars, global ones — armed with central banks — steal countries. There’s no way to sugar coat the fact that the public has been brainwashed via the #DeepState’s clandestine control over the mass media. The true history of Hollywood is going to upset us deeply, and there is a cultural upheaval ahead the likes of which we have never experienced before.

As someone who is British by citizenship and residence, and with family in the Baltics, I am naturally interested in developments on both sides of the Atlantic. The resignation today of Theresa May is because it is untenable for her to be Prime Minister as the Spygate scandal erupts. Indeed, she may well be headed for prison herself. The entire British political Establishment is going to be rocked to its core — and that includes the monarchy that rogue intelligence agencies report to. The EU faces what is likely a terminal crisis as Globalism collapses; it has its own Deep State crimes, including weaponised forced migration.

These spectacular and unprecedented events are called #TheStorm for a reason. Buckle up! Some of us citizen journalists have provided a reliable guide — if inevitably imperfect on details and timing — to what is unfolding. This can be contrasted with the sustained mendacity and malevolence of the TV, newspaper, movie and music industries. As the socially engineered hoaxes of the past are exposed, and the complicity of the mass media in maintaining these lies becomes clear, trust in these institutions is going to evaporate.

That’s why the #QAnon process was necessary: to build a network of trusted citizen sources who can reassure their family, friends and followers that there is a benevolent plan — despite the profound and unsettling change that unfolds from this point forward. The “Great Awakening” that is already unfolding is a permanent shift in power way from centralised and institutional information, to decentralised and individual sources who stand on their personal brand and reputation for integrity.

In terms of timing, the best sense I can make of what to expect is that the trials for treason and war crimes kick off this autumn. The Clinton Foundation will be exposed this year for its “America for sale” trading of state secrets, and involvement in human trafficking and organ harvesting. The Uranium One scandal involving Russia and Iran will chill you: there was to be death and destruction, dealt out by those you trusted.

As we move into 2020 the Presidential election will be the focus, and there will be a total annihilation of the Democratic party. This will be due to the revealing of widespread paedophilia in their ranks, murder, blackmail, extortion, voter fraud, pay-to-play, and racketeering – also involving the media and Silicon Valley giants. The upheaval peaks in 2021 as the #DeepState crimes of the past are then addressed (including the true horror of what happened on 9/11).

This then leads into a long period of reconciliation and reconstruction of society. Our economic and political systems will be reformed — so that this cannot repeat. The future for most of us is a good one, and we have some turbulent times to get there — as psychopaths are forcibly removed from power, and their culture of pathocracy is dismantled.


I have been collecting interesting links for my newsletter, and I’m way behind in processing them. Here are some that will help you make sense of what is going on.

  • The NXIVM sex slavery cult trial is implicating those in the highest level of government in child pornography, and with caches of information on top politicians, and financial ties to the Clintons. It’s gruesome, and the media is largely ignoring it as it leads to their own crimes.
  • The role of hero Admiral Rogers: other agencies (FBI, DOJ, CIA, etc) had been compromised by the Deep State. He had not, and he acted to save the Republic. I recommend the archive of threads from Paul Serran as important self-education tools.
  • The importance of “optics” in the demolition of the Deep State, and getting those seduced by their false narratives to accept the fallen nature of their political idols. The hard thing is getting rid of the criminals without civil unrest.
  • Some data on the role of companies like Huawei in the “spying economy”. [Disclosure: I’ve worked with Huawei; their science and engineering is top class!] It’s MUCH bigger than just this one company. There’re a proxy war with China that will I hope resolve itself peacefully to the benefit of all.
  • A pretty good exposition of how the mafia got into government. James Comey’s name is important, and I am aware that not everyone has participated voluntarily in these crimes, so I will reserve judgement until there is harder evidence.
  • The role of Stefan Halper the “ratfucker” (!) in the Steele Dossier leads straight to Obama. BHO is toast, but he was also groomed from an early age, and likely suffers a narcissistic personality disorder, so may be offered some clemency. Or maybe not.
  • Vital understanding on the Manual for Courts-Martial in the justice process that is just kicking off. Essential reading for ALL my American friends; you will need to be able to explain this to shocked colleagues. Traitors who are enemy combatants (and the Deep State is a globalised adversary) face military justice.