Cloud Communications

Communications in the cloud is a paradigm shift in which power moves from ownership of data networks to control of software platforms. It sets up a new competitive dynamic between the IT and telecoms industries – and their respective ecosystems – to supply the new service capabilities.

However, to find rich new opportunities, we must transcend the narrow technocratic focus on data processing and data centres, a perspective that misses three vital elements of the cloud story:

  1. People, who are the basis of society through their ideas, energy and spirit
  2. Conversations, the mode in which people make their wide-ranging exchanges
  3. Commerce, where conversations lead to mutually beneficial trade.

These elements are inherently interlinked. All markets are forms of conversation between people. The impulses of demand and supply are ultimately initiated by people, who are engaged in a negotiation over quality, quantity and price. To focus only on cloud computing technology is thus to wholly miss the parallel social and economic revolution that is centred on human communications, in which richer conversations enable new patterns of commerce.

For communications service providers, the opportunity lies in creating new and improved communications systems that support the needs of modern commerce; the opportunity for enterprises is to consume those capabilities in order to improve existing business processes, as well as invent new ways of doing business.

Yet there remain significant ‘conversation gaps’ in the capabilities of cloud communications systems that remain to be addressed. The challenge for every communications services provider is to engage with enterprises to understand their true needs for communication, and re-think their own business models on the basis of this knowledge

To remain relevant and thrive in the cloud, all communications service providers must rethink their products so that they help enterprises to:

  • Connect cheaply and dependably to their customers;
  • Interact richly and seamlessly with their customers;
  • Transact securely and swiftly with their customers.

We can help

We have the capabilities needed to make these happen: technology to assure broadband access services to replicate the reliability of telephony for any real-time or interactive cloud service; tools to create rich new B2C interaction services; and deep insight to find value from enabling the exchange of personal data and payments through new channels of customer contact.

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