How to build an Internet that is “moral by design”?

The current Internet is amoral at best, and immoral at worst, in how it respects core human needs for privacy and self-sovereign identity. Let’s fix it.

How to build an Internet that is moral by design?

I was invited today by Mailchimp to participate in an act that for me would be unethical. When you signed up for this mailing list, you didn’t expect to be “monetised” as part of some corporate total surveillance network to send you propaganda from marketing departments who have stalked you without you knowing.

The specific participants โ€” Mailchimp and Google โ€” are not important. This is a systemic issue, and it goes to the core of the “design” of the present Internet. We lack the essential protocols to shun those who do not share our values, and to construct self-sovereign identities.

I strongly believe we need to bequeath a new and better kind of Internet to our children and grandchildren. I have written at tedious length for years about โˆ†Q and “performance by design”. That’s just the basic beginning. We need to have “private by design” and even “moral by design”.

And I have a tentative blueprint of how to do it.


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