Best of 2017

As is now traditional every year, here is the summary of the newsletters of the past 12 months.

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Digital society and policy

A new Internet for a new society
How a Duty of Candour can prevent a Tyranny of Things
Do we need “telecoms foodbanks”?
An update on my Christmas iPad appeal
Does telecoms have a penis problem?
Why I am optimistic about the future

Broadband regulation

A manifesto for broadband Britain after Brexit
Stationarity is the new speed
The madness of broadband speed tests
Superfast or superfit? The case for UK broadband policy reform
The one reason net neutrality can’t be implemented

Privacy and ethics

LinkedIn or LockedIn? Why I deleted my account (and maybe you should too)
What Is Your Voice Privacy Debt?
No more automated suicide notes, please
So long, Twitter; hello, GAB
How to build an Internet that is “moral by design”?
We are all UMs on the journey of life
What might an Internet of Loving Kindness look like?

5G, SDN and network innovation

Where is the governor for packet networks?
Why 5G is in trouble (and how to fix it)
A scientifically sound resource model for SDN
Stop drinking the 5G bathwater
The next ARM is a networking company


Introducing the Virtual Quality Network
The rise of the VQN (and the demise of the Internet)
12 reasons why Virtual Quality Networks (VQNs) are inevitable
VUC webinar recording: VQN technology = quality assured voice and video

Computer science

Can a banana compute?
Is computer science a bad idea?
Why telecoms must overcome its culture of physicism
The confusion of science, engineering and technology

Testing and measurement

NEW! MAGICAL! Telco service quality glasses and gloves!
Where are all the telecoms performance TICs?
If slate comes in standard sizes, why not broadband?

Network architecture and design

Everything is Backwards: Rethinking the Internet
The future of networking (in one slide)
Let’s face facts: we need a new Industrial Internet
The Chinese dim sum restaurant door lady problem
Is your broadband network “upside-down” too?
The IETF’s job is complete: Should it now scale up, down or out?

Telecoms and cloud strategy

Telecoms is dying. Yippee!
Dawn of the Network Experience Provider
The great inevitable: from broadband Internet to cloud application access
Software has already eaten telecoms (it just has indigestion)
The telecoms industry does not exist. Here is why.
Intervals to instants: The ultimate telecoms “game changer”
The Big Decision that every telco and equipment vendor faces
Why telecoms is broken (and how to fix it)

Lean telco transformation

The 3½ strategies for telco-cloud service quality innovation
3 missing capabilities for a “lean quality” network revolution
The Tao of Telecoms: A blueprint for a ‘lean’ business transformation
The ten commandments of lean telco transformation
Why telecoms business transformation is hard

Broadband economics

Broadband service quality: Rationing or markets?
Why don’t we have peak and off-peak pricing for broadband?
Introduction to network quality arbitrage
How to make money from telecoms

∆Q standards, theory and practise

Oops! How did we miss something so basic?
There really is one network metric to rule them all!
A “Packet Time” standard for the telecoms industry
Vodafone positions ∆Q as the solution to “next-generation quality”
Vodafone publishes high-fidelity network measurements using ∆Q metrics
The world’s most accurately measured office WiFi network
Examples of high-fidelity network measures using ∆Q metrics
More network quality measurements with ∆Q metrics
Announcing the Overture ∆Q testbed

Quality science and engineering

The 5 steps to scientific network management
QoS vs SoQ: How we got network quality backwards
How to end the endless blame game?
Is the future of networking workarounds or engineering?
I want my digital frozen peas
Fab or f#^*%d? How to tell if your broadband is any good
Three reasons why broadband is so unreliable
Ten fallacies about broadband service quality assurance

Voice and personal communications

The 3 things everyone should do to humanise customer service calls
Amazon torpedoes telephony. So where are the new telco products?
VoiceBase is the “Google of hypervoice”
Five handy tips for better email exchanges

Personal musings

Let’s play “spot the end user”
Gordon Cook interviews Martin Geddes on the future of the Internet
A small gem from the telegram era
The Unhappy Pencil: 7 Apple luxury brand failure moments
The Prophet of Telecoms, Communications and Voice (apparently!)
Sprint’s WAM project: The story of how I got into telecoms
iPad Pro vs MacBook Pro: Field test report
Truth is freedom: Living with “unreality collapse”
My top ten heroines and heroes

Beyond telecoms: airlines and more

Banking, airlines, telecoms: the demons of disruption are dancing
Jasenka Rapajic interview: airlines vs telcos — networked industry strategic parallels
Air travel and telecoms: different disruptions, same management problem
Passengers have “priority lanes”. Packets do not. Got it?
Brand suicide case study: British Airways

Event reports

Conference report: Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications 2017
Personal Information Economy 2017
Enterprise Cellular workshop notes

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Thanks for your interest and support in 2017, and I look forward to sending you more ideas and updates next year. 2018 promises to be a year of blockbuster economic, social and political change.



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