Banned off B&N the same day…

But my book is still being offered via other distributors like Amazon

Well, that was quick! Yesterday I announced that the third imprint of my book — Open Your Mind to Change — was available for sale via Barnes & Noble. Now it has been removed from sale, on the very same day. It’s almost like someone doesn’t want the public to read what I have to say. Fancy that! Yet B&N are happy to sell Mein Kampf… so what about my work is so unacceptable?

The paperback book is also being sold via Amazon in the US:

As well as Amazon in the UK:

I will check and announce other distributors another time. Let’s see if Amazon lasts out the day before I get censored (again)!

I have a little policy: every time I am banned I remind people that I am the target of long term economic warfare, and point them at how to support me. There is no reason why I should shoulder the entire load alone! I have the state knocking at my door for unpaid bills right now — none of which I regard as legitimate, but I am being hassled anyway. May these genocidal institutions and their accomplices face justice soon.