Are you sure you have this 100% right?

An open letter to those who have dismissed the possibility of being 1% wrong

COVID19 False Flag Hoax

If you subscribe to my mailing list, then I have to apologise. This article is almost certainly not meant for you, as you already have engaged with some difficult and painful realisations about our world. Maybe you would like to pass it on to those who are on the cusp of asking difficult questions, but haven’t quite crossed the line? Better start entertaining doubt and uncertainty under your own initiative than be forcefully exposed as a prideful fool for unfounded certainty.

Are you sure everyone you see on TV is the person they purport to be (and you’d spot an impostor)?
Are you sure the rise of transgenderism in children is organic and unconcerning?
Are you sure medics have a sufficient understanding of health and wellness to advise you on novel diseases?
Are you sure the mass media is principally journalism and not propaganda?
Are you sure the all taxes you pay go to fund the activities that you have been sold as necessary?

Are you sure Donald Trump is the racist boor the media depicted him to be?
Are you sure Barack Obama is the noble statesman the media promoted him as being?
Are you sure Hillary Clinton is a genuine philanthropic fighter for women and the oppressed?
Are you sure the British monarchy is what it presents itself to be?
Are you sure every famous person who died really did pass away?

Are you sure you could spot a blackmailed politician, celebrity, industrialist, scientist, or sportsman?
Are you sure you know how common it is for the famous or powerful to be blackmailed?
Are you sure Jeffrey Epstein was just a child pimp, or was it worse?
Are you sure you know why the media is uninterested in Ghislaine Maxwell’s client list?
Are you sure your government works for the people who elected it and not a foreign power?

Are you sure Joe Biden is the real and duly elected President with the accompanying authority?
Are you sure you understand how the American constitution might be subverted?
Are you sure you would recognise a war of infiltration (by foreign powers) if one occurred?
Are you sure your fiat monetary system is lawful and legitimate?
Are you sure you know the extent to which your institutions are fraudulent or hijacked?

Are you sure all “conspiracy theorists” are whack-doodles?
Are you sure the government agencies paid to protect us operate in the public interest?
Are you sure there is an innate limit to the scale and scope of criminal enterprise?
Are you sure there isn’t a covert subtext or hidden agenda in most Hollywood movies?
Are you sure media companies are not engaged in organised crime or covering for criminal enterprises?

Are you sure tech companies like Google and Facebook are legitimate commercial operations?
Are you sure your data is being handled lawfully and not given to criminals or foreign governments?
Are you sure you understand the role of secret societies and their true level of influence?
Are you sure you have the understanding to spot any use of unethical mind control techniques in media?
Are you sure you could tell if advanced technologies from entities like DARPA were used against you?

Are you sure our history is accurately depicted in museums and as taught in school?
Are you sure the Bible is just a collection of myths unrelated to modern society?
Are you sure there haven’t been advanced civilisations here on Earth before ours?
Are you sure we haven’t been to other planets and star systems?
Are you sure the infrastructure you see above ground is where the action is?

Are you sure we got to the bottom of the shootings in Las Vegas?
Are you sure all school shootings are the result of lone crazed gunmen acting on their own initiative?
Are you sure you would know if a cult took over society and cult membership was “normal”?
Are you sure the powerful would teach you the thinking tools needed to spot their power?
Are you sure it’s safe to form an opinion from the media without going back to check sources yourself?

Are you sure the government told the whole truth about September 11th, 2001?
Are you sure institutions like WEF, United Nations, and NGOs are pursuing their stated benign agendas?
Are you sure you have grasped the extent and significance of human trafficking in society?
Are you sure that activities like human sacrifice and cannibalism are largely in the past?
Are you sure that a new genocide would appear in an instantly recognisable form?

Are you sure you understand the power of the Vatican, City of London, and Washington DC as forms of microstate with global reach?
Are you sure that you have correctly set the boundary of what evil is capable of and your own vulnerability to deception?
Are you sure that any science or technology that conferred great power would automatically be used for the benefit of humanity rather than hoarded?
Are you sure you know what or who others worship, and whether you have aligned yourself to their deities?
Are you sure what the media calls “QAnon” even exists as described — without having looked for yourself?

Are you sure?