Announcing digital20: Take back control of your data and identity!

You wouldn’t put your money in a bank that allowed deposits but not withdrawals. So why do you allow it with your most intimate and personal data?

Over the years I have written extensively about privacy and identity issues. Examples include me setting fire to my LinkedIn account for their ethical violations, conceiving of double-entry data keeping, and how virtual personal assistants expose us to new risks. It’s a subject dear to my heart.

I would now like to invite you to take an action that is both in your own privacy interest, as well as that of others. I have teamed up with three other well-known industry figures to launch a digital20 service to reclaim your identity from online services using the upcoming EU GDPR regulations.

The service will do all the legwork for you to get your own data back from several major online service providers. We also ask you who else you might want to get your data from. We don’t see your personal data, or compile any databases for marketing or sales from this activity.

You wouldn’t put money into a bank that only allows deposits and not withdrawals, as you would quickly lose control over your finances. So take back control over your identity with a little help from digital20, and make a withdrawal of your valuable personal data savings!

Yes, I want to take back control of my identity!

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