Anatomy of the DVLA name fraud

We are converted from lawful to legal status, then financially raped

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The whole of Britain has been converted into “no-pound-land”, whereby we are being charged to exercise our innate rights like travel on the public highway, and then issued fake fines for transgressions of the unfair rules that have been imposed upon us. This greedy system hinges on the political conversion of lawful men and women into legal persons, via the coerced and fraudulent registration of our births and our possessions. Once you see it and grasp how we have been denigrated and enslaved, you cannot unsee it. The question is then how to deal with the reality of it.

The weakness of a system lacking conscience is that it can only work by the wicked getting the ignorant to “just obey orders”. This introduces inevitable disconnects between the endless statutes, policies, and procedures, and that is where you have leverage to force them to obey their own rules. One instance of this that has been brought to my attention is how the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is committing fraud in how it processes and presents your data. To understand the fraud, we have to return to the starting place, which is your birth certificate.

Note that the birth certificate is not our property. The Crown issues and owns it. The same is true of our driving licence. By applying for one, and then travelling in possession of one with licence plates attached, we are presumed to be exercising our “privilege” of driving (an act done in commerce under contract law), rather than our “right” of travel (an inalienable right of passage on the highway). This is the basis on which “no-pound-land” works, but if it is done fraudulently, the scam disintegrates.

Martin Geddes certificate of birth

This is the “short form” version of mine with the serial numbers blanked out; the Crown keeps the original “long form” version. (I once had to get a copy of that when dealing with the birth of my older daughter in America, in order to sort out her paperwork. The irony of Mr Rapier as the registrar is not lost on me.) When I was born I was a lawful person; if you had killed me right away, then it would have been a common law murder, even if I had not been registered. There is nothing intrinsically wrong in the state creating a legal person in parallel to do business with us. The problem is the failure to disclose the terms to our parents, or renew our permission when we come of age.

I am told that the boilerplate text of these certificates varies between locations, so as to avoid raising public suspicion of an organised fraud at the state level. The Registration District is the jurisdiction, and I always have standing as a legal person in Surrey Northern. Living as I do in County Durham technically makes me a “foreigner” without the same automatic rights in court. What is relevant to pay attention to is the first field, titled “Name and Surname”. My name is “Martin Royce”, and surname is “GEDDES”. This is the creation of the implied corporation or trust so the state can transact with me — the “root” identity from which others (like a driving licence) are derived.

Martin Geddes UK Driving License

This is my driving licence, and I have blanked out most of the details are they are irrelevant in this context. There are two data fields, numbered “1.” and “2.” respectively. The first is “GEDDES”, and the second is “MR MARTIN ROYCE”.

Geddes driving license back

On the back is a key to the classes of vehicle I am licensed to drive, as well as a key to those field names. Let’s take a closer look:

Name license number

So field “1.” is “Name” — “GEDDES”, and “2.” is “First name” — “MR MARTIN ROYCE”.

Can you see the problem? My registered birth name is “Martin Royce”, but the driving licence field called name is my surname. My name is not “GEDDES”. Then the “First name” field has a title “MR”, which is not part of my name, and then “MARTIN ROYCE”, which is not my name either, as it’s not capitalised. This “driving licence” is unrelated to both me as a lawful man, and my legal identity via my birth certificate. It is a falsehood.

This may seem like pedantry, but it does matter. The same string of letters can be used to mean different things, being a lawful person, legal person, trust (of many kinds), corporation, or other entity. In other words, my driving licence is not a correct derivative identity of my birth certificate. That makes its issue and use fraudulent, and potentially unravels every parking levy and speeding ticket issued subsequently.

It’s a bit like you issuing an invoice to “McDonalds Restaurants Ltd”, and then suing “MacDonald Foodstuffs Ltd” for non-payment on the basis that it is “close enough”. The name has to accurately an unambiguously map to the correct legal person. Any attempt to impose liability on Martin the man (law of the land) or “Martin Royce GEDDES” (the legal person) is sabotaged if you try to go through “MR MARTIN ROYCE” plus “GEDDES” (a jumble of loud letters bearing only passing similarity).

Application for driving license

I popped into the local post office and got a copy of the driving license application form. As you can see, the data fields do not align to the issued licence. We understand that corporations can have very similar names yet be legally distinct. These “trivial” differences can imply that we are describing an identity unrelated to the one we think we are presenting. It is our naive assumption that it’s all “us”, but that’s not necessarily the law. We can have various legal doppelgängers — and imposters.

You can apply for a license from the age of 15 years and 9 months, since you can ride a moped from age 16. This is the age at which you can travel freely without seeking the permission of your parents. However, you cannot contract as a minor, and this form is a contract with the DVLA. I happened to wait until I was 21 years old until I applied, so this particular quirk doesn’t apply to me. But potentially anyone who did originally apply before the age of 18 has a case against DVLA for fraud, and compensation for all their subsequent losses due to penalties and fines.

The takeaway is that the devil is very much in the detail. I am glad that it’s hard to get behind the wheel of a heavy goods vehicle without training and qualifications. If we didn’t have agencies for the management of commercial travel and movement of dangerous goods then we would have to invent one. The problem is how it is being implemented, and then stretched to cover people and situations that it is not designed for. This then opens up the temptation to scam the public with fees and penalties in ways that deny them their constitutional rights and moral dues.

UK passport page

Here is another clue that we are dealing with a mega scam. My passport (apart from proclaiming a treasonous allegiance to the European Union) says that I must be alloed to pass freely without “let or hindrance”. A hindrance would be a physical obstacle in my way. A “let” is a charge, like how you let a room in a house as a lodger. Yet I am being charged road tax via the DVLA registration scam, as well as registration fees, and penalty charge notices, and clean air zone fees, and potentially “pay per mile” money grabs too, if the legislation is to be believed. Parliament has endorsed these heists, none of which are lawfully applied to private travel. It is all trickery and fraud.

In principle I could write to DVLA asking them to correct my data, and return my licence to them to be updated. I am the “ultimate controller” of my personal data — it starts and ends with me — so they ought to obey my will. That would mean insistence that my driving licence correctly reflects my birth certificate. However, they are unlikely to do so. We are constantly asked to present our secondary identification — the driving licence — rather than the primary one. There are now so many scams that brach off this name fraud (think: all of current account banking) that nobody is going to confess and correct it all. The transactional state is rotten to its monied core.

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A more fun approach could be to sue the DVLA for crimes of tort, unlawful conversion of name, and oppression of in rights. These were committed against the minor, not the man. Since the corporatised state has decided “it is all contractual”, the way out of this is simply to bankrupt the state by forcing them to adhere to their own business rules and regulations. We can use their system to our own advantage by engaging with it both legally and lawfully. We regain our lawful rights by forcing the state to downsize to its legitimate legal remit in the regulation of commerce, not control of all aspects of private life.

If someone came and told you that you had to pay them in order to sail on the sea, you would look at them like they were crazy. Yet that is the situation we face on land. Just because you used a horseless carriage rather than a horse and cart does not give the state jurisdiction over you, unless you allow them. If we continue to yield on these “minor” matters, then every inch conceded results in a loss far greater than mere miles. The state will convert every aspect of life into a licensed and regulated activity with fees and permissions. Unwinding the DVLA name fraud halts far more than just usury for road travel; it is the end of the whole radical authoritarian WEF/WHO/UN agenda.

Thanks to @Sovereign12381 for guidance in compiling this article. Mistakes are my own.

PS — Don’t give your sons the initials “M” and “R”, it’s really confusing when mail comes to MR GEDDES or MR MR GEDDES. Trust me, I know.