Achieving the software telco vision

      • How do I contract performance risk for SDN/NFV with my suppliers and select appropriate SLA metrics?
      • How can I manage and assure the operational performance of my SDN/NFV architecture?
      • How do I ensure my network is stable under stress, and catastrophic failure risk is managed?
      • What are the new engineering skills that I need to become a ‘software telco’?

The inevitable but risky transition to a ‘software telco’

Every network operator is under pressure to reduce operational cost, and to get more value out of less capital expenditure. There is also a general industry requirement to offer greater flexibility in how those network resources are deployed, so as to make them more responsive to changing demand. To achieve these aims, telecoms networks are becoming more like cloud data centres, with virtualised resources under software control.

The software telco involves a fundamental business and engineering transition

Whereas previously network resources were provisioned on a timescale of months, they may now be allocated in milliseconds. Yet the performance hazard space to be managed is very different from both circuit-based networks and data centres. The successful operator of the future is one who manages this highly dynamic behaviour of networks being driven (by design) into overload.

Network equipment vendors will sell you on the cost and flexibility benefits of their SDN/NFV vision. Can you manage the performance hazards and business risk that a software telco entails?

Your performance science partner for the ‘software telco’

We offer a unique service to help you. Rooted in the new discipline of network performance science, we can provide the insight and tools to help you manage the performance hazards and business risks.

Our offer comprises three key elements:

  1. A curriculum for skills development. We help both operators and their suppliers to better understand the nature of contracting and managing performance for complex distributed systems.
  2. Consulting services to help you to contract, design and architect SDN/NFV systems. We ensure that performance is being proactively managed from inception, not as a reactive activity only after disaster strikes.
  3. Practical tools to measure and monitor network performance. We use high-fidelity metrics to assure the system is performing to specification. Our scientific approach reliably isolates operational issues and manages responsibility for resolution.

Safely get the cost and performance benefits of SDN/NFV

By working as your trusted scientific advisor, we will we will help you to build the right supply chain and supporting contracts and SLAs, create the right architecture, and manage operational faults and service quality. As a result, we can help you to safely and fully exploit SDN and NFV technology to its performance and cost limits.

To arrange a call to discuss the first steps on this journey to a scientific approach to the software telco, please get in touch