A visit from the goons of the putative state

Merely stating (over and over) that your action is lawful does not make it so

Several of you have written to me asking how I got on in court with Capita on Friday morning. I was half way through writing it up afterwards (and will keep in you in suspense…) when I had a ring at my door. It was County Durham Outreach and Support (CDOS), who are debt enforcers for the local council, with whom I am in dispute over payment of council tax. I quickly grabbed my phone and buzzed him in to record our little encounter. It is decidedly adversarial, and afterwards I was not in a state to deal with writing articles or doing social media posts.

As background, be aware that I have offered to pay their council tax bill on multiple occasions (despite it being invalid and unlawful from the outset) if they will show me the liability order that they claim a court has lawfully issued. This puts the collections process into a state of dispute, and any debt enforcement activity beyond that point is unlawful and invalid harassment. On no occasion have they even acknowledged my request for due process, let alone provided documentary evidence of an order. Under Article 8 of the Human Rights Act I am entitled to lawful due process, and this would include proof of an actual court order existing when challenged.

Furthermore, I have written to the court that is supposed to have issued the order, and they have also failed to offer any evidence of a memorandum of entry against me. That means there is no lawful court order, just the pretence of one. The council and the court are colluding to offer the theatre of lawful activity, which has no force in law whatsoever. Both the local government and local court assert there is an order, but they might equally be asserting that there are pink unicorns. Until you can show me one, it’s just a claim, not a fact. You cannot collect a debt based on a claim. It has to actually exist. (I may be creating a hostage to fortune here if pink unicorns are a thing.)

The “court” (i.e. the ultra vires actors pretending to do legitimate law) has been unable to articulate what lawful authority they are acting under, since there is none. They have refused to respond to my lawful and reasonable requests for information about the order being issued against me (or anyone else). They know that they are running a fake court, that allows the council to issue fake summonses, for a fake debt, that is then “enforced” by fake debt collectors with no authority, like this man. It is intimidation in order to extract money from the public, and is how mobsters operate, not genuine public authorities. It has to stop.

I have on more than one occasion withdrawn the (common law) implied right of access to my property for Durham County Council and its agents. That means they can only ring my doorbell if they have an order from a court. Anything else is aggravated trespass, and is a crime. What you see in the video is a crime being committed against me. They have not acknowledged a single one of my letters, but I have all the postage receipts, and they are in deep trouble for fraud, malfeasance, and extortion. They know it, but carry on regardless, imagining that somehow those of us who see the scam will back down.

I won’t, as I am 100% committed to resisting slavery of this kind. I know that there is no obligation to pay council tax, as levying a charge to merely exist and have shelter is not something the government has the constitutional or moral authority to do. No council has managed to demonstrate an obligation to pay in court when challenged; quite the opposite. It has been ruled that there is no obligation to inform a council of your movements and residence, so logically there is no obligation to receive a bill or pay it. The only way they can get you to give them money is through deception, manipulation, and threats. I accept that everyone has to choose their battles, and I choose to say no to having goons turn up unlawfully.

What is interesting about the video is that he refuses to answer to answer my question: are you aware that I have withdrawn the implied right of access to my property. You know the reason why — it is because he is aware that this is a criminal act, and he has been caught on camera doing it. You can sense his discomfort and anxiety on approaching me. Afterwards he lingered in his car outside my home, and even blocked in my vehicle, which was very disconcerting. Is he conspiring with the (also unlawful) debt agencies to (unlawfully) clamp my car? It is easy to have paranoid fantasies when being victimised by criminals being paid by the state to harm you.

It put me into “fight or flight” mode, since they have shown no interest whatsoever in behaving lawfully, and you don’t know how badly they will target someone who resists their bullying. I was buzzing with adrenaline for the rest of the day, and my sleep has been disturbed since, with bad dreams. Being an activist against this kind of corruption is costly, and they know it.

“If the Devil can’t take you out, he will wear you out” is a phrase I once heard, and it rings true. Their intention is to grind you down, until your morale breaks, and you submit to them. It is evil, cruel, and disgusting. I eagerly await a day when the masses comprehend how badly they are being taken for a ride by those they trusted. My sense is that Britain is some way behind other countries in terms of “mass awakening” to the corruption, with America, France, and maybe Israel being in the lead in terms of the “West”.

By coincidence, a friend points me to this tweet about what is happening in France, where the legitimacy of the government has been annulled:

Aldrin tweet putatif

An authority is “putative” when it “has only a the costume of legality without being legal”. This is the challenge we have here: a system of government and law that has grown far beyond its delegated boundaries of power, and no longer is legitimate. Every magistrates’ court in England is in on the scam, so none are independent of the crime, making it hard work to get remedy. The police are funded by the scammers, so have zero interest in taking action. The politicians have only downside from ending the gravy train of theft from the public, so will never take action. The national government is just the agent of the banking syndicate that runs the whole criminal tax harvesting empire.

All that is left are the “awake” public — and a rump of the military who await their moment. It’s not an easy or comfortable place to be, knowing that this kind of wrongdoing is going on, standing up against it publicly, and being persecuted. A lot of people who “pay up to avoid a confrontation” wish you to fall flat on your face in order to justify their lack of spine. Yet I know that in the long run that I will sleep well, knowing I did all I can so say “no” to being predated by people who have lost their conscience and honour, all for a salary and a pension. I have to stand up, so that others are not harmed likewise. I would not like to be one of these agents of aggression when the whole Covid hoax and genocide is exposed!

The next steps for me are:

  • To produce affidavits of truth to send to the council and the court, which invokes “estoppel” when not rebutted. Neither party can argue in court in future against those statements, since they become “legal facts”. (Or they have to lie, which exposes and discredits them in any future action.)
  • To write to the council seeking remedy for this aggravated trespass, to give them opportunity to resolve the matter. This keeps me “in honour” and established a baseline of intention to act unlawfully if they refuse to respond (again). There is a process you have to follow.
  • To take this matter to the police (again), if only to expose them as complicit in the crime, and to establish a cause for future legal action against them. Do we have officers who are willing to enforce the law with equal access to justice, or do we just have agents who help the authorities to keep the peasants in their place?
  • To sue both of the council and court for damages (if necessary), since this is grossly unlawful. You don’t need to have any opinion on council tax or debt collection; aggravated trespass is a crime, and this is a textbook case. Even if I “lose”, we progress by showing the legal system as being unfit for purpose.

It’s a lot of work. Even writing this note to you now is stealing time away from other personally important matters at the weekend, and creates stress and friction in my family life. It would be easy for me to stay silent on this, and let it be a purely private matter. I could even just pay up to make them go away, but that would be to put a burden on others who cannot afford to resist these predators and criminals, as well as a dishonour I could never live with.

At the end of the day, I can only do this because I have the backing of thousands of other people out there (like you) who read my work, similarly object to being enslaved, and give me the help I need when things get tough.

Onwards! The fight for freedom from the crooked putative state continues…