A tax revolt will stop the extortion industry

Only cowards are knowingly complicit in destroying their nation’s future

Durham county tax balance due

All good thoughts and ideas mean nothing without action

— Mahatma Gandhi

I came home last night from two weeks of doggie sitting up in Scotland, and as expected I have fresh love letters from my local council. The above is their latest effort to extort money out of me with unlawful threats. Followers of the long saga will know that I have offered to pay their demand notice, conditional on them showing me proof of their claim that a valid court order exists. They will not acknowledge the request for due process, because they know that their fake administrative private court is itself criminal. Instead, they relentlessly threaten, in a campaign of terrorism against members of the public who stand for their rights.

The council cannot admit that they are operating outside of our constitution using feudal constructs and the law of attainder. They have to keep up the pretence of this all being legitimate with a genuine “chain of spiritual authority” from God to Monarch to Parliament to the courts to the judge to you (the man or woman). It is broken at every level, and they know it. It seems they never expected to have to face the consequences of us all knowing it too. Most people would easily be intimidated by this kind of correspondence, but once you see that they are just crooks in official robes, then they become pathetic — and you lose your fear. They only have the despoiled “law of rules” as authority. We have the sacred rule of law on our side.

Worshipers of the metal shekel cannot (peacefully) govern the living as chattel, because subverting our free will has karmic consequences. This sort of legal correspondence is just a giant psyop to make you “act dead” and comply with their admiralty law as if you were cargo. It is cruel and wicked, and the “consent” manufactured through trickery (of language, trust law, legal fictions) doesn’t make it acceptable in any way. Goons can turn up to “enforce” the fake debt, and courts can put you in jail in rare cases, but none of it has any moral standing. As the response from my MP stated, they are “following government guidelines”, which establishes the state as a false god, being the wellspring of truth and righteousness. It is not; quite the opposite, being a tool of war and enslavement.

Also included in the post was a fresh summons to attend one of these corrupt and unconstitutional administrative courts. I shall be returning to this later, as it deserves a whole article of its own. I also have a lot of reading and research to do on “straw man” legal fictions and trust law before I make any public pronouncements. For now, it is sufficient to note that the summons (which is merely an invitation, not a demand) is addressed to “Mr Martin Geddes”, a legal fiction or “person”. Separating this from Martin, the flesh and blood man, originating of the family Geddes, is how the “conscience is laundered”. It’s all just business; no living creature is involved in their system of false morality.

What is more interesting is what else was included in the paperwork, which to save eyestrain I will summarise below.

Challenging a tax liability order

The key points are:

  • It has the court system logo, but the court is not the one issuing the case number, so there is no actual court case against you under civil procedure rules.
  • It comes in the same envelope, while pretending to be a separate piece of correspondence with its own standing, which is odd.
  • It says “notice”, but a real legal notice has a name of a person and their signature. So it is “legal theatre” to intimidate you.
  • It encourages you to pay up, or do nothing (then pay up once they issue an order). How is this the job of the court system?
  • There is no scope allowed to argue any point of law; no actual judicial function can be performed. So it’s not a law court.
  • It confuses the public by obfuscating that what is happening is the private administration of a trust, not the operation of a civil court case.
  • It attempts to exclude any exposure of their fraud by you attending court as the beneficiary of your trust (not the trustee) as a “special appearance”.
  • It provides a fig leaf to cover for the council acting as a court, unlawfully, by using the court system “brand” on loan.
  • It gives the (correct) appearance of the courts and council being aligned against you, to make you back down and pay the mafia off.

In a genuine court of law, you must (by definition) have recourse to making a reference to the law! This includes our constitution, our customs and traditions protected by a coronation oath, our international treaty obligations, common law, natural law, case law, and our inalienable rights. No legislation, guideline, mandate, rule, or edict can legitimately prevent you from basic rights like due process. In a genuine public court of law, there is impartiality, and governments can and do commit crimes. In a private administrative court, the authorities are taken to be incorruptible. While they can do me real harm, there is no force of law here — it’s just plain old force. At the end of the day, council “tax” is a universal fine for having a roof over your head. It is unconstitutional from its conception, as it violates the Bill of Rights.

What most people fail to grasp is that this example of attempted theft is not mere laxity in our debt collection, or council corruption, or parliamentary connivance with fraud. It is part of an industrialised process of extortion, whereby the state is waging war on we the people, and on many fronts. Yesterday evening I attended a presentation by Mark Steele, which documented many of the deeply illegal and dangerous acts councils are undertaking under the rubric of the WEF/UN agenda. Some of the statistics he shared on the impact of variable electromagnetic fields on miscarriages were shocking. Councils are installing lighting and communications equipment that is far outside of accepted safety limits and public health processes. They are all doing it — to deliberately cause cancer and strokes! Just evil.

asymmetrical warfare

As the thin attendance in Parliament today for the debate on excess deaths showed, those who make our laws have at best little interest in whether we live or die, and at worst actively want to kill us and thin the herd. The data about, for instance, street lights emitting pulsed blue light at high powers without diffusers is direct evidence of intent to harm, once you understand the biological consequences. None of the safety protocols that should have been followed were implemented, ever. This is just like the failure of all schools to do impact assessments of muzzling their children with fetid cloth masks. All of these institutions are now neck deep in war crimes, and we are not allowed to fund them. We didn’t know before, but now we do.

Remember — all I did was to ask to see proof that a legitimate court with the proper authority had issued a liability order, as they had claimed. Neither the council nor court could give me such evidence. When officialdom closes ranks to ignore a problem like this, then we have a very big problem with officialdom. But it doesn’t stop at due process. There is a bigger problem. Campaigners like Chris Coverdale have long pointed out that when you fund war crimes then you are not only complicit morally, you are also liable legally. Chris has gone to prison for standing on the side of international law, because our lower courts are literal enemy territory — they are treasonous.

What Chris also points out is that all successful rebellions start with a tax revolt. You just have to get the timing right. The extortion industry is part of the war industry, and that is now putting us all in peril of WW3. So the time to act is now. Every day you continue to unquestioningly pay your council tax is another day you have funded the weaponisation of our streets with surveillance cameras and deadly EMFs, the infrastructure of tyranny via smart cities, and the financial rape of ordinary people via corrupt courts. As long as councils follow the globalist agenda, your money is contributing to the enslavement and death of your own countrymen.

Yes, you. You are complicit. You are the one who has to “man up”, and seize the initiative. You have to take the time to learn how to fight back, even if it means giving up some leisure. You have to take risks that the system may come at you, likely unlawfully. You have to stop waiting for someone else to take the heat for you, and find the courage to do what is right. You must ignore the bleats that you aren’t pulling your weight to fund sweeping the streets; it’s not our job to finance organised crime or genocide. You are now the problem, because inaction is tacit acceptance of the status quo. You are the one who is the enabler for the extortion industry.

This lethal and impoverishing madness only ends when we say “enough!” — in sufficiently large numbers. To end the extortion industry we must stop paying unlawful taxes to war criminals armed with fraudulent courtsI am not paying, and I might end up in prison for it, if they apply the same methods to me as to Chris. So be it, that’s not a stain on my conscience, and gives me more time to read and teach myself law. The criminality is too naked at this point to ignore, and the crime isn’t mine. Our councils are just thieves, traffickers, and (with Covid) murderers, so deserve no respect or reward. People are being coerced into paying an unlawful tax, when they cannot afford food and energy. That is unacceptable.

A council tax liability order is not a real debt — there is no “sum adjudged”. They cannot come into your home to take your possessions unless you invite them in. Your employer can ask to see the liability order before any attachment of earnings is allowed, and that won’t happen, as it doesn’t exist as a real court order. The bailiffs can’t take your car if you put it in trust, or lease it back from a friend. They aren’t quite toothless tigers, but they don’t have any fangs, and the worst they can do it leave you with bruises, not bites. A revolt against the criminality of council tax is not the same as ceasing to pay income tax or corporation tax. Your worries are not grounded in reality.

The unconstitutional administrative courts will only stop when the full penalty for treason is applied, and we must demand it. Yes, these are literal hanging offences, deemed worse than murder. To take an oath to uphold the law, then act to subvert it to enable fraud and theft, is absolutely disgusting. The pretence to legitimacy of these fake courts is over. The question of their lawfulness will only become a subject of general public debate once enough of the corrupt money flow is taken away. They will keep on stealing as long as you keep on paying.

Remember that this is economic warfare against us, not normal civic administration. That means you have a moral and legal duty to participate in a tax revolt against the extortion industry.

Cancel your council tax direct debit.


You never know where your actions will lead to.
But if you don’t do anything they will lead you nowhere.

— Mahatma Gandhi