A medley of freedom stickers!

Moments of our era — adhered to the BBC Manchester offices

When I did my write-up of the protest at the BBC Manchester studios on 11th February I left out one thing for brevity: pictures of the individual stickers being stuck all over the building.

Don't forget to FEAR

Many of these come from The White Rose channel on Telegram. The basic choice is to live in love or fear, with the former leading towards the divine via connection, and the latter to damnation via control.

BBC is the virus

They aren’t called the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation for nothing.

Obedience is doing what you're told regardless of what is right

Obedience gets your social credit in the short run, and enslaved or killed in the long run.

Ban holidays

So many psychopaths to mock…

Resist the new normal

The enemy works by substituting their mass consciousness “normal” morality for your divine individual liberty.

COVID is a lie to bring in cashless society

“The answer is ‘money’. Now, what is your question?”

The Guardian received $13 million from the Gates Foundation

I don’t write about the Freemasons, and I know for a fact there are members who are fighting for the right side. But it is interesting to see their symbolism enter the zeitgeist. I stick to stuff I know about in my writing, as best I can, and secret societies aren’t my bailiwick.

This is child Russian roulette murder

How did we ever put muzzles on children with no questions asked?

The White Rose stickers

Truth is not socially constructed; we cannot decide what is true, only discern it.

Google is the virus

Deadly bad ideas spread like a disease across society.

We are not taking your COVID-19 jab - it kills people

Cultural context:

He lies cheats steals but has learned to survive and doesn't give a damn for anybody

More info here on this noteworthy movie. Ten bonus points to Martin for knowing where the famous image came from.

All they had to do to strip you of your freedom was re-brand the flu and convince you that it's a threat to your existence

Are viruses like fashion, with flu being a miniskirt or flares, and will come back into vogue eventually?

I do whatever the TV tells me to do

It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic.

Defund the BBC

Take their money away and they no longer have much power.

No More Lies

Someday historians will be combing over these cultural snapshots.

BBC street sign

Hope that gave my mostly American audience a glimpse of the British mode of resistance against tyranny.